Chapter 837 Clinic report

Chapter 837 Clinic Report

Xiao Suer walked into the clinic. The first floor is like ancient medicinal materials. There are wooden drawer medicine boxes and acupuncture dolls. Various facilities are available, as if you are in an ancient pharmacy. The same, it is indeed in line with the environment of Chinese medicine.

Father Ang asked her to come here to accumulate experience. He originally wanted to announce her identity and tell everyone that she was the eldest lady of the Ang family, but Xiao Su’er felt that such a statement was too exaggerated, and surely everyone would not be normal. Treat her with heart, and she won’t learn much experience at that time, so it’s better to let her colleagues treat her as an ordinary person.

She walked to the front desk and said softly to the lady at the front desk, “Hello, this is my new colleague Xiao

Su’er. I’m here to report today.” “Hello, I have received the above notice, and I will take you to get familiar with it. The workplace is now, let me introduce you to your work partner!” The lady at the front desk gently took Xiao Suer into the second floor of the clinic. Xiao Suer felt that the people here are still easy to get along with, and there should be no difficulty in working in the future.

The rest rooms for all doctors and nurses were arranged on the second floor. Lin Suer met a few nurses and doctors to greet them. All of them were approachable and had no prejudice against her until she saw the clinic’s finances.

“This is Liu Yan and Liu Finance. She is responsible for managing the clinic’s financial affairs. She does not know how to do medical treatment.” The front desk introduced Xiao Su’er. Liu Yan frowned immediately after turning her head, and looked up and down Xiao Su’er several times. His eyes were like lasers, scanning Xiao Su’er from top to bottom.

How come there is such a young girl who seems to have just graduated from college, right? What kind of strength can such a person actually come to the Chinese medicine practitioner? Isn’t that funny? Is the current relationship so blatant?

This is at best to be a messenger, with a long look like a fox, and I don’t know which executive from the Ang family was seduce, so I just stuffed her in. It’s definitely not a good person to grow up like this. girl.

Liu Yan secretly complained about Lin Su’er in her heart, and when she spoke, there was sourness in her words, “Hello, I’m Finance Liu Yan, you look so good-looking, when did you cut these eyelids?”

When Xiao Su’er heard what she said, she knew that this person was not easy to get along with. It was taken out of context. In her eyes, any good-looking woman must have plastic surgery?

She also looked at Liu Yan carefully, indeed! There are traces of filling and plastic surgery on her face, but plastic surgery is a very common thing now. She looks about 30 years old, not much older than herself. Why is she speaking so mean?

“I’m sorry, I didn’t have plastic surgery.” Xiao Su’er replied plainly, thinking that if she answered that she did not cut her double eyelids, maybe she would continue to ask if her nose has been cushioned and her chin has been trimmed, and she would just block it in one sentence. The questions she might ask next, which is easier.

However, Xiao Su’er’s words seemed to provoke her again, and Liu Yan Finance immediately replied to Xiao Su’er, “Yeah! You are not young and temperamental.”

Xiao Su’er frowned, thinking that this person is really too much. It’s weird, why didn’t it agree with her, why was there such a big hostility in the first meeting?

The little sister at the front desk quietly took La Xiao Su’er’s hand and said, “Stop talking, I’ll take you to see Dr. Song!”

Xiao Su’er followed her out of the finance office and asked her in a low voice, “Why is Liu Yan doing this? Strange?”

“She has always been like this. A young female nurse who is prettier than her, she likes to run people out of yin and yang, don’t worry about it, except for her, everyone in our clinic is very easy to get along with. “

While talking, the front desk led Lin Su’er to another office. The other doctors shared the same office with several people, but there was only one person in this office.

“This is Dr. Song, the most experienced doctor in our clinic. Although she has only been here for a short time, she has many years of experience. She has jumped to us from other Chinese medicine hospitals. It can be said that Huatuo was cured in the world. Many intractable diseases.” The front desk introduced Xiao Su’er, and the tone was full of admiration when speaking.

Lin Suer looked at Physician Song in the clinic. She looked more than 40 years old, but she didn’t have the beer belly and bald head that are unique to middle-aged people. Instead, she looked very lean and bookish.

“Hello, Dr. Song.” Xiao Su’er greeted him politely. Dr. Song just glanced at her and nodded coldly, and didn’t say much. He looked like a person with indifferent nature, but he wouldn’t be mean. He should It’s a little easier to get along with than Liu Yan, and Xiao Suer didn’t think much about it. After meeting the entire clinic, he followed the front desk to his desk.

“You come on the first day of today. Let me introduce you to the clinic. Generally, people who come to the clinic will register with me first. I will arrange to see which doctor is available. The head office’s Personnel said, “You are a Chinese medicine doctor, what about your doctor’s license? Also, which school you graduated from, give me registration.”

“Some patients will choose to say that you must have a doctor with a doctor’s license. It’s best if you have a higher education level, so they can rest assured.” The front desk reached out and asked Xiao Su’er for her credentials.

Xiao Su’er mentioned that she has some embarrassment for her academic qualifications. She also knows that she must be required to work in a Chinese medicine clinic. But for the past five years, she has been taking care of herself and Xiao Wang’s body. When she went abroad, she was still very serious. During the whole pregnancy, I didn’t eat much because of the troubles of those things.

Xiao Wang was born with malnutrition. It took her so many years to finally take care of herself and Xiao Wang’s body before thinking about returning to work.

In the past few years, she didn’t have time to improve her academic qualifications. She hurriedly left Huaxia University and deleted her files.

Now if you count it up, her education is only high school, let alone a doctor’s license, and she doesn’t even have the qualifications to practice medicine.

After thinking about it, Xiao Suer decided to tell the truth and cannot hide, “I only have a high school degree and no medical license, but I have studied Chinese medicine since I was a child. I can guarantee that my medical skills are not bad at all, and I can cure many intractable diseases.”

When the front desk heard Xiao Su’er’s words, the hand hanging in the air was taken back in embarrassment, not knowing how to answer her. In the end,

she just laughed twice, “Really? Hey, let’s do it…” She said while holding a pen to write something on the personnel data. Xiao Su’er couldn’t see clearly, but she didn’t think it was necessary to read it. Now, this little girl at the front desk looks pretty good, she shouldn’t write silly, at most she writes down her real academic qualifications, just write down, she originally only has a high school degree, and it’s impossible to stop her. Others write.