Daddy, Mommy ran away again Chapter 4

Lele ran forward blankly,I don’t know where to go, I just want to find a corner to hide, don’t let Mommy find it.

One accidentally bumped into someone at the corner, Lele fartFalling to the ground, the pain was tearful.

Xie Chicheng paused, lowered his head and saw a smallThe baby was sitting on the ground.

Lele was too painful to get up, and was afraid of being found by Mommy, and her tears fell like beads in a hurry.

Hearing the cry, Xie Chicheng frowned subconsciously and said, “What are you crying for? Stop crying.”

He has never liked the crying of children, and his son has not cried a few times since he was a child, he thought that all children in the world should be strong.

nearbyShu Qin Hai couldn’t help widening his eyes when he saw Lele’s appearance, and said unbelievably:

“Oh my God! This littleKid and smallMaster looks like…”

Xie Chicheng was stunned for a moment when he heard this, and looked down at Lele seriously.

SmallThe child is as beautiful as a dollTo, there are a pair of curved eyebrows under the bangsAnd big eyes, just faceWith a sickly pale, a pair of watery eyes were crying red at this time, and they looked so distressing.

Those eyebrows are indeed surprisingly similar to his son, but An An neverOut of such a table.

Lele was still crying, tears filled her big watery eyes.

Xie Chicheng thought of his son, his heartAfter a while, his tone barely slowed down: “Don’t cry, where does it hurt? Youwhat name? “

“meLele, uncle is broken, hurts, hurts, woooooo…”

“How can you stop crying? What do you want, will uncle compensate you?”

Maybe smallThe child looks very similar to his own son, and Xie Chicheng’s words are warmA lot.

Lele stopped crying and sniffed,I grabbed Xie Chicheng’s.

“Uncle, really? Can I have anything I want?”

“Of course, you can do whatever you want.”

Xie Chicheng thought that children of this age would definitely want candy to playsome type of.

But how can I think of Ye Xile’s direct eyes?Looking at him, he looked like a small adult and said, “Can uncle find a job for my mommy?”

Xie Chicheng didn’t thinkEven making such a request, the indifferent face is rarely lost.

“Mommy always can’t find a job, oooo, it’s all because Lele is sick, it’s dragging Mommy, uncle, can you help, oooo…”

Lele’s crying eyes are red, like a bunny’s eyesLooking at this handsome uncle, as long as Mommy has a job, he can giveCured, like thisThere is no need to leave Mommy.

Xie Chicheng squatted down andLooking up, he took out a personal business card from his pocket and stuffed it into Lele’s hand, saying: “Let your mommy come here to apply for a job. This is regarded as compensation from your uncle.”

Lele’s eyes lit up in an instant, like a little star, holding a famous film into a smile, and finally hugging his neck and kissed him fiercely.

“Thank you Uncle!”

Xie Chicheng was stunned.

Never let the differencecatchHe, apart from his own baby son, has never been so close to anyoneThe move.

DullNSCheeks, stillTo smallchildSlobbering.

And Qin Hai beside him was also frightened.

President… Is this being frivolous? Still a littlechild?

“Goodbye uncle! I’m going to find mommy!”

After all, Ye Xile ran away choking.

Across a long distance, Xie Chicheng seemed to see XiaoThe child rushed to oneIn people’s arms, calling Mummy.

Xie Chicheng squinted to look at the one with his back facing himpeople.

She is slender, with long black hair, but she can’t see her face.

How long does it take,He left with the child.

Xie Chicheng retracted his gaze, always feeling that the back figure was a little eye,heAfter the weird thoughts in his heart, he hurriedly left the hospital.


“Lele, where did you just go? You scared Mommy to death, you know!”

“Mummy, look at you!”

Ye Xile took out the business card and waved it, meaning to wait for Mommy to praise it.

Ye Ruxi glanced at the business card.

“Longteng Group, Xie Chicheng.”