Chapter 827 Hospital explosion

Chapter 827 Hospital Explosion

“Never, not in a second!”

“Wow…” As

soon as Bo Qingang’s voice fell, he cut through Xiao Mengqiu’s neck with his hand, and blood immediately oozes from the back left. Xiao Mengqiu felt a warm liquid left on her neck, and her mind was gradually pulling away. There was a blur in front of her eyes, tears flowed out, and Bo Qingang slowly said with a sad look, “Aang, I love you. , Everything I do is for you…”

After saying this, she no longer has the strength, and she spread her hands helplessly. The blood stained the floor of the villa, and the smell of blood floated far away, Bo Qingang. Standing next to her, after seeing her blood flow, a small bug crawled out of her body, just from the back left of her neck.

This is the mother Gu that is related to the Gu worm that Lin Suer uses her blood in her body. It is through these two Gu worms that her wound can be transferred. Now that the worm comes out of her body, it represents She didn’t have the ability to transfer the wound to Lin Su’er anymore.

It was finally over. Bo Qingang felt a lot more relieved when he thought about it this way. Turning around, he was about to go to Lin Su’er. After suffering her in the past two days, he must feel uncomfortable in his heart. He needs his own comfort.

“President Bo, it’s okay. The central hospital just had an explosion, and someone saw Miss Lin Su’er go to that hospital to check her body this morning. Now…”

Zhang Song suddenly rushed into the villa and said with a panic expression, Bo Qing Ang’s pupils shook when he heard what he said, and he rushed out of the villa without stopping. He didn’t care to let the driver drive any more, and drove all the way to the central hospital.

There were many people around the door of the central hospital, and everyone was pointing and discussing.

“What’s going on in this hospital? Why did it suddenly explode? It didn’t hurt anyone, right?”

“How could it not hurt anyone? There is a lot of traffic in it, but it seems that many doctors and nurses have run out. It’s pitiful.” Those patients with limited mobility are probably going to die inside.”

“It’s too pitiful, who is so anti-social, who planted a bomb here, and is not afraid of retribution.”

“Who knows who it is, but he dares to come here.” In the hospital, how can I be afraid of retribution?”

Bo Qingang heard the people around him when he got out of the car. He didn’t hesitate to rush into the hospital, but Zhang Song, who ran over after him, immediately stopped him. in front of him, “always thin, you can not go in ten million, although it is no longer continue to explode, but there is insecurity, not knowing wait this house would not collapse, you do not go ah!” “Su

children in Inside, how could I not go in.” Bo Qingang endured it, but the hands clenched into fists, the burst of blue veins and the clenched teeth, you can see that he is now extremely worried. Lin Su’er came to this hospital this morning. For what? Is she inside now? Or has it escaped?

“Young Bo, please calm down first. Let’s immediately investigate whether Miss Lin Su’er escaped from the hospital.” Zhang Song still stopped in front of him, worried that something might happen if he rushed in impulsively.

But he couldn’t stop him at all, Bo Qingang had already slapped his hand away and rushed into the crumbling hospital.

“Boy Shao!”

Zhang Song kept stomping outside, turning his head and asking the people around him, “Have you seen this girl running out?” He asked the people around him with a picture of Lin Su’er in his hand.

Several doctors who ran out of the hospital next to him looked at the photos in his hands and shook their heads, “This girl did come to our hospital for an examination this morning, but when the explosion just now, I didn’t see her running out, maybe Already…” The

doctor’s words stopped abruptly, and I’m sorry to continue, after all, the news is too sad.

Zhang Song was a little shocked when he heard what they said. He turned his head and looked at the hospital that was almost unable to hold it. After a moment of silence, he rushed in.

Bo Qingang searched from room to room in the hospital. After searching the entire hospital room, he still didn’t see Lin Su’er. He ignored the rubble falling off his head and simply forgot to dodge.

Zhang Song followed in search of the hospital, but no trace of Lin Su’er was found. Instead, he saw a few words about the corpse that died in the explosion. It was no longer recognizable, and there were many people buried under the gravel.

Zhang Song didn’t dare to remind Bo Qingang, maybe Lin Suer was one of them, he could only follow in silence, watching Bo Qingang’s anxiety slowly change from the beginning to full of despair.

Bo Qing’ang has always been a person of joy, anger, and self-explanatory expression. Even if he has been anxiously sweating his hand, he still didn’t yell, but waved to Zhang Song, “Okay, you go out first.”

“President Bo, you can’t stay here anymore, this house looks like it’s about to collapse.”

“Rumble, bang! bang! bang!”

As soon as Zhang Song’s voice fell, he saw that the other side of the hospital was collapsing. , The big stones fell one after another.

Zhang Song was anxious at this time, and quickly grabbed Bo Qingang and ran outside. The two stood outside the hospital watching the hospital slowly collapse, and finally turned into a ruin with a lot of dust floating, everyone was frightened. The birds and beasts were scattered, but Bo Qingang still stayed in place for a long time and didn’t want to leave.

“Bo Shao, you should leave first. Someone will come to clean the scene, and we will be notified of the body found at that time.”

Zhang Song wanted to pull him away, but Bo Qingang shook his hand away. He said coldly, “You go, don’t follow me.”

“Bo Shao…”

“Get out!” Bo Qing’ang’s voice has already brought a trace of anger, and Zhang Song knows that he doesn’t want to be followed, but can only take it with him. The bodyguard who followed got in the car and left, leaving only Bo Qingang alone next to the hospital.

He stood outside the hospital for a long time, until his legs were a little numb, he walked into the ruins, closed his eyes and felt his heartache, stretched out his hand to cover the position of his chest, as if something important was far away from him. Same.

That feeling made him a little scared. He wanted to yell loudly, thinking that Lin Su’er would agree to him, but she opened her mouth without making a sound, but her eyes were getting redder and red, and she tried to keep her tears from falling.

The man had tears and didn’t flick it lightly, but before he was sad, he wanted to cry, but he knew he couldn’t cry. Bo Qingang stretched out his hand and held both eyes, and after a long time he took his hand away, his eyes regained his determination. He said firmly into the air, “Su’er, I know you are not dead, and I will not cry for you, because you must be alive! How could you abandon me and go alone…”

Bo Qingang said as he lowered his head , With both hands hanging on his side, tightly clenched into fists!