4 Places to visit in Akita, Japan

Akita Prefecture (秋田県, Akita-ken) which is located in the Tohoku region (Northeast part of Japan) with a vast plains of fertile land. It is one of the country’s most prominent rice growing areas, and is known as the city of sake. The mountain is surrounded, river flow and the deepest lake in Japan. Lake of Takazaw is every variety in the beauty of nature that waiting for you to touch and see by yourself. Over there you will rest, taste on delicious food and relax with hot water in on-sen. All this time, you will feel more relax.

Where to go:

1. Tazawako Lake in Semboku

Tazawako Lake has a depth of 423.4 meters. It is the deepest lake in Japan. It is the 17th highest point in the world. There is a scenic view over the lake, a statue of Tatsuko, a young woman in the eye of the dragon, who protects this lake. The northern tip of Goza no Ishi Shrine is the place where local nobles visit nature. On the west side of the lake there is the famous golden statue of Tatsuko (Tatsuko Statue). It is believed that she is a beautiful girl who prayed for her beauty forever. But back to the curse and become a sinking dragon into the lake below.

On the east side of the lake The area has been developed as a bus stop, a shop, a restaurant, a bike rental shop. And a lake cruise. To be served in late April – early November. The boat will sail to the statue of Tako. Then back Takes a total of 40 minutes, costs 1,200 yen.

How to get there:

  • From Tazawako Station take a bus to Tazawa-kohan bus stop (east of the lake), take 12 minutes, charge 360 ​​yen bus every 1 hour (bus ride to Nyuto Onsen or Tamagawa Onsen)
  • Getting around the lake Take a 6-day bus ride to the north of the lake to the Tatsuko Statue.
  • Take a scenic boat ride. Shirahama pier is adjacent to the Tazawa-kohan bus stop to Katajiri Pier, Takuoka, in late April-early November.
  • Self Drive about 30 minutes (without stop).

2. Kakunodate Town

Kakunodate (角館町 Kakunodate-machi) is a town located in Senboku District, Akita Prefecture, Japan. The town is famed for its well-preserved samurai houses and the proliferation of cherry trees. It is a popular destination for hanami, or cherry blossom viewing. It is sometimes referred as ‘the little Kyoto of Tōhoku’ (みちのくの小京都 Michinoku no sho-Kyōto). The samurai house built in the Edo period of 1620 still preserve the story of the Samurai inside very well. Old, cultural value. Ideal for a visit in the spring. Sakura on both sides of the way together with a beautiful reception. You can also rent a kimono for 4,000 yen or an ancient carriage.

In the past, Kakunadat was once prosperous as the site of the castle. And now it still has a look that resembles that of Kyoto. Let us experience the beautiful Japanese atmosphere in the past. Travelers can easily travel from Tokyo or Sendai via the Akita Shinkansen Shinkansen and can also take a stroll to some of the major tourist attractions. The samurai village is the village where the samurai warriors used to live in the past. In addition to these houses. There are also many charms to experience the history. Whether it is ancient handicraft products. Or a variety of folk food, etc., which is another reason for tourists to visit. Follow this road samurai village. There are a lot of trees. No matter what season it is. Visitors will always enjoy the beautiful scenery. Especially from mid-October to mid-November. We will see pictures of colorful leaves that bend the chandelier to cut the black edge of the fence of the samurai is very beautiful.

3. Mt.Moriyoshi

Snow Monsters at Mt.Moriyoshi in Akita, Japan also know that located in Zao Mountain which is one of the most beautiful mountains in Yamagata city. You will see the miracle of wind from Siberia that blows snow over the pine trees and make island become like ice crystals and shaped like monster in a white dress so that people called “Snow Monster” and Japanese call “Ju Hyo”.

At the top of Zao Mountain on the way to see this snow that you will get experience all area like the snow-white landscape covered in large amounts. This area is most beautiful during in mid-February. In addition, on the top of the hill there are many fun activities such as skiing, snowboarding, snowmobile. In the evening, you can also enjoy the beautiful view of the snow monster. They will be decorated bright lights like standing in the midst of a colorful demon army as well.

4. Hachimantai city

Hachimantai city is geographically mountainous that located in the north of Akita Prefecture, Tohoku and Iwate and is the southern part of the Towada-Haji Mangtai National Park. The hiking route is famous tourist attractions through the volcano and the urbanization of this city.

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