Chapter 829 Leave sadly

Chapter 829 Leaving the Sad Land

Lin Su’er ate this green fruit, and the moment she swallowed her belly, she immediately felt a light and fluttering sensation, as if the aches and pains all over her body had disappeared.

The feeling of being relaxed made her have an impulse. As soon as she tried to open her eyes, she saw everything around her: Xiao Shuo was anxious, the eyes were full of care and pain, and the whole room was full of touching whiteness. fundus.

“Su’er, are you awake?” Seeing her opening his eyes, Old Man Ang immediately leaned forward with a cane, his voice trembling with consciousness.

This is his granddaughter, who looks so much like his daughter. The second he saw Lin Su’er, he began to doubt, and then quietly took Xiao Mengqiu’s hair to do a paternity test to confirm that he and Xiao Mengqiu There is no blood relationship at all.

As soon as Xiao Shuo talked to him about the past, he knew that Xiao Mengqiu had always lied to him, and he chose to believe in Xiao Shuo, because what Xiao Shuo said was exactly the same as the result of the paternity test.

He went to the orphanage where Xiao Mengqiu had been adopted to investigate and proved that every sentence Xiao Shuo really said was true.

Now he couldn’t waste any more time. He was so old and half of his body was already in the soil. He finally found this granddaughter, but he can’t let her have another accident, and cherish every second of being with her.

Lin Suer sat up from the bed and moved her wrists. She found that all the wounds on her body were really healed. She rolled up her sleeves and saw that all those wounds had become scabs, and the speed of recovery was so fast, it seemed that the green one Fruit really represents life!

“Mr. Ang…” Lin Suer looked at Mr. Ang and said the same name as before.

When Grandpa Ang heard him call this, his eyes were full of tears. He looked at her and shook his head, “Silly boy, what is your name? I’m your grandpa!”

“Grandpa, you…do you recognize me? You know? Am I your granddaughter?” Lin Suer was very excited when she heard what he said, and she wanted to jump off the bed immediately.

Father Ang saw her excitement and reached out to hold her shoulders.

“You lie on the bed and rest. I know you are my granddaughter. Xiao Mengqiu is a fake. I shouldn’t trust her with a simple token, so that you have to pretend to be someone else on purpose. Being a private doctor next to me is because my grandpa is too confused. Grandpa will spend a lot of time with you in the future and won’t leave you alone.”

Lin Suer felt that he had another relative, and she had worked so hard to recognize it. His relatives, this feeling of dependence is really good, even if Bo Qingang abandoned him, he still felt very happy, hugged the old man Ang and kept yelling, “Grandpa, grandpa!”

“Oh! Grandpa will take good care of you after he is around. Why are you so badly injured? I don’t know if your father called me. Who made you the way you are now, I want him At the price, I dare to hurt Miss Sun of my high family like this.”

Lin Suer remembered that before she fell into a coma, she was forced to be forced to have an abortion on the operating table and dragged back to the hospital, and those who kept saying that this was Bo Qingang who ordered them to abort her. The doctors and nurses felt bitter in their hearts. These were everything she didn’t want to recall.

Thinking of all this, Lin Suer touched her abdomen again worriedly, and looked at Xiao Shuo beside her and asked, “Dad, how is my child, is he okay?”

“It’s okay, don’t worry, the child is still very stable in yours. In the stomach, his month is very young. This time, things have not been affected too much. The explosion hasn’t affected him.”

Xiao Shuo comforted, Lin Suer felt relieved instantly, as long as her child is okay, she will have it. She had enough courage to face the whole world, but she didn’t want to face Bo Qingang anymore.

Bo Qingang brought her too much pain, and these pains were enough for her to remember for a lifetime, so let him continue to stay with Xiao Mengqiu! She didn’t bother to question, and she didn’t bother to bother about it anymore, she only needed to be with her relatives in the future.

“Su children, grandfather to tell you what really happened? Why is affected by so many injuries? Before my grandfather did not focus on the things you are busy investigating Xiaomeng Qiu, and now you tell my grandfather, my grandfather must get justice for you.”

Ang Father Looking at the bandage on her by Lin Su’er, and Xiao Shuo told him that Lin Su’er had experienced an explosion before, and he was even more worried. He always felt that someone around Lin Su’er wanted to harm her, if it was really Xiao Mengqiu, He will never let it go easily.

“Grandpa, my mother was killed by Katharina. I have been looking for her after knowing what happened back then. I found it before, but Katharina planted a mine in the ground ahead of time. After the mine was detonated, I leaned forward. Ang did not come to save me, but to save Xiao Mengqiu, right in front of me.”

“I was pregnant with his child, but he asked me to get rid of it. I don’t want to! But he even asked the doctors and nurses to drag me to the hospital to have a baby. If it weren’t for you and Dad, it’s estimated that I would have been killed by them. Kill it, he is too cruel, I can let him go with Xiao Mengqiu, but why should he be so cruel to me?”

“I don’t want to stay here anymore, every place here is full of me and His memories, as long as I see me, my heart hurts very much. Grandpa, will you take me away, okay? Haven’t you been living abroad for a long time? You took me out of here, I will accompany you to live abroad, take a look at my mother’s time The place where

she lived.” Lin Suer knows that escape is not good. She has never escaped before. She can be tough on everything, but now she can’t. She has a child in her belly. She has to think about her child, so she must know Back, now she just wants to leave, leave this sad place.

Although Grandpa Ang was extremely unwilling, someone bullied her granddaughter like this, he just wanted to ask Bo Qingang to find out what he meant, but seeing Lin Suer begging him to leave so anxiously, She felt soft again and could only hug Lin Su’er and nod her head, “Okay, Grandpa will take you away, and we will leave overnight.”

“Dad, Grandpa, I don’t want to see Bo Qingang anymore in my life. He might come to me again. But I don’t want to see him. Can you help me solve this matter? Make him think that I have disappeared from this world, and I don’t want to get involved with him a little bit.”

Lin Suer took Xiao Shuo and Father Ang’s hands. Speak to both of them in an imploring tone.

Xiao Shuo and Old Man Ang glanced at each other, and at the same time nodded and said, “Okay, leave it to us.”