Chapter 830 disappear

Chapter 830 Disappeared. After the

two people agreed, they started the operation without a moment’s delay. First, they notified the doctors and nurses of the central hospital to leave with all the patients, then bombed the hospital and found a corpse about the same size as Lin Suer. Despite the illusion of her death, no one was affected in that hospital. The bodies were all parked in the morgue.

Lin Suer quickly recovered after eating the fruit of the medicine Lingyu space, and returned to the Ang’s house, listening to Xiao Shuo’s arrangement, waiting for them to handle everything.

Mr. Ang has been sitting next to her, asking Lin Suer to tell him about her past. He wants to know every bit about his granddaughter, but Lin Suer has been asking Mr. Ang about his mother. She also wants to know about Ang. In Qingqiu’s life, I know what kind of person my mother is.

“Your mother is very gentle and attentive and caring for others. She looks almost the same as you and has the same body as you. I have always been proud of her. Now if she is alive in the sky, she can see how you came out and ended. Beautiful, so good, she will also feel very comforted, you are pregnant with my great-grandson now, when he is born in the future, grandpa must teach him well.”

“Definitely, I will teach him to be very good.” My child will get what I don’t get.” Lin Suer touched her still flat belly, she didn’t want to think about Bo Qingang at all. She was very content with her grandpa and dad by her side.

Qin Yuhan was also notified to wait at the Ang’s house, and their plane took off on time at 11 o’clock in the evening and flew overseas.

“Sister is okay, something has happened.” Qin Yuhan suddenly ran into the house with his mobile phone.

“Catharina was killed in the bombing two days ago. The body has been parked in the morgue. No one is going to claim it. I don’t bother to care about her. I have confirmed that she is indeed dead. But someone reported that she was in the morgue. The corpse was stolen. It happened to be the corpse of Katharina. What kind of people would you say would come to steal the corpse?”

“What? The corpse was stolen?” Lin Suer sat up from the stool and thought it was weird. Claiming the corpse means that she has no other relatives, so why was the corpse suddenly stolen? And what’s the use of stealing a corpse? Does she have relatives and friends who want to give her a funeral?

“I’ve already confirmed that she is indeed dead, so even if the body is stolen, we don’t care about it. Always allow her friends who are still alive to give her a funeral, as long as she can’t survive again, anyway. Revenge has already been taken.”

Xiao Shuo looked at Lin Su’er and whispered comfortingly. It was just a corpse. They couldn’t bring Katharina’s body over and whip the corpse. That would be too frantic.

Lin Suer listened to Xiao Shuo’s words and nodded lightly, “Yes, Dad, you’re right. We can’t even watch her corpse all the time. Even if I stole it, I’ve avenged my mother anyway, so leave them alone. . ” “

sister you think it over, you want to leave here, do not read it? to cast aside everything here? “Qin Yu Han sat beside Lin Su children, and looked at her and asked solemnly, after all, Lin Su children actually in Chinese mainland There are a lot of things that cannot be given up, her studies, her friends.

“Yes, I am leaving. Everything here is not important to me. It is enough for you to be by my side. I will only live for my relatives in the future. There will be no Lin Su’er in this mainland China anymore. Exist.”

Lin Su’er had already taken off the bracelet and bracelet Bo Qingang gave her, and bid farewell to Bo Qingang. She will only be her in the future.

Eleven o’clock in the night.

Lin Suer’s body was hurt. Although the relationship between the medicine and the jade space and the fruit was more than half healed, she still did not fully recover. Qin Yuhan helped her get on the plane. As the plane took off, everything on the ground became more and more away from her. Far away, until it turned into a small black spot after another, she knew that this China mainland had nothing to do with her anymore.

She leaned her head on the back of the chair, thinking about the bits and pieces she experienced with Bo Qingang. The moments that she thought would bring her happiness, are now just like jokes one after another, laughing with her mouth open. she.

the other side.

Bo Qingang was decadent for a whole week, Zhang Song really looked down on it, and took a large stack of documents to his house and placed it in front of Bo Qingang.

“President Bo, this is a job you have saved from not going to the company these days. You have to sign your signature. I can’t help you handle it anymore. You should stay awake, even if you think Miss Lin Suer is still alive and want to find She would have to be sober to find her! What use is it doing to numb herself with alcohol every day? Is this the way to find Miss Lin Suer?”

This is the first time that Zhang Song has dared to follow Bo Qingang for so long. Speaking to Bo Qingang with such a lack of attitude, Bo Qingang glanced at him, did not say a word, just reached out and took the information he had released, and was filled with emotion in his heart. He had never thought about Bo Qingang’s unbelievable today. He would also become like this, he himself didn’t believe it, and he almost didn’t recognize himself.

But thinking about it carefully, what Zhang Song said is quite right. His appearance is useless. Lin Suer will not come back. He must cheer up before he can find Lin Suer.

“Arrange meetings for all shareholders tomorrow, and I will solve all these things.” Bo Qingang got up from the sofa and walked into the bathroom. Zhang Song was relieved when he heard what he said, but it was solved. Thinking that he would be driven by such impolite words to Bo Qingang, it seems that his boss is still very polite and will not make trouble so unreasonably.

Bo Qingang slept in the room at night. There was no smell of Lin Su’er here. Even if he did not let the nanny come in and clean every day, he would take away the last remaining breath of Lin Su’er over time.

Lin Su’er left a set of clothes here before. This set of clothes is the spiritual sustenance of Bo Qingang these days. It hangs in front of his bed every day, just like Lin Su’er is with him by the bed… the

other side.

Xia Xiaonan was rescued by Ouyang Luo who came from behind. She had some bruises on her body. She also woke up after being in a coma for several hours. The first thing she did when she woke up was to find Lin Su’er, but she learned about the explosion in the hospital. , The news of Lin Suer’s death was heard immediately.

She didn’t believe it at first, but slowly she couldn’t help but not believe it. The news of Lin Suer’s death was announced by Huaxia University, and what followed was that Xiao Shuo was going to study overseas again.

There was a lot of emptiness in her life in an instant, and she was the only one left in the dormitory. Since no one in the dormitory where Lin Suer had lived, Xia Xiaonan was the only one left in the next university life.

The name Lin Suer is being forgotten by the people of China Mainland. Her fans also screamed crazy on the Internet for her to come back. They didn’t believe that she had passed away, but gradually there was no voice on the Internet…