Chapter 839 Interview

Chapter 839 Interview

Xiao Wang listened to what he said and felt that this sentence was too meaningful. What does it mean to be born safely? Is it possible that in the eyes of my father, I am a child who cannot be safely given birth?

What happened that year? Why doesn’t mother want to see father? I also told myself that my father had passed away. It seems that a big story must have happened between them.

Thinking about this, he then asked, “Uncle, what do you mean by this? You don’t know where the child is now? Is he lost, what about his mother?”

“My uncle and my uncle’s girlfriend left, and I have been looking for her all these years. She is pregnant with our child. I don’t know if she gave birth to the child or not.”

Bo Qingang looked at the person in front of him. This child couldn’t help telling him all the words in his heart over the years, as if this little child could be a tree hole for him to confide in even if he didn’t understand anything, and would not treat his words like other people. Propagating it out will not cause him any loss, and he still has an inexplicable sense of intimacy with this child, always wanting to talk to him more.

“Then uncle, why did your girlfriend leave you? Where did she go? Have you been looking for her for so long and haven’t found it?” Xiao Wang wanted to ask about everything that happened back then.

“I had a misunderstanding back then. When I was trying to explain clearly to her, she was no longer there. I looked everywhere but couldn’t find it. If our child was born, it should be as old as you now, how old are you?”

“I’m four years old now.” Xiao Wang pointed out four little fingers like an ordinary child, showing a tender smile on his face.

“It’s really the same age…” Bo Qingang couldn’t help but stretched out his hand and rubbed his hair. At this time, a voice came from outside the office.

“Mr. Bo, can we come in for an interview now?”

He reacted violently when he heard this voice. Today, he came to the company only after an interview. Chatting with this kid actually forgot the interview.

Looking at Xiao Wang, Bo Qingang smiled on the rare occasion, and said to him, “Are you afraid that the media will come in for interviews? If you are afraid, I will ask you to take you to the reception room to have a rest. If If you are not afraid, stay here, and I can ask them to help you find your mother.”

Xiao Wang said with a smile when he heard what he said, “Don’t be afraid, I’ll just sit here, I’ll be obedient. , Don’t bother you to accept the interview, Uncle.”

“Okay, come in!” Bo Qingang said, raising his head towards the door, his tone returned to his usual high coldness, still sitting next to Xiao Wang and not moving, the media reporter at the door. When we walked into the office, they found it strange to see a child, and a lot of thoughts popped up in their heads. Could this be an illegitimate child?

In the past few years, he has been saying that he has a girlfriend, but he couldn’t find it out. Could it be that he had already quietly obtained the evidence behind his back that even the child was born?

The reporters immediately took a few photos with their cameras, Bo Qingang did not stop him, and let them speak lightly after they finished taking them, “Let’s start today’s interview! You can ask anything you want, the final report of the interview

“That’s fine.” “This little child separated from his mother and was brought up by me downstairs in the company. After seeing the interview, his mother, please come to my company to pick up her child.”

Bo Qingang remembered that today’s interview was in the form of a live broadcast, interacting with the audience in real time.

After several reporters heard his answer, their curiosity lost more than half of them. It turned out to be a separated child, but he looks too much like Bo Shao, especially these eyes, deep eye sockets and The bushy eyebrows are exactly the same, anyone who wants to say that he is not an illegitimate child is still a little disbelief.

But Shao Bo has said that. It is impossible for him to say that his illegitimate child is someone else’s child. Let’s let someone help find a mother!

Several photographers immediately pulled over the stool and got everything ready, turned on the camera to face Bo Qingang, the reporter held the microphone to Bo Qingang’s side, Xiao Wang was temporarily arranged in the corner of the office.

He took the tablet and watched the cartoons that the reporters asked him to pass the time out, but in his eyes it looked like a “mentally handicapped”. After a contemptuous glance, he kept using the corner of his eye. Guang just looked at Bo Qingang and listened attentively to his answer to every reporter’s question.

The reporter raised the microphone and waved his hand to the camera to say hello, “Hello everyone, we are finally lucky enough to interview Bo Shao today, and everyone hasn’t seen Bo Shao for a long time.”

“Bo Shao, I heard that you only flew a few days ago. I had an overseas business talk, and I heard that the project amount was very large this time. Can you tell me how much it was?” The

reporter first interviewed a few work-related questions according to the established procedures, and Bo Qingang answered them one by one. The whole interview process seemed a little dull, but the reporter suddenly changed direction and asked personal questions.

“Bo Shao, we asked you so many work questions. The audience who cares about you feel very curious about your personal issues. During the past five years, when you were interviewed, you have been saying that you have a girlfriend. You don’t want to reveal your name, and we can’t keep asking, but can you tell me, when do you plan to get married?”

Upon hearing this question, Xiao Wang in the corner pricked his ears. He knew Bo Qingang’s The girlfriend he had been talking about for five years was his mother, Xiao Su’er. He just wanted to hear how Bo Qingang would answer this question.

Bo Qingang looked up at the camera and answered plainly, “When she wants to, she can do it anytime.”

He recalled the scene five years ago. He proposed to Lin Su’er and gave her a ring, and he wanted to marry her a long time ago. When I came back, Lin Suer was still a student. He was not able to do this at the time. Now if he finds Lin Suer, the first thing is to take her to get the marriage certificate. He wants to keep her by his side and never let her leave for the rest of his life.

More than a thousand days and nights are enough.

Bo Qingang’s eyes became far-reaching, and he was a little curious, when he proposed again, Lin Su’er would agree.

The reporters saw his affectionate look, and then listened to his words, they couldn’t help but feel a little shocked, “Shao Shao heard you say that means you have proposed marriage a long time ago, is she always disagreeing?”

What kind of person can Let Bo Shao be so affectionate? She actually said that as long as she wanted to do it anytime, this woman probably saved the galaxy! When the reporter asked, he couldn’t help being a little starry.