Chapter 831 Return

Chapter 831 Return

Five years later.

Da Da Da… The

crisp and loud sound of high heels resounded in the empty airport, a woman wearing black high heels, a black and white suit and tight-fitting hip skirt, showing two white and slender legs dragging a suitcase and walking in the airport, beside her Holding a four-year-old boy, even if the boy is only four years old, he can see the cleverness of an unusual child, looking around with both eyes.

The boy is wearing bib pants and a pair of limited luxury brand leather shoes. Even at a young age, he can already be seen handsome and handsome, with a tall nose, fair skin, and thick hair. None of them reveal that he is destined to be. An attractive child.

“Mom, is this the place where you grew up? It looks really prosperous.” The boy opened his mouth but was a bit mature and sophisticated, not at all like a four-year-old child. His big eyes were shining with clever brilliance, and he looked up at his side. Woman.

“Yes, mom takes you to mom’s high school and college to take a look at it at night. Haven’t you been very interested?” The

woman lowered her head when she spoke, her long silky hair was draped over her shoulders, and her face was unappealing, but Still unstoppable beauty, looks a bit more mature than when he was twenty, but still can see what it used to be.

In the past five years, she has changed a lot. She who didn’t like to dress up before will wear skirts, even miniskirts are acceptable, but she still doesn’t change her natural color that she doesn’t like makeup, and her hair has never been trimmed since five years ago. She has long hair. Waist-length but still single.

“Of course I am interested. I want to know how to cultivate a beautiful and outstanding mother like my mother. If I find a girlfriend in the future, I will definitely find someone who is like my mother.” The boy blinked his big eyes and said to please his mother. .

Xiao Su’er laughed instantly when he looked at him, “Mengbao, why are you so good at talking? You know you are coaxing girls at a young age. This is wrong. Mom has already told you, don’t just learn from other people on the Internet. . ” “

I was looking at my mother just say so, and now was little, I know that some words can not just say, I’m not most people, I forget Xiao so smart, of course, will not let her mother constantly reminded. “

Xiao forget Raising her chin, her immature face showed a mature appearance that saw through everything. Xiao Suer shook her head helplessly, touching her son’s soft hair, and having such a precocious and smart child, I really don’t know if it was God’s reward or It was sent to torture her, but even if it was to torture her, it was a sweet torture.

“Let’s go! Let’s go home and have a rest. You should be tired after flying on the plane for so long. Your uncle flew over in advance and is already packed in the house.”

Xiao Su’er took Xiao Wang’s hand and was about to walk out of the airport. Xiao Wangke suddenly stopped. Xiao Suer turned his head strangely, only to see that his son was staring at the airport’s big screen intently.

The people on the big screen have a tall and stalwart figure, almost the cold breath of the carved facial features, even if you can feel it through the screen, but they are handsome and inseparable from the eyes.

It has been five years and has not seen each other for five years. Xiao Suer knows that he has changed a lot in the past five years. He has never been interviewed by the media before, but he started to accept media interviews, but every time he was interviewed, he still declared himself Now he has a girlfriend, but no matter how the media asks him, he is unwilling to name his girlfriend.

After Lin Suer’s death, Bo Qingang’s girlfriend became a big mystery that everyone was very interested in but could not investigate.

Now Xiao Wang looked at the people on the screen with his two big eyes open. The facial features of the two people were exactly the same. Xiao Wang was like a scaled-down version of Bo Qingang.

After watching for a few seconds, Xiao Su’er looked away and took her son’s hand and said, “Mengbao, it’s time to go. Don’t keep watching, you don’t know him.”

“I really don’t know him. Mom , do you know him.” I think this person looks like me. I have never seen my dad when I grow up. Is it possible that he is my dad? I think I can accept him if he is.”

Xiao Wang looked curious about the baby’s appearance Blinking eyes to look at Xiao Su’er, Xiao Su’er has never mentioned his father in front of him for so many years. Although he has a lot of pets now, there is no lack of love at all, but he is still very curious about what kind of person his father is.

“Don’t talk nonsense, I don’t know who he is, I don’t know him at all. Mom hasn’t been here for so many years. Have you forgotten? Your father has passed away. You can’t just see someone who looks like you. Just say that he is your father, that’s not right! Let’s go, don’t look.”

Xiao Su’er stopped looking at the big screen from beginning to end, and took her son’s hand and walked out of the airport quickly, with more steps than usual. A little bit faster, Xiao Wang squinted his eyes behind her a little messy pace, and said in his heart: something is wrong, that person definitely has something to do with his mother!

Xiao Su’er took Xiao Wang back to the Angjia Manor five years ago. Although Father Ang took her overseas in recent years, the Ang Family’s business in China mainland has not stopped, including this manor. Under his name, but had been vacant for five years. After returning this time, Xiao Yuhan went to the manor to clean up in advance.

“Uncle!” Xiao Wang jumped out of the taxi and ran into the manor, jumping directly into Xiao Yuhan’s arms.

“Mengbao, Uncle has already cleaned up your room for you. Now I will take you to take a look. I have prepared the computer room you want. You have a lot of requirements for a little thing.”

Xiao Yuhan scratched Xiao Yuhan. Forgetting nose, hugged him and walked up to the second floor. Xiao Su’er followed behind them, looking at this familiar place, and the bedroom on the second floor that once lived in but is now completely closed.

I don’t know where Xiao Mengqiu is now. Has she continued to be with Bo Qingang for the past five years? Is she the girlfriend that Bo Qingang said, a girlfriend that everyone has been unable to find? Then why did Bo Qingang hide her for the past five years? Does she not want her to accept discussions from netizens anymore? It really is the depth of love!

Xiao Su’er lowered her head and laughed when she thought of it. When she raised her head, she didn’t have any expressions. Even if they loved her deeply, she had nothing to do with her, she didn’t care at all.

She raised her foot on the second floor and walked into the bedroom Xiao Yuhan had cleaned for her. Seeing that this bedroom was exactly like her bedroom overseas, it seemed that her brother took some time and effort. Xiao Su’er moved her neck and walked. Into the bathroom.