Chapter 834 The purpose of coming back

Chapter 834: The Purpose of Returning

Xiao Su’er out of Huaxia University and let out a deep sigh, “Huh…it seems to be a bit rewarding today. I didn’t expect to meet Xia Xiaonan who came back to my hometown on the first day I came back. It’s enough to see that she is so happy now. You don’t have to disturb her life anymore. It’s not a stimulus that ordinary people can accept for people who have been dead for five years.”

Because seeing Xia Xiaonan’s relationship, she feels very emotional. I had a lot of fun, and returned to the Angjia manor briskly all the way. Xiao Yuhan has been passionate about fitness in the past few years and has long become an eight-pack abs fitness expert. Now he is running around the garden of the Angjia manor.

As soon as Xiao Su’er entered the manor, she saw the babbling he was running, and she immediately shouted, “Okay, don’t run, look at you like this, should you run a few kilometers?”

“Almost, this garden circled around ?” It’s five or six hundred meters, and I ran ten laps.”

Xiao Yuhan walked to Xiao Su’er’s side with a towel around his neck, wiped his sweat with the towel, “Sister, where did you go?” Why don’t you get a little

sleep after flying back from the plane for so long?” “If you can’t sleep, go out and walk around. I find that the changes here are quite big, and the development is getting faster and faster, and I just met an acquaintance.”

Xiao Su’er While talking, he walked to the living room and sat down. Xiao Yuhan followed closely behind him. Hearing her words, he asked nervously, “Which acquaintance? The person with the surname Bo?”

Lin Su’er, who was pouring tea, heard him. The movement of her hand stopped, and she put down the teapot to look at him, “What are you thinking about? Is he my acquaintance? I don’t know him at all, so how could I meet him.”

Xiao Suer’s expression was very cold when he spoke. , It was as ordinary as talking about the weather, there was no wave at all.

Xiao Yuhan felt relieved a lot after hearing her words. He worked so hard over the years to exercise so hard that one day when someone dared to hurt his sister again, he could stand in front of Xiao Su’er to block all the damage and give people who wanted to hurt her. A heavy blow.

This time they returned to China Mainland, what he was most worried about was the resurgence of Xiao Su’er and Bo Qingang, and worried that his sister would be hurt again.

“Come on, drink tea. Stop thinking about it. I have nothing to do with him anymore. I came here just to develop Chinese medicine. After all, this is the origin of Chinese medicine. The development here has a more sense of belonging than overseas, so I We will come back, and our whole family are from China Mainland. The roots are here. We still have to come back. Otherwise, no one will visit my mother’s grave every year.”

Xiao Su’er handed the tea cup to Xiao Yuhan and smiled softly. , There is comfort in it. She knows that her brother actually feels very sorry for herself. In the past two years, he has not been like a brother who needs protection from her sister, but has become a brother-like person, blocking herself at all times. In front of him.

“Okay, since I have your words, I’m relieved!” Xiao Yuhan took the teacup and drank the tea.

“How are you going back to work in the past few days? How are you getting used to it? You became a professor at a young age. The pressure must be great?” Xiao Su’er looked at Xiao Yuhan now, her face has completely faded from childishness, and she is not As dumb as it was five years ago.

Instead, he was full of the charm of mature men. Although he was only twenty-five years old, he had become the youngest medical professor at Imperial Capital University. His behavior, manners, and conversation were very appropriate. He has also grown a lot in the past five years.

“Where there is any pressure, don’t forget that your brother is a genius boy. Besides, he doesn’t know how to deal with things like medicine. Although he is a professor, he is writing a few papers and giving lectures to students. There is nothing difficult. The students in the university are about the same age as me. I don’t know how old they are. They don’t have a generation gap, and they get along very well and have a good life.”

“I’m relieved to hear you say that. When will I talk about a girl? My friend, I am very worried about your life-long events!” Xiao Su’er asked Xiao Yuhan’s shoulder with her hand.

“Sister, don’t hurry, you are also surprised, why have you been hurrying me since my birthday? Dad doesn’t hurry me, you have been hurrying me, too much!”

Xiao Yuhan The assistant held his forehead in an unbearable manner, and every time Lin Suer mentioned his life-long event, he got a headache.

“Where is too much? How old are you this year, you are already twenty-five, and I don’t ask you to get married now, but you have to talk about a girlfriend. You don’t want to be alone when you reach thirty. At that time, dad is sure He can’t be anxious. He doesn’t say it on the surface, but he’s actually worried in his heart.”

Xiao Su’er talks like an old mother, for fear that her brother will die alone. Always saying that it was inappropriate, so I rejected a large group of girls, making countless girls feel sad and worrying about headaches.

I don’t know if he is born cold, or how to communicate with girls, in short, he is still alone.

“Sister, now we have Mengbao in our Xiao family. What are we afraid of? Even if I am really lonely and die, we will have someone to succeed now, so don’t worry.

That’s it, I’ll go upstairs to take a bath and sleep. , I have to go to the school to give a lecture tomorrow, sister, you also have to rest early! Don’t you have to report tomorrow?”

After Xiao Yuhan said this, he ran up like a run away, and then left Xiao Su’er sitting alone in the living room. Looking at her brother’s vigorous posture, she suddenly understood his hard work all these years. For what? It seems to be for him to escape quickly when forcing him to find a girlfriend!

Xiao Su’er raised her eyebrows, turned her head to look at the teapot on the table, and poured herself a cup of tea. She came back this time indeed to promote Chinese medicine, and wanted to open her own Chinese medicine hospital to benefit the people of Huaxia University. By the way, Chinese medicine has been promoted, but she just knows how to do medicine and doesn’t know how to run a hospital.

She still had to accumulate some experience first. After talking to her grandfather, Grandpa Ang immediately asked her to go to work in his own Chinese medicine clinic, feeling that she had accumulated enough experience, and immediately allocated funds for her to open the hospital.

Xiao Suer drank another cup of tea and then stood up and went back to her room.

At the same time, the other side.

In the villa room, Bo Qingang was holding a coffee and was having a video conference with the company.

“Bo Shao, tomorrow’s interview is in conflict with your temporary shareholder meeting. Will the interview be cancelled?” Zhang Song reported on the itinerary.

“Postpone the general meeting of shareholders, I will go to the interview as usual.” Bo Qingang didn’t even think about answering immediately. He hasn’t missed every interview in the past few years. As long as it is a slightly larger magazine, it can be seen at home and abroad. Yes, he will definitely be interviewed.