Chapter 836 Escape from kindergarten

Chapter 836 Escape from the kindergarten

Xiao Su’er drove Xiao Wang to the entrance of the kindergarten, watching him repeatedly explain, “You must get along with the children, know? Mom can’t accompany you today, I have to go to work, etc. You will come to pick you up after class.”

“Mom, don’t worry, I’m leaving.” Xiao Wang opened the car door and jumped down. The teacher of the noble kindergarten was waiting for him at the school door. Shao Su’er waved his hand.

“Don’t worry,

Xiao Wang ‘s mother, I will take care of Xiao Wang .” Xiao Su’er smiled and nodded to the teacher, and started the car. After Xiao Wang watched Xiao Su’er go away, he quietly broke away from the teacher’s hand and carried him back. He walked two steps forward with the bag, and said as he walked: “Teacher, don’t worry, I’m easy to take. You don’t need to worry about it.”

“Is it? Xiao Wang is so powerful, what’s in your backpack? Look. It looks so heavy, the teacher will help you take it.” The kindergarten teacher thought Xiao Wang was an ordinary child, and talked to him in a soft tone of communication with other children.

“No, teacher, I moved my back, I’m a little man, how can I not even carry a bag?” Xiao Wang immediately held down his precious backpack, but he couldn’t let the teacher take it away, not only was he inside. His computer, and the information he just printed out this morning.

His team investigated Bo Qingang thoroughly overnight, and only a few pieces of his clothes were also investigated.

They hacked Bo’s computer and found many project materials that Bo Qingang talked about over the past two years, as well as reports of his interviews over the years, and five years ago, he released photos of his relationship with the Internet celebrity Lin Suer, China Many photos taken secretly by university students in campus sports meets and schools.

No matter how long ago the news was all dug up by them.

After doing all this, they used their powerful technology to restore Bo’s computer. No one knew that they had hacked the computer.

When Xiao Wang received the news in the morning, he immediately used a printer to print out all the photos of Bo Qingang and the internet celebrity Lin Suer, as well as Bo’s address. Through a series of comparisons, he could be sure that Lin Suer was himself. Xiao Su’er, his mother.

Although five years have passed, there have been some changes in appearance, but it is still not completely unrecognizable. He almost knew at a glance that it was the way his mother was five years ago.

Five years ago, Internet celebrity Lin Suer and Bo Qingang were together. All the reports said how much Bo Qingang spoiled his girlfriend, but some old news he investigated can still see the reports of Bo Qingang and Xiao Mengqiu. Then it was reported that Lin Suer had passed away.

Based on the information he investigated, calculate the timeline, which is extremely consistent with the time of his birth and the time his mother went overseas.

He can basically be sure that Bo Qingang is his father. There is nothing wrong with it. In the past few years, his mother has rejected all the pursuits of high-quality men around him, just like a woman who has no feelings and can’t feel love.

It seems that he was hurt by his father, and Bo Qingang has always said that he has a girlfriend in interviews over the years, so it is very likely that it is the woman named Xiao Mengqiu.

After Xiao Wang got everything clear, he decided to go there for a while with this father, to see what kind of man hurt his mother, causing her to refuse all love, and he wanted to avenge his mother.

Thinking about this, he walked into the kindergarten classroom with a bag in his hand. The aristocratic kindergarten facilities are very complete, and even the classrooms for classes are different from normal kindergartens.

There are very few students in each class. The other kindergartens have two teachers surrounded by a group of students, but the noble kindergarten basically has one teacher for each student.

No homework was arranged on the first day of enrollment. The teacher chatted with Xiao Wang. He wanted to get to know the child so that he could teach him in accordance with his aptitude in the future. After only a few words, he found that the child was extremely smart and even mastered a lot of people at his age. Knowledge that children cannot master.

“Teacher, I have a pain in my stomach and I want to go to the bathroom. You can take me to the bathroom. I don’t know where.”

Xiao Wang looked at the teacher and blinked other people’s harmless eyes. The teacher didn’t want to take him too much. Taken to the toilet, Xiao Forgot to look around immediately after entering the toilet, there is indeed only one door in the toilet!

“Teacher, I seem to have diarrhea. Mom brought me medicine. I put it in the drawer of the seat just now. Can you help me with it? And there is no paper in the toilet. Please trouble the teacher to take it for me. “

Xiao Wang stood in the toilet, pinching his nose and shouting outside, his voice sounding painful.

The teacher immediately became anxious when he heard his voice. In these noble kindergarten children’s homes, which one is not rich or expensive, if you don’t take care of him on the first day of class, it would be a serious matter, and he immediately agreed. Then, “Okay, don’t worry, the teacher will get paper and medicine for you right away.”

Xiao Wang ran away flusteredly listening to the teacher’s footsteps, and ran out of the toilet almost without hesitation, and followed the stairs all the way. When he ran to the gate of the school, the thin child escaped the eyes of the security guard very neatly and ran directly out of the kindergarten.

“Teacher, you can’t blame me. If I’m going to find my dad, let you worry about it for a while, but don’t worry, I won’t have any trouble.”

Xiao Wang stood at the door of the kindergarten and muttered to the teaching building. After speaking, he immediately turned around and ran to the side of the road, drew a big red banknote from his backpack, took it in his hand and started to hire a taxi, such a small child came out to take a taxi alone, many taxis Drivers are not willing to bring them, but it’s different if they hold banknotes in their hands.

He got into a taxi smoothly. After getting in the car, he reported Bo’s address smoothly and took out his cell phone, pretending to call someone who didn’t exist, and said clearly to the other end, “Dad, I have already got on the car, and I have sent you the driver’s license plate number. You can pick me up when you come downstairs to the company.” After

this set of procedures, the driver dare not do anything to him. For their own safety, the little child thinks everything in place.

But Lin Suer, on the other side, didn’t even know that her son had run out of the kindergarten and was about to find Bo Qingang. She followed the address given by Mr. Ang to a small clinic under the Ang family.

Although it is considered a small-scale clinic in Angjia, it looks like a mid-to-high-end place in this city. The decoration is antique and looks like an ancient building from the outside.