Chapter 826 Madman of love

Chapter 826 The Mad Demon of Love

“I won’t have a chance, don’t talk about planting into my body, I won’t give you a chance to use such a vicious trick again in the future!”

Bo Qingang looked at Xiao Mengqiu’s somewhat mad face. I can’t wait to slap her, but no! This slap hit Xiao Mengqiu’s face, but it hurts Lin Su’er. Lin Su’er was already painful enough. After suffering such a serious injury, the child who misunderstood that he didn’t want them must also hurt.

But this is something he cannot choose. Scholar Zhang has given a thousand explanations that people who have been infected with blood can never have children, otherwise there will be absolutely danger in the process of reproducing children, so for the sake of Lin Suer, he can do without that. The child will let Lin Suer get rid of it resolutely!

But now it’s alright, he will be able to solve these things immediately, Lin Su’er’s blood gu will also be unlocked, and then she will be able to give birth to a child, that is the crystallization of their love, how could he not love it.

“Aang! Aang, are you so tired of me? Are you really reluctant to look at me? You have to know that I do all this for you, I love you, I love you so much I’m crazy, why can’t you still see my love for you?”

Xiao Mengqiu was struggling frantically while talking, exhausting her strength, maybe it was this situation that stimulated her strength, she actually Successfully struggling to open the strip of cloth that tied her, and even the rope that tied her to the body!

After getting rid of the shackles, she immediately ran forward to Bo Qingang’s side, looked at him with tears in her eyes, covered her chest and said, “Do you know that my heart hurts now? Your Lin Suer can feel it? Is it my pain? She can’t feel it! My love for you is the hardest love in the world, I love you!”

Bo Qingang looked at her crazy look, completely impatient, all Everything was clear, and the threat that might exist around Lin Su’er was eliminated. Xiao Mengqiu’s keeping it was completely useless!

He stretched out his hand to restrain Xiao Mengqiu, but Xiao Mengqiu shouted, “Don’t move me, I still have something about Lin Su’er, do you want to listen?”

Bo Qingang’s extended hand slowly dropped. Looking at her coldly, “Say!”

“Do you know? Now Lin Su’er is probably dead, on the operating table, on the way to an abortion, don’t you know? I called a group of doctors and nurses to find her , Dragged her to the hospital for a forced abortion. Her current physical condition is simply impossible to withstand an abortion operation. She must be dead now!”

Xiao Mengqiu had already settled everything. She was a medical student or a genius girl. She knew that Lin Su’er was not suitable for that operation now, and she had only one dead end.

Thinking of this, she immediately burst into laughter, tears oozing from her eyes.

“Hahahaha, she is finally dead, you are left with me now, you can’t save her, people can’t be resurrected after death! She hated you before she died, do you know?”

“Bo Qingang! Because I asked those people to tell her that you let her beat the child. You said the same thing before. She will not doubt the authenticity of their words. She will only leave this world in despair and resentment, and will face her before dying. You are full of resentment!”

Xiao Mengqiu said this sentence viciously, Bo Qingang’s expression changed drastically, and he grabbed her hand, “What did you say? You say it again!”

“It’s the same when I repeat it several times. Yes, do you think I did it on purpose to scare you, no! I had already made preparations to let Lin Suer leave you, and you had been protecting her like that before.

In the past two days, I finally got this perfect opportunity. Lin Su’er can think without doubt that you want to harm her, and I can also use this operation to successfully kill her, how perfect! “

Xiao Mengqiu said, approaching Bo Qing’ang boldly, and the voice in her cold eyes became much softer.

“Aang, do you know that you have no one anymore, you are the only one left, you Look at me more. Lin Su’er and I look so alike, and even her grandfather can’t tell them apart. Don’t you like Lin Su’er like that? I can become like him, you know, I will also transform Rong Dan, you only need to give me a little time, I can completely become like Lin Suer! “

She loves Bo Qingang to the bottom of her heart. She doesn’t need to be Xiao Mengqiu. As long as Bo Qingang is willing to be by her side, she can turn into anyone, even the Lin Suer she hates most. It doesn’t matter, she is willing to become Lin Suer. Just to make Bo Qingang look at her more.

When Xiao Mengqiu spoke, he wanted to kiss Bo Qingang directly, and wanted him to feel her hot heart and crazy love, but before he met Bo Qingang, he punched him severely. , It happened to land on the back left of her neck.

“Ah!” Xiao Mengqiu suddenly exclaimed, and he slumped on the ground as soon as he fell soft. The whole body was beaten and he was a little dizzy, and his eyes turned black for a while. Bo Qingang was originally trained in the military, and he was stronger than ordinary people. Most of them, with such a hateful punch, it can almost knock her unconscious on the spot.

But she still held on and didn’t faint. She pulled out the knife she was carrying and wanted to stab herself. Even if Lin Su’er was not dead now, she would have to be killed, making Bo Qing’ang worried.

But the moment Bo Qingang saw her pull out the knife, he kicked her knife away, and the people at the door rushed in when the knife fell.

“Catch her to me and don’t let her hurt yourself anymore!” Bo Qingang said coldly. Several bodyguards immediately went up and held Xiao Mengqiu. She lay directly on the ground, her face against the cold ground. The body is cold.

“Xiao Mengqiu, I asked if you know what the consequences are. Do you remember what you said at the time? I will tell you what the consequences are today. This is where the mother Gu is on your body and the wound here. It won’t be transferred. As long as the blood on your body is drained, the mother Gu will die and can no longer hurt

Su’er .” Bo Qingang approached Xiao Mengqiu with the knife, squatting down and pressing the knife against Xiao Mengqiu’s neck. In that special position, Xiao Mengqiu had given up struggling, but tears could not help falling down. These were not tears of fear of death, but tears of perseverance when she wanted to leave Bo Qing.

Even now, her love for Bo Qingang hasn’t diminished at all, and it has even increased as she leaves.

“Aang! I want to ask you one more question at the end. Anyway, I’m going to die. It’s okay to let me die. I ask you! We have known each other for almost twelve years, do you have that kind of love? Seconds, one second is good, have you liked me?”