Chapter 828 funeral

Chapter 828 Funeral

“Bo Shao, are you really going to attend the funeral of Miss Lin Suer?”

Zhang Song walked into Bo Qingang’s room a little nervously and saw him sitting by the window in his nightgown, holding it in his hand The goblet was drinking, and the whole person seemed to have no vitality. It seemed that all his vitality was supported by Lin Su’er.

In the past few days, as the people who were buried under the ruins of the hospital have been cleaned up, their identities have been confirmed. Two of the corpses were of young girls, but they had been bombed and they couldn’t see their faces, especially one of them. It’s really like Lin Su’er, regardless of her height, figure or even the clothes she wears.

Zhang Song had already determined that it was Lin Su’er, but Bo Qingang never believed it. Zhang Song could only help her with Lin Su’er’s funeral, and claimed the corpse, but he never dared to disturb Bo Qingang. He just came up to mention it until the funeral began today.

“What kind of funeral, I said no, Su’er will definitely not die, she is still alive, why should I go to her funeral and go out!”

Bo Qingang yelled a little angrily, and then put the wine in the glass After drinking the red wine, Zhang Song looked at him like this, and knew that no matter what he said, he would not believe it, and only silently exited his room.

Bo Qingang looked at the empty red wine glass with mixed flavors in his heart. For five days, he hadn’t found Lin Su’er for five days. He asked everyone to search wildly in this city, but he didn’t find anything. Just waiting for two unrecognizable bodies.

One of them was very similar to Lin Su’er. Everyone thought it was Lin Su’er, but he didn’t believe it, but he couldn’t find Lin Su’er.

Even the people related to her could not be found. The day the Ang’s family collapsed in the hospital, that is, the day Xiao Mengqiu was cleaned up, he left the Chinese mainland again overnight.

Xiao Shuo didn’t want to see him either, but told him that since Lin Su’er was dead, they had to leave, and Qin Yuhan also said the same thing.

In the past few days, he did not go to the Boss and pushed everything to the employees under his hands. He also refused the meeting completely. He just sat in the villa and drank every day. This villa Lin Su’er had been here and even lay with him. Over that bed.

Every time he lay on the bed, he seemed to be able to smell Lin Su’er’s body. He didn’t want to leave this room. Only here could he feel Lin Su’er’s breath.

Bo Qing slowly stretched out his hand and wrote the word “Su” on the glass.

“It’s going to get cold soon. Where are you Su’er?”

Five days ago…

Xiao Shuo urgently transferred Lin Su’er from the central hospital to a private hospital. Lin Su’er was injected with too much anesthetic. Such a large dose is perfectly acceptable. She died, with too many wounds and too much blood loss. After transferring Lin Suer to a private hospital, he personally operated on Lin Suer to treat her injuries.

There was also the removal of anesthetics from the body, but after three hours of surgery, Lin Suer did not wake up.

He was sweating profusely. According to the truth, the wound on his body had been stitched up, the bleeding that should be stopped was also stopped, the anesthetic in the body had been removed, and she should wake up.

Seeing Lin Su’er, who was pushed out of the operating room and lying on the hospital bed, but had not woken up, Xiao Shuo was anxious and kept shouting beside her, “Su’er, wake up! The last time you were injured by the bombing. After such a serious killing, you have such a strong vitality to wake up, why don’t you want to wake up this time?”

Elder Ang leaned on the crutches and looked at Lin Su’er with his eyes closed. He was also anxious. The crutches kept tapping on the ground, making a piercing sound, and coughing anxiously.

“Cough cough cough…Xiao Shuo! You have killed my daughter, but you can’t kill my granddaughter anymore, please save Su’er, she and I have not met yet! You are the dean of Huaxia University School of Medicine , Published so many medical papers, how could you not save your own daughter.”

“I know! Give me some time, Su’er’s state is very stable now, and ECG monitoring is no problem, but she never wakes up. I don’t know exactly which part of the problem went wrong. Let me examine her carefully.”

Xiao Shuo was sweating profusely, but there was no other way. He could only continue to perform a full physical examination on Lin Suer to determine if she was on her body. There are also wounds that have not been checked.

Lin Suer was lying on the hospital bed with her eyes closed, but she could feel everything around her, could hear Xiao Shuo’s conversation with Grandpa Ang, and could even smell the smell of disinfectant, but she couldn’t wake up.

This time she seemed to be in a completely black enclosed room, completely different from the empty white world last time.

She felt that the emptiness in her heart was magnified, just like the darkness around her, and she felt a little desperate. She tried several times to wake up but couldn’t help it.

Lin Suer was about to give up, thinking that maybe she won’t be able to wake up all her life, is this just the feeling of a vegetative person? In fact, I was clear in my heart, able to hear and touch, but I just couldn’t wake up, trapped myself in this dark world for the rest of my life, and couldn’t touch anything.


Lin Su’er thought of this place and her eyes suddenly lit up. She was not inaccessible to anything. She could enter the medicine spirit jade space where she was full of spiritual power. Maybe she could wake up after staying there for a while.

Thinking of this, Lin Suer immediately entered the medicine spirit jade space. She was in a state of unconsciousness, and she had to close her eyes when entering the space. At this time, when her heart moved, she entered the medicine spirit jade space.

Today’s Yaolingyu space is completely different from usual. It emits a little green light. Lin Suer is looking for the source of this light. Seeing a green fruit on the branch of Yaolingwood, the green is like nature. The color is the same, full of vitality, and this fruit actually looks exactly the same as an apple, just emitting a green light.

Green vitality? Lin Suer thought about plucking the fruit directly, and the green in her palm became brighter. Every time he ate a fruit before, he could acquire a magical skill, and she didn’t know how it would change this time.

But now even if it is eaten, it should be useless. She can’t wake up and return to real life at all. Maybe she will be trapped in this medicinal spirit jade space for the rest of her life, so what use is eating this fruit.

Although Lin Su’er was full of despair, she still thought that there might be a little hope. After all, the fruit of this medicinal spirit tree can be useful every time she eats it. This time, she might be able to heal her and she will wake up.