Chapter 824 Murderous

Chapter 824

Murderous Xiao Mengqiu didn’t think about everything until now. She didn’t drink and fainted at all that night. After all, she only drank a few glasses of red wine. With her volume, she was not so drunk even drinking red wine It saves personnel, but at that time, he was dizzy and fascinated by Bo Qing. He didn’t think so much at all. He thought he was just drinking and getting drunk.

“Haha…” A self-deprecating smile appeared at the corner of Xiao Mengqiu’s mouth, and her heart was desolate. It turned out that she was really worthless in Bo Qingang’s eyes. She didn’t know what he did that night, but absolutely It’s not a good thing. Maybe Bo Qingang will be able to come up with something to threaten her. What will it be?

She didn’t think that Bo Qingang might have found a way to disassociate him from Lin Su’er. She only thought that Bo Qingang had done something to threaten her to let Lin Su’er let her go after she was stunned.

For example, she took an exposed photo of her, but she thought about it carefully and felt that Bo Qingang would not do such a dirty thing. If he did it at the beginning, it would take so long.

Xiao Mengqiu was brainstorming about what Bo Qingang might do, but the car had stopped steadily. She saw that the trunk was slowly opened, and several bodyguards pulled her out. She did not stand. Wen was directly dragged into the villa by them, rubbing her calves and knees on the ground.

“Be careful.” Bo Qingang looked at the cold reminder behind him. The two people have not been disconnected yet. If she is injured, the wound will still be transferred to Lin Su’er.

“Yes.” The bodyguard replied swiftly, setting up Xiao Mengqiu from left to right and walking towards the villa.

Xiao Mengqiu was still trying to struggle, but it was nothing but a drop in the price. She was dragged into the villa by the bodyguard, and directly pressed her on a stool that had been prepared, and tied her with a large cloth strip. It can bind her without causing wounds on her body and transfer to Lin Su’er.

After the bodyguard had done all this, he withdrew from the house, leaving only Bo Qingang and Xiao Mengqiu. He frowned in disgust when he walked in front of Xiao Mengqiu, but he reached out and took the cloth tucked in her mouth.

“Bo Qingang, you bastard! What qualifications do you have to say that you are a man? You lied to me and tied me here. I tell you, if you have the ability to kill me today, otherwise I will definitely make you regret it. Yes, you and Lin Suer will die for me!”

Xiao Mengqiu, you can yell at Bo Qingang immediately after speaking. Her heart is very upset. Why is this man who treats her so hard?

Bo Qingang squeezed her chin, Xiao Mengqiu was silent immediately, he lifted her chin gently, forcing her to look at him, “There won’t be such a day, you think you will be able to Do you hurt Su’er again? I have been by your side for so long, and I have given you enough respect on the last day. Didn’t the red wine and roses that night make you very happy?”

“The scenes I showed you were from Dean Xiao Shuo. In point, after all, you are his adopted daughter for ten years. He has a little affection for you. He is Su’er’s father. He still hopes that you will have a little warm moment before you die. I fulfilled his wish. It also gave you the beauty you want, so you can die with peace of mind.”

When he said the word death, Xiao Mengqiu didn’t know why a chill suddenly rose up all over his body, feeling a little cold sweat on his back, but changed his mind. When I thought about it, how could Bo Qingang kill her? To kill her was to kill Lin Su’er. She didn’t need to be afraid at all.

Thinking about this, Xiao Mengqiu stared at Bo Qingang’s eyes and said word by word, “Do you want Lin Su’er to die? Then you just move me to try!”

“Heh, you don’t really think that no one in the world can do it. Crack? Use this method to threaten me for the rest of my life? Xiao Mengqiu, do you think too much of yourself, or do you think too much of me?”

Bo Qingang let go of her chin, and with a little effort, Xiao Mengqiu’s entire face was shaken by Bo Qingang. When she got to the side, she felt her cold hair stand up when she heard this, and turned her head slowly and unbelievably to look at him, “What do you mean? You mean…”

“It seems that you really value yourself too much. That’s it!” Bo Qingang smiled coldly, and pointed his finger at the back left of her neck, which happened to be at that special location.

Xiao Mengqiu was shocked, feeling that Bo Qingang seemed to be pointing a knife at her. She couldn’t help but leaned aside, turned her head and looked at Bo Qingang who was standing behind her, “You…how would you know?” “

“I said I asked you to think about it. If one day I know everything, what will happen to you? It seems that you haven’t figured it out clearly.”

Bo Qingang walked around her again and sat on the sofa. , Lightly lit a cigar, and spit out smoke after taking a sip.

Seeing Bo Qingang’s leisurely appearance, she knew that Bo Qingang had already found out everything. The last time Bo Qingang had indeed asked her and asked her to think about the consequences, she thought it was his casual words. Just one question, I didn’t expect to have such a profound meaning.

I thought that Bo Qingang had already figured out everything at that time, just to remind her, does that mean that Bo Qingang had actually pityed her for a second, or had thought about letting her go for a moment.

Thinking about this, Xiao Mengqiu was about to play the emotional card, and said to Bo Qingang, “Aang, are you so ruthless to me? You and I have known friends for so many years. For eleven years, you and Lin Suer How long have you known each other? Why do you have such a deep relationship with her, but you still don’t want to look at me?”

“I did everything to tie you to my side. I never thought of hurting Lin Su’er. You believe me.”

While she said, she felt that these words moved herself, tears flowed down again, her face was bitter, she really fell completely, where there is still a little sky. The look of a beautiful girl.

“I said I do not like being threatened, I warned you again and again. Xiaomeng Qiu, if you are not a Xiao Shuo president’s daughter, I would probably crush you.”

Thin Aung to pour only smoked two The cigar was pressed down in the ashtray and extinguished, as if the cigar was Xiao Mengqiu’s substitute. The usual thin and high pressure was at best the high cold that no strangers should get near. But this second, there was a bit of radiance from his whole body. Suffocating murderous spirit.

Xiao Mengqiu knew that it was useless to say anything now. He was ready to kill her. She was not Lin Su’er, and Bo Qing felt relieved if she could not say a word.