Chapter 833 Meet by chance

Chapter 833 When I met

Xiao Su’er smelling the smell of the medicine that emanate from them, her eyes were far-reaching, and the memory seemed to be back to five years ago. There was a fat little girl, and then the fat girl also became She’s a lot slimmer and found her love. I don’t know how she is now.

Ouyang Luo has become a lot more low-key, and no longer as pretentious as before. In the past five years, Xiao Suer has searched Ouyang Luo’s name many times through the website of China Mainland in the past five years, and wants to know something about Xia Xiaonan by understanding him. However, it was discovered that it could not be found.

Even Bo Qingang has more reports on the Internet than him, so naturally he can’t know a little about Xia Xiaonan.

Thinking of Xia Xiaonan, Xiao Suer felt very guilty. She was most sorry for Xia Xiaonan. Xia Xiaonan tried her best to protect her, but she still left without saying goodbye, and even made her think that she had passed away. Xia Xiaonan must have been very uncomfortable. I don’t know how she is now.

Xiao Su’er wanted to be fascinated, but suddenly heard a slightly familiar voice coming from far and near, causing her to turn her head and look around in disbelief.

“Go faster! We finally went back to school today to take a look, you guys are still slow.”

A girl dressed in fashion, with small white shoes on her feet, curled hair, painted light makeup, and wearing short shorts. She hopped forward, full of youthful and beautiful breath all over her body. Holding a mobile phone in her hand, she was eagerly taking pictures in the direction of the medical school.

Behind her were several girls of the same age, exuding a youthful and sweet atmosphere like her. Xiao Su’er always looked familiar with those girls, but she couldn’t remember who it was. Only the girl in the head was Recognized at a glance.

Isn’t that the Xia Xiaonan she was still thinking about just now! She is much more beautiful than when she was in college. At that time, she had just lost weight. She didn’t dare to wear many clothes. Even in summer, she tried her best to wear long skirts, for fear that others would look at her more. make up.

But today she looks very bright, the slender legs under the shorts make people look a little dazzling, it seems that her figure has been maintained very well in the past few years, she has not gained weight anymore, Xiao Su’er has been worried all the time. Without herself by her side, she would be fat again.

But now it seems that Xia Xiaonan is doing well, so she is relieved! When Xiao Su’er was thinking about it, she saw the girl not far away rushing to her, and the two of them were about to collide. She immediately turned and walked in the direction of the school gate, passing by Xia Xiaonan.

Xia Xiaonan’s excitement stopped immediately, looking at the thin figure not far away, wearing a pure white long dress and waist-length hair, which looked so much like the person in her memory. The smell by the nose also seemed to be almost exactly the same as in the memory.

“Xiaonan What do you think? You just do not say a hurried panic Well let’s hurry up and go, Come on, counselor comin ‘home, and while he is still in office to go see him.”

Behind The girl who followed pushed Xia Xiaonan into the teaching building, but she stretched out her finger and pointed in the direction of Xiao Su’er, “Look, that girl is so pixelated. Even when I walked by her just now, it tasted like, Is she our school girl?”

“Xiaonan, you are here again. Lin Su’er has been dead for five years. Even if you think about her, she won’t be like this. Haven’t you heard you talk about her for a long time? Years have passed, and you actually said that the taste is the same. What taste is worth remembering for five years. Did you dream of her last night?”

Several classmates around her looked helpless. Xia Xiaonan was not energetic in class when Lin Suer had just passed away, which made people think she was depressed.

It took a whole semester that she calmed down a bit, and she was willing to play around with other students in the class. Let Lin Su’er be put down, but she has been alone for the remaining three years of college. Live in a dormitory.

If something interesting happened in the college time, she could not help but wonder if Lin Suer was by her side. After graduating from college, she left this familiar school. Without Lin Suer’s figure, she finally stopped. I mentioned it, but I didn’t expect to think of it again when I came back.

All of them are a little bit confused. The two of them only met when they were in college. How could a short friendship be worth remembering for so many years, but only she knew that Lin Suer, like her second-born parents, helped her distinguish scumbags. Male, let her be born again from Nirvana.

She will never forget Lin Su’er for the rest of her life, but she knows that people around her don’t like her to keep talking about it, and not everyone will miss her like her.

She was also in a trance listening to the words of her companions, right! She hadn’t thought of Lin Su’er for a long time. After graduation, she was busy with work and there were a lot of things. There was no longer only one thing to learn like in school days. Some people were destined to be forgotten in the whirlpool of time.

Xia Xiaonan retracted her gaze, lowered her head and smiled bitterly. Her Su’er had already passed away five years ago. How could she still appear at Huaxia University? The girl just now had a little herbal scent, and the smell of Lin Su’er’s body was so real. They are very similar, maybe they are really their school girls.

It’s normal for the students in the medical school to have some herbal scents. After all, in the past two years, Deputy Dean Tian’s concept has also been changed by Dean Xiao Shuo remotely. It will give them a little bit of knowledge of Chinese medicine. The teachers of the medical school I will also bring some herbs to the school to let my classmates get to know it. It’s not surprising that there is a smell of herbs on my body.

In the past five years because of Lin Su’er’s death, Xia Xiaonan felt deeply in her heart. She always felt that Bo Qingang had to bear a great responsibility. Back then, she also heard the doctors and nurses say that it was the people sent by Bo Shaoer. Give Lin Suer a forced abortion.

It is for this reason that she has been hiding from Bo Qingang for the past five years. If Ouyang Luo wants to find his good brother, she will be angry, but she feels that Ouyang Luo doesn’t need to be like her.

So every time Ouyang Luo and Bo Qingang had a party, she was reluctant to go together, especially when Bo Qingang was interviewed every time he said that he had a girlfriend, Xia Xiaonan was even more angry, every time she watched In interviews with Bo Qingang on TV, she would secretly curse in secret, Bo Qingang will die alone!