Chapter 840 Missing

Chapter 840 Missing

“I have asked more than once.” Bo Qingang still replied lightly, but his words were like a blockbuster.

The reporter immediately exaggerated and said to the camera, “What kind of woman is worthy of Bo Shao’s affection? I have asked for so many marriages! But the other side seems to have not agreed to it, we really feel very curious. , I don’t know when I will be lucky enough to meet this legendary heroine?”

“I will see it when I should see it.” When Bo Qingang spoke, he unconsciously glanced at Xiao in the corner. Forget, that soft child is now lying in the corner watching cartoons, smiling happily, Bo Qingang can’t help but bend his eyes when he looks at him. If he and Lin Su’er’s child were born, it would be like this. He is so cute.

At the same time, the other side.

Xiao Suer spent the whole morning in the Chinese medicine clinic. She watched as several patients came, but the front desk didn’t have the idea of ​​letting her go to see a doctor. They all informed other Chinese medicine doctors. She didn’t think too much. After all, she was only talented. Come the first day. Besides, she also heard that several patients said that they came for follow-up consultation, which must have been sent back to the doctor who had seen her before.

Being boring, she ran to the toilet many times after drinking a lot of water.

“Have you heard? The Xiao Su’er who came this morning is a high school graduate. He has never studied at a professional Chinese medicine university and has not taken a doctor’s license for Chinese medicine. What qualifications are there to come to our clinic? I really don’t know about it. What do you think, why do people stuff everyone in our clinic?”

“That’s right! Ang’s family has so many properties, why not just find a company like her to work as a secretary? All day long? Just make a copy of the information and inform the boss of the order in the company. Why do you want to get here and let her be a doctor. What should I do if something goes wrong?”

“I don’t know what the above is thinking, there is no way! Parents have to look good, now the value of the face is the king, she just throws a wink at the top of the executives are numb, but she does what she asks to do. Don’t say she is going to be a Chinese medicine doctor. I’m afraid it’s possible to send our clinic to her.”

Xiao Suer stood in the toilet cubicle, her hand on the doorknob, and was about to leave the cubicle. When I heard the conversation between the two clinic nurses, I immediately gave up the idea of ​​leaving the cubicle and stood in the cubicle waiting for them to leave.

If it were to change from the past, she would definitely open the door to tell them clearly, but now she feels that there is nothing to support her to say anything else. After all, she really only has a high school education. It is indeed very easy to come to this clinic under the current conditions. It’s imaginative, and it’s normal to be talked about.

As long as she proves herself with her strength next, she will be able to block the mouths of You You, and no one will think that she is a person who comes in by face and relationship.

Xiao Su’er heard the outside sound disappear, and then she opened the door and walked out of the cubicle. She came to the lobby on the first floor, just in time to see a coughing middle-aged woman walking into the clinic.

She saw this person’s illness at a glance, and she was coughing and was a little black right now, she was rickets, she should be sick from overwork, and there were some diseases in her lungs.

Her spiritual eyes also really saw the position of this person’s lungs, enveloped in a cloud of black mist, Xiao Su’er stepped forward and held the woman without hesitation and said, “Hello, are you here for the doctor? I will give you Take the pulse, you shouldn’t delay it. You should have been coughing for several days, right?”

“Cough cough cough…Yes! I have coughed for several days, and I thought it was a cold. I just took two packs of cold medicine and thought it would. Okay, but I didn’t expect it to get worse, little girl, are you also a Chinese medicine doctor here? Show me quickly, I will have to cough up my lung tube in two days.”

When the middle-aged woman saw Xiao Su’er just looking at it, she knew that she should have been dragging it for several days, and she immediately sat in front of the examination table with great trust, and stretched out her hand to let Xiao Su’er get her pulse.

Xiao Su’er stretched out her hand and was about to press her pulse. Unexpectedly, the front desk suddenly ran over to stop her, and said to the middle-aged woman who came to see the doctor: “Excuse me, I was not here just now. I will arrange another one for you with more seniority. Didn’t you also say that you feel uncomfortable for the past two days? A Chinese doctor with a deeper level of experience is better. Our Chinese doctor’s qualifications are too low.”

“I think she’s quite good, and I knew it just by looking at it .” Let her show me some of my situation, I don’t mind the age.” The middle-aged woman believed Xiao Su’er very much, and wanted her to help.

The front desk glanced at Xiao Su’er and said with some embarrassment, “But she is just a Chinese medicine practitioner who came to us for internship. She has never seen a doctor before. Now she has not yet reached the level of seeing a doctor. I will take you to find a new one. A Chinese medicine doctor.”

After listening to her, the middle-aged woman stopped saying anything. She got up and followed the front desk to the other side. The front desk immediately notified other Chinese medicine practitioners to see her, and left Xiao Su’er aside.

After the front desk had arranged everything, I walked to Xiao Su’er and said to her in a polite and polite tone as possible, “You have no medical qualification certificate and no academic qualifications. I dare not arrange for guests to see you for the time being. Question, both of us have to bear the responsibility. You can sort out the patient’s file first. It’s in the last room on the second floor.”

Xiao Suer wanted to refute, but she endured it and turned and went to the second floor. One room, when the door opened, a damp, musty smell came on her face, and she frowned.

“What’s the matter? It seems that no one has been in this archive room for a long time.”

There are a lot of tin cabinets in the archive room. When you open a tin cabinet, you can see the crooked files and many files inside. It’s even moldy because it’s too humid.

Xiao Su’er was alone in the archives, finishing the archives for the whole afternoon, and the whole person was a little dizzy before finishing a third.

She returned to the work station, picked up the phone and was about to check the time, and then went to the kindergarten to pick up Xiao Wang. However, when she turned on the phone, she saw countless missed calls, all of which came from the kindergarten teachers.

“What’s the matter? Is it possible that something happened to Mengbao?” Xiao Su’er immediately called the kindergarten teacher back with some worry.

The call was answered almost in seconds, and the kindergarten teacher came from the receiver with a crying voice, “Hey! Is this Xiao Wang’s mother? Why do you keep not answering the phone? No! Xiao Wang is missing.”

“What? Why is it missing? Isn’t it in the kindergarten? What’s the matter with you? Can’t even see a child?” Xiao Su’er couldn’t help getting angry, picking up the bag and rushing outside the clinic.