Chapter 832 The world’s first hacker

Chapter 832 The World’s Number One Hacker

Xiao Wang and Xiao Yuhan sat in the computer room.

“Uncle, do you know who my father is?”

“Your father has passed away. Didn’t your mother tell you? Don’t go to study people who are not there anymore. Every time you ask, your mother will feel sad. You Want to see her sad?”

Xiao Yuhan answered this question very quickly, as if he had already prepared an answer, just say it.

“Of course I don’t want to see my mother sad, but I’m also curious. Uncle, just tell me, what kind of person is my father?”

“Your father…” Xiao Yuhan looked at Xiao Wang’s big and divine eyes , Began to make up a serious nonsense.

“Your dad was a classmate of your mom in college. After your mom gave birth to you, he passed away because of an accident. When your dad was in college, just like your mom, he was a man of the world. He was a sought-after object of the whole school. Couple! You look a lot like your father…”

“Oh.” Xiao Wang listened to him and nodded thoughtfully. You can say Xiao Yuhan’s words. He didn’t take a word of it to heart, except for the last sentence. Looks a lot like his father!

Clever, he quickly recognized that in this passage, absolutely only the last sentence was true, because when his uncle said this sentence, the tone was different, and he kept looking at his face.

“What are you little ghosts thinking? I told you, don’t always ask your dad, your mom will be sad, you know? I’m finished with you today, you are not allowed to ask her again a. “

Xiao Yu Han rubbing his nephew’s head, a look of frustration, it was only a thin pour Aung Lin Su and will give birth to children in conjunction with such a clever boy, a little older IQ burst on the table, pity thin Qing Ang doesn’t deserve to know that there is such a clever child in the world.

“Ha…” Xiao Forgotten didn’t answer his words, but suddenly yawned and said lazily, “Uncle, I’m a little sleepy. Go out first. I’ll sleep on this sofa.”

“Why not Go to your room to sleep? Uncle has prepared a children’s room for you!”

“I just want to sleep on this sofa and then get up to play on the computer. My friends are still waiting for me. I won’t be on the computer for a few hours. , They must be anxious.”

“Okay, I know you are great.” Xiao Yuhan shook his head helplessly, turned and walked out of the computer room. Little kid, but the number one hacker in the world.

He himself felt a little weird. He didn’t know how the netizens who had been conquered by him would react after knowing that he had lost to a four-year-old child.

After Xiao Wang sat in front of the computer and watched Xiao Yuhan leave the room, he immediately turned around and turned on the computer, tapping on the computer keyboard quickly.

A bunch of people jumped out of the communication software to communicate with him.

“K is here? In China Mainland? How about over there?”

“Yes, is there anyone who has the same mindset who can bring him into our team?”

“You don’t want to go over there and stay out of the line, we There are still many tasks, but you can’t be missed.”

This group of hackers who communicated with him on the Internet were very powerful cyber hackers. They formed a team, but most of them had never met each other, and they didn’t know. Their boss is a four-year-old. After all, Wang Wang’s tone of voice is never immature when communicating with them on the Internet.

“I will not go missing these days, but I need you to help me investigate a person. This person is called Bo Qingang, a very famous person in China Mainland. I want all his information and give me everything that can be investigated. One serving.”

With the dexterous movements of Xiao Wang’s fingers on the computer keyboard, he typed this paragraph madly. Although his mother kept telling him that his father had passed away since he started to remember, he never believed it. He watched it at the airport today. When he reached the man so similar to him, he asked again, but his mother still didn’t let go.

He decided not to ask anymore. He had enough food and clothing to find out what he wanted to investigate by himself. When the photo of the man was broadcast on the big screen at the airport, the name was attached, he remembered!

However, he can’t investigate in front of his mother, otherwise her mother will be unhappy, and only the partners who entrust her own team will be entrusted.

The members of the team were very loyal, and when they heard the boss’ request, they almost immediately agreed and answered quickly.

“Well, give me a few hours. I will give you all the information before tonight.”

“No problem, I will dig out all the eight generations of his ancestors.”

“Who is this person? Boss, you personally investigate, is there any very powerful team that has come to play against you again?”

“No, it is my personal affairs that bothered you.” Xiao Wang replied quickly.

“OK, it’s on us!” This sentence popped up on the screen almost immediately. Everyone followed and typed out this sentence. Xiao Wangan felt a lot more relieved. His team has never lost the chain. , Many hacker teams have written their next battles, but they have never won. Victory after victory has established his reputation as the world’s number one hacker.

He also felt a lot more relieved after seeing that everyone on the team agreed. After turning off the computer, he really ran to the sofa to sleep.

Xiao Su’er was holding a hair dryer and blowing her wet hair in the bedroom. Taking a shower seemed to wash away her tiredness from flying. Now he didn’t feel sleepy at all, so he just changed clothes and went out of the manor alone.

Walking on some familiar and unfamiliar streets, she felt a strange feeling. After five years of changes, many changes have taken place on the streets. High-rise buildings are still standing, and many new parks and facilities have even been built.

Xiao Su’er walked alone on the street, and unconsciously walked directly back to Huaxia University, too! Angjia Manor and Huaxia University are very close, and it is not surprising to come back. After all, there are only a few places she is familiar with in China Mainland.

In the evening, there were people coming and going at the gate of Huaxia University, and there were many campus lovers holding hands. Xiao Suer looked at the mixed feelings in her heart. She left Huaxia mainland five years ago, and naturally she could no longer continue her university life. , The classmates who went to university with her have already graduated, and even the gates of the university have been renovated.

She stood at the door for a long time, still couldn’t help but lifted her foot into the campus. She was still familiar with the teaching building. The location of the medical school has not changed, and the teaching building is still the same. The medical students who finished the experiment Wearing a white lab coat, she walked out of the teaching building and passed by her.