Chapter 823 Kidnapped

Chapter 823 Kidnapped


A car came across unexpectedly in front of him. The driver didn’t react in time and ran into it. Xiao Mengqiu rushed forward and looked at the driver a little annoyed after he sat down. What are you doing? You can’t even drive? Are you trying to take me to death?”

“Miss Xiao is not, the car in front suddenly ran over.” The driver was also a little scared, and his palms were covered with cold sweat. If he didn’t brake in time, it would be a big car accident, and the car in front was too weird. There were many cars behind him. It was just a convoy, and it seemed that they had been deliberately intercepted.

Xiao Mengqiu raised her head and looked over. She felt that the car in front of their car was a bit familiar. When she was strange, she saw Bo Qingang coming out of the back seat and walking to the front of her car. Xiao Mengqiu immediately rolled down the window. Put your head out and look at him, “Aang, are you looking for me? Why do you want to find me in such a dangerous way? Just call me and I will find you.”

“Get off and follow me .” “Bo Qingang has completely lost his previous appearance, and has returned to the cold and bored appearance he used to treat her.

Xiao Mengqiu realized that something was wrong, but still tried to calm down and looked at him, and asked: “Aang, you are so strange today, why are you looking for me?”

“I let you get off the car!” Bo Qingang’s words were already full of words. Impatient, there was no warmth in the eyes looking at Xiao Mengqiu.

“Aang, what’s the matter with you? Suddenly, you squinted at me.” Xiao Mengqiu opened the door and the car reached out to pull Bo Qingang’s hand, but Bo Qingang threw it away. Turning his head towards a row of cars parked behind him, he said softly, “Come here! Tie her to me.” After

he gave this order, a group of people ran out of the car behind him, holding the rope towards Xiao Mengqiu. When he walked over, Xiao Mengqiu looked inexplicable, but from this situation, he knew that he wanted to arrest her today. Seeing the fierce and vicious looks of those people, she also reacted with hindsight.

“Bo Qingang, you bastard! You deliberately lied to me before, didn’t you? I tell you, ah!”

Xiao Mengqiu reacted and immediately turned around to get into the car again, but it was too late, Bo Qing With an open hand and swift eyes, she supported her and prevented her from returning to the car. Xiao Mengqiu couldn’t struggle at all. When she was about to break the can and take out her pocket knife to threaten Bo Qingang, the bodyguards next to her came up and rounded her up. Surrounded and pressed directly on the car door.

Xiao Mengqiu’s face was a little deformed, and he yelled out of anger, “Bo Qingang, you will pay the price, you dare to lie to me, are you afraid that Lin Su’er will be injured because of you? You wait! I promise! She won’t survive tonight.”

“I won’t let you have a chance to hurt Su’er, don’t say tonight, you won’t be able to threaten me again even for a second.” Bo Qingang said this lightly in her ear. .

Xiao Mengqiu felt that someone had wrapped his hand with something, and she yelled angrily, “What are you doing? Do you want to tie me? I tell you Lin Su’er still has injuries on her body and has not recovered. If you tie me with a rope, then I will Struggling will also get hurt, and the wound will spread to her. I’m afraid she won’t be able to bear it. You’d better think about it clearly.”

“I naturally think of everything you think of, and you don’t need to worry about it!” Bo Qingang just said it. I ignored her, turned and walked back to her car. When Xiao Mengqiu was struggling desperately with her hands and feet tied up by others, she felt a soft touch from her hands, like a bubble entangled her, but still Can’t break free.

This shows that she has no way to pass through the struggle, and the wounds are transferred to Lin Suer’s body, but she will definitely be bound and taken away by them.

She didn’t know what Bo Qingang was thinking about, didn’t he know that if he was too hungry or too thirsty, Lin Su’er would be treated the same way? He tied himself up and imprisoned him, but he just wouldn’t let himself harm Lin Su’er, starved himself to death, and Lin Su’er had no good end.

Does Bo Qing’ang really want to imprison her for a lifetime? Xiao Mengqiu had mixed feelings in his heart, staring, and was about to question loudly. A ball of cloth was stuffed into his mouth. The whole mouth was so tightly packed that he couldn’t spit out. He could only hum silently, “Um. …”

Xiao Mengqiu opened his eyes and watched as these bodyguards dragged him into the car. He didn’t even allow her to sit. Instead, he stuffed her into the trunk. The small trunk made her curl up into a ball. She was so angry. The tears fell straight, not because she was angry about what happened now, but because she was so angry that she lied to her, and she was so defensive and vigilant.

She believed everything Bo Qingang said, and it was too stupid to believe that Bo Qingang would really fall in love with her.

She is a genius girl, everyone said that she has super intelligence, but every time she meets Bo Qingang, she is like a fool who is played around by him.

That night Bo Qingang said that she would be with her and she would no longer care about Lin Su’er. She really believed that every word he said was true. The more Xiao Mengqiu thought about it, the more aggrieved, she exhausted her mind on the whole world. , Is vicious to everyone, but she is full of patience and gentleness for Bo Qingang, and she is willing to fall to the altar for him and become a treacherous man full of filth.

He trusted him 100%, but Bo Qingang deceived her, used her, and even hated her.

The tears on Xiao Mengqiu’s face flowed down one by one, dripping into the trunk of the car, as if a mocking person was reflected, laughing loudly at her.

But she was puzzled. If Bo Qingang had been impatient with her long ago, what’s the point of lying to her that night? Just tie her up earlier, why did she go in such a big circle.

That night…

Xiao Mengqiu’s eyes were filled with tears, and he carefully thought about everything that night, candles, red wine, and the dinner. Everything was just right. There was nothing wrong with it. Bo Qingang even put her on the bed. …

Thinking of this, Xiao Mengqiu’s eyes widened sharply, unable to make a sound, but there was a terrifying look in her eyes, and the red blood burst out. Bo Qingang didn’t touch her at all that night. The next morning When she got up, except for her dizziness, there was nothing strange about her.

What did he do that night? And after she woke up, she didn’t look like a hangover at all!