Chapter 825 Blood Gu

Chapter 825 Blood Gu

“So I have to thank Xiao Shuo? Thank him for adopting me, right? He is a bastard, he adopted me only because my face looks a bit like the person he likes, he I’ve never regarded me as his daughter. I’m just a substitute to relieve his guilt.”

Xiao Mengqiu has broken the pot and shouted at Bo Qingang the grievances in her heart. What has she turned into herself step by step over the years? If you didn’t like Bo Qingang, now she is a genius studying abroad, how could she do these crazy things, but now everything can’t go back!

“You are the substitute in Dean Xiao Shuo’s mind, Guan Su’er. What is it that you use blood gu to harm people!”

Bo Qingang directly exposed the trick she used. Xiao Mengqiu looked up at him, “I actually forgot what was in front of me. People are small, and you have such great rights. I actually believe that you will not investigate what method I used. It seems that I really overestimate myself.”

“Yes, I did use it .” Blood Gu, let Lin Su’er become my surrogate, that’s because if I didn’t use this method, you wouldn’t even look at me again, Bo Qingang! Lin Su’er has been killed by you today!”

“How did you kill Gu? If the insects were

eaten by Su’er, please explain the process to me honestly!” Bo Qingang can’t let Lin Su’er have any hidden dangers around him. Lin Su’er will never eat what Xiao Mengqiu gave, and her sense of smell is so sensitive. It was definitely some tactics used by the people around her to let her eat the Gu worms that Xiao Mengqiu had given her without realizing it. He wanted to pull that person out, and he wouldn’t let anyone daring to hurt Su’er.

“Why? Do you think Lin Suer is a person who is invincible? You think too much, she is a very softhearted person. I have already bought the actress by her side. I also want to thank her grandfather, I called The grandpa who had been so long was the pro-grandpa she cared about, and she even went to make a movie invested by the Ang Family in order to let the old man of the Ang Family see her.”

“If she doesn’t make a movie, she won’t know the actress, and I won’t have the chance to have Gu. All these are the causes of her own planting, and she has to eat it herself if it

bears bad results !” Xiao Mengqiu was proud when she spoke. She laughed, what if Lin Suer is more powerful? What if Bo Qingang likes her again? It’s not even an ordinary actor who can guilty her, and she still doesn’t know it.

actress? Bo Qingang’s eyes narrowed slightly. Lin Su’er had indeed seen him before. An actress named Rong Ling’er said that she felt that her life was very hard. She wanted to help Rong Ling’er. It seemed that it was Lin Su’er. The distressed actress hurt her, and this actress can’t stay!

“I regret it now. I should plant the Gu worm that ate my blood into your body. At that time, I can let you feel how painful I am, instead of planting it in Lin Su’er’s body.”

Xiao Mengqiu stared at Bo Qingang stubbornly, and for a moment he felt regretful. He had done so many things and harmed Lin Su’er so many times. He had never regretted it. This was the first time he felt this way.

Blood Gu is a very vicious art that hurts both sides. Although Lin Su’er ate the Gu worm and suffered so many unprovoked injuries, it was all because he ate the Blood Gu worm into his stomach, but in fact Xiao Mengqiu didn’t have it either. What are the benefits?

The Gu worm in Lin Su’er’s belly was nourished by the blood of Xiao Mengqiu. She raised the Gu worm for a week, and every day she cut her hand and dripped blood to it, just to make the Gu worm recognize her as its master.

When the Gu worm would respond every time he saw Xiao Mengqiu approaching, it was time. Xiao Mengqiu gave the Gu worm to Rong Ling’er and let her go down to Lin Su’er’s porridge. When I caught a cold, I couldn’t smell the slightest smell at all, and I didn’t even smell the bloody smell, so I just ate the gu worms contained in the porridge.

At that time, Xiao Mengqiu felt that God was helping her. With the right time, the right place and the right people, Lin Suer deserved it and she must be killed.

But something like blood gu is not enough to just eat the gu worms. She still needs to use her blood to continue to smoke Lin Su’er. At that time, Xiao Mengqiu was still thinking about how to do this, but Lin Su’er didn’t expect Lin Su’er to deliver it to the door. coming.

She herself had to go to Ang’s house every day to treat Mr. Ang’s illness. This gave Xiao Mengqiu another excellent opportunity. She replaced Mr. Ang’s incense and reconfigured another one that also had a sleeping effect. The incense of her, but it can completely cover up her bloody smell, and most people can’t smell it at all.

During that time, Lin Suer cared about Old Man Ang every day, whether he coughed up blood again, but never thought about the bloody smell. In fact, it was not the smell of Old Man Ang’s coughing up blood, it was simply prepared for her.

Xiao Mengqiu had anemia during that time, but she felt it was worth it, because she had a little more chance to shed a little blood every day. After a full cycle, she completed the entire Gu worm down ritual, and Lin Suer truly became her. For the dead ghost, all her wounds will be transferred to Lin Su’er, and the longer the time, the more obvious the effect will be.

When she had just successfully gotten the Gu, she wished to self-mutilate herself every day, thinking that she wanted Lin Suer to taste this inexplicable pain, just like the pain Bo Qingang brought her, always inexplicably heartache, she let Lin Suer The wound appeared inexplicably.

It is true that Lin Su’er often suddenly shows signs of bruising on her body, and she has no idea what happened.

When Xiao Mengqiu had a third wound on Lin Suer’s body, she found Bo Qingang. After she knew that there was substantial evidence, Bo Qingang would definitely be worried, only threatened by her.

All of this was arranged by her, and they fell into place one step at a time. Bo Qingang couldn’t refute, but could only obey.

Xiao Mengqiu recalled her plan in the past period of time, and the unique feeling of being with Bo Qingang. Although Bo Qingang stayed with her, she still didn’t feel any love, but there was an inexplicable feeling. She feels very happy as long as Bo Qingang is with her. This may be the pleasure of her self-deception, but in short, she still has Bo Qingang’s company.

If she could do it again, would she still use such a damaging trick like Blood Gu? meeting! It’s just that this time she won’t fall on Lin Su’er again. She will directly fall on Bo Qingang. When she thinks about Bo Qingang and can’t sleep at night, she hurts herself and makes Bo Qingang feel pain. , Let him know when he is missing him, let him empathize!