Chapter 835 miss

Chapter 835 Missing

“President Bo, this is not so good. This shareholder meeting is still very important. You can’t ask all shareholders to reschedule just because of an interview. Everyone is still very busy.”

Zhang Song had a headache and tried to think. To persuade Bo Qingang, he always put interviews first in the past five years, in fact, to find Lin Su’er, and during these five years, he has not accepted any woman’s courtship at all.

Even the employees in the company have been replaced by men in the same water, and they have sent countless waves of people in private to look for Lin Su’er everywhere in China Mainland and overseas, but there has been no trace.

After searching for so long, everyone thinks they are doing useless work. Lin Su’er must have passed away five years ago, but Bo Qingang still doesn’t want to believe it. He feels that the unrecognizable thing is not Lin Su’er at all. Seeing Lin Su’er’s body with his own eyes, he wouldn’t believe her dead.

“Then take back all their shares, and there will be no need to convene shareholder meetings in the future.” Bo Qingang said this lightly, and Zhang Song didn’t know what to do, too! If his boss wants to reclaim the shares, with a little pressure and give a large sum of money, these shareholders will definitely have to agree to sell the shares.

“President Bo, you have received enough interviews over the years. If Ms. Lin is still alive, she should have seen it too, and every time you give an interview you say that you have a girlfriend, even if Ms. Lin is still alive, She should only be angry when she sees it. I think you should rest for a while and stop accepting interviews.” Zhang Song tried to persuade him in a different way.

“When is it your turn to guide my life and figure out where you are?” Bo Qingang hung up with a little annoyance.

Zhang Song looked at the phone and shook his head helplessly. He knew that Bo Qingang had no other meaning when he said this. After following him for so long, although he rarely had too many expressions and was always cold, but he knew his boss and knew The way he is now is actually very uncomfortable.

After Bo Qingang hung up the phone, rubbing his aching eyes, he looked up at the sky outside and the galaxy. It will be a sunny day tomorrow. It has been five years since Lin Suer left him.

In the past five years, he tried various methods, but failed to find her. In the end, he accepted so many interviews, and even in the interviews, he always claimed to have a girlfriend with a good relationship, just thinking that Lin Suer would be sure. Will be jealous.

He still remembered Lin Su’er being jealous. She clearly spoke with a sour taste, but still stubbornly said that she was not jealous. She was serious and pretending to be normal, which made people feel cute when she looked at it.

Bo Qingang fantasizes every day that one day Lin Suer will rush to him unbearably, point to his nose and ask for the past five years that you have said that you have a girlfriend, but I am not by your side, who is your daughter? friend? Have you changed your mind? Bo Qingang, let me tell you, you have to give me an explanation!

At that time, he could hold Lin Su’er in his arms and tell her: My girlfriend is only you from the beginning to the end, and it has never changed.

Thinking of this, a small smile appeared at the corner of Bo Qing’ang’s mouth. Such a scene had appeared thousands of times in his dreams.

For five years, more than a thousand days and nights, he has never stopped thinking about Lin Suer, where is she now? Did you open your own clinic somewhere in Mainland China, or did you go overseas with her grandpa?

He tried to investigate the situation of the Ang family in the past few years, but the Ang family is no worse than the Bo family. Besides, when they lived overseas for so many years, he could not find anything at all, and he sent them twice. Those who went were caught directly by Mr. Ang’s bodyguard.

The Ang’s family repeatedly warned him not to challenge their bottom line, do not send people to follow them, or be careful that they no longer show mercy.

In short, there has been no news about Lin Su’er in the past five years. It seems that he has really disappeared from the world.

“Su’er, have you really left?” Bo Qingang said softly while looking at the vast sky. Five years have passed, and even he himself is a little uncertain.

Angjia Manor.

Xiao Su’er got up early in the morning and put on a professional suit. This time she came back to work, almost all of her professional clothes.

“Mom, I’m ready, when will I go out?” Xiao Wang stood at the door and looked inside. He had already slept in a bedroom alone when he was two years old.

“Soon, I will report to the kindergarten today. Are you ready? Do you want to get along with the children? You are not allowed to say things that children of the same age can’t understand, and you are not allowed to keep playing with your computer.”

While talking, Xiao Suer quickly pulled out the computer from her son’s small backpack, Xiao Wang quickly hugged her, “Mom can’t take my computer, I said, the computer is with me!”

Xiao Wangyi The expression of death on his face made Xiao Su’er laugh endlessly, “Are you kid? I told you that you can’t bring a computer to class. You are a four-year-old kid who plays with the computer so sloppyly, he will become a stranger in kindergarten. “

She couldn’t imagine her son typing on the keyboard quickly in front of a group of children who only knew the number one, two and three. At that time, he would definitely be watched as if he were protecting animals.

“How can I become a different kind? I just feel safer with a computer. Don’t worry, mom. I can definitely mingle with the kindergarten classmates. Okay, don’t delay. You can’t be late for work on the first day, otherwise you will be given. Your colleagues left a bad impression, and you don’t want to be treated as an outlier.”

Xiao Wang said as he pulled the computer out of Xiao Su’er’s hand, quickly put it in his backpack, and then used the same Words to teach her.

“Yes, what you said is the most reasonable! Let’s go, let’s go out.” Xiao Su’er is often amused by her son and shakes her head helplessly. There is no way, who allowed herself to give birth to such a smart and precocious child?

She took Xiao Wang’s hand and walked out of the Angjia Manor. Xiao Yuhan had already gone to school early in the morning. Now there are only two of them in this huge manor. She is not accustomed to letting a nanny take care of her. She just talked to Xiao Yuhan. Just ask the nanny to clean up twice a week.