Chapter 838 Father and son meet

Chapter 838 Father and Son Meet

Xiao Wang and jumped out of the taxi, took out Xiao Su’er and gave him a look. The time was just right. When they hacked Bo’s office computer yesterday, they stole Bo Qingang’s schedule by the way, knowing He will come to the company for an interview today. Bo Qingang will not sit in the office for eight hours every day.

Instead, he often flies around the world, so today he will definitely come to Bo for an interview until the time is up.

At this time, Bo’s downstairs will definitely meet him. Everything is under his control. He looked around, then ran to the flower bushes of Bo’s downstairs, standing above his head. Hua happened to block him tightly, and he couldn’t see a four-year-old kid standing behind him.

Xiao Wang looked at the phone and started the countdown, “Five, four, three, two, one!” As soon as

his words fell, an extended Lincoln stopped at the door of Bo’s, and a person got out of the co-pilot. Respectfully opened the back door, bowed his head while waiting for the people in the back to get out of the car.

A pair of high-end customized crocodile leather shoes appeared next to the car, and a nearly 1.9-meter man got out of the car. He was wearing a gray coat. His face was as blank as ever, a little colder than it was five years ago. Even Zhang Song didn’t dare to look at him carefully.

“President Bo, the people at the front desk have already received the reporters who came to interview and arranged them in the reception room. Do you want to go to the office to be interviewed or to meet them in the reception room?” Zhang Song said to the side. A briefcase reported to Bo Qingang.

Bo Qingang was about to speak, but saw a little boy with a backpack rushed out from the side and hit him. The little boy could not stand firmly and fell directly to the side, looking up at Bo Qingang. With an aggrieved face, “Uncle, you hit me.”

“What’s the matter with you? Where’s your parents? Why aren’t they next to you?” Zhang Song immediately hugged the little boy, pulled aside, and gently helped He patted the dust on his trouser legs, but he was taken aback for a moment when he saw the little boy’s face.

Bo Qingang looked down, but at the moment he saw the little boy, he was stunned like Zhang Song. He seemed to see himself in the little boy’s face, especially his eyes were exactly the same as him. sense of intimacy in my heart

, “my mother go to work, I walked around, do not care to come here.” Xiao forget the seriousness of nonsense, it did not feel guilty, blinking eyes look thin tilting Aung “Uncle, can you take me in for a while? Wait for my mother to find me.”

“Little brother, I’ll call your mobile phone to your mother, you can’t stay here.” Zhang Song immediately took Xiao Wang to the side Go, worry that he will anger Bo Qingang. Bo Qingang has often been moody for the past five years. If he gets angry with this little boy, this child is too unjustified and gets scolded inexplicably.

Unexpectedly, he took Xiao Wang and walked two steps aside, and Bo Qingang said, “Stop, let him stay, I will take him into the company.”

“Thank you, Uncle.” Xiao Wang He immediately answered clearly, and ran to Bo Qingang’s side, and naturally took Bo Qingang’s hand. If he usually throws away quickly, even a child is not very close, but he did not expect that today he There is no idea of throwing his hand away.

On the contrary, he felt that when the child held his hand, the soft touch gave him an inexplicable peace of mind, as if he had known this child a long time ago.

Zhang Song was also surprised that Bo Qingang actually took Xiao Wang’s hand and walked into Bo’s company building.

Bo Qingang took Xiao Wang to the elevator all the way to his office on the top floor. Xiao Wang was holding his backpack in the slightest, sitting on the sofa in his office and looking at Bo Qingang. He was almost The moment he saw Bo Qingang, he was even more certain.

The uncle in front of him is his father. The two people look so alike. They are an enlarged version and a reduced version. If they are not father and son, no one would believe it, right?

“Where is your mother?” Bo Qingang walked to his side and asked, handing him a bottle of water.

“I don’t know. I was shopping with my mother just now, but I got lost. I looked around and found this place. Uncle, is this house yours? Looks so big, you should be great, right? You can help Am I looking for my mother? My mother is very beautiful.”

Xiao Wang watched Bo Qingang behave innocently. Xiao Su’er often said that looking at his son’s face would be completely harmless by him. I was deceived, thinking that he was really a four-year-old kid who didn’t know anything. In fact, he was precocious and knew everything.

Listening to him, Bo Qingang felt that this familiar feeling was slowly magnifying. The kid in front of him looked inexplicably good, but it was the first time that the two people saw him, even his family. neither knows.

“Really? Your mother is very beautiful? You can tell! You should look a lot like your mother, and you are also very good-looking.” Bo Qingang took the initiative to talk to him and followed his words. , It’s rare to see such patience.

“Uncle, do you have any children? You are so handsome, then your children should look good, right? Is it a boy or a girl?”

Xiao Wang blinked his big eyes and pretended to ask unintentionally. In fact, he really wanted to know. , Does Dad even know his existence? When my mother broke up with him back then, did she not even tell him of her own existence?

“Child…” Bo Qingang listened to his words, as if he fell into a long-lasting memory in an instant. Lin Suer was pregnant with his child back then. If the child is born smoothly, he should be as old as the child in front of him. Bar.

At that time, he asked Lin Su’er to kill the child because of the blood gu in her body. If she didn’t get rid of it, it would be life-threatening. But later, Xiao Mengqiu had been solved by him, and the gu worm in Lin Su’er’s body would naturally die. Her sweat is metabolized out of the body, and she can give birth to a baby.

I just don’t know where she is now, whether she has given birth to the crystallization of their love.

“Uncle, why did you start to be in a daze? Do you have no children? But you look older than my mother. I’m four years old. You won’t have children yet?” Xiao Wang looked in a daze. Qing Ang continued to ask.

“I don’t know where my child is now. If he is born safely, he should be as old as you.” Bo Qingang looked at this innocent child and couldn’t help but honestly said what he was thinking in his heart. Came out.