Chapter 841 Bastard

Chapter 841 Bastard

Child Although Xiao Wang’s intelligence is superb, he has reached the level of an adult at a young age, but he is still a child. What if something happens? He can’t beat an adult, what if he runs into a trafficker?

The more she thought about it, the more frightened Xiao Suer became, and she speeded up her pace to rush to the kindergarten.

Bo Qingang’s interview is coming to an end. The reporters also fulfilled their promises to let Xiao forget into the mirror. The reporter turned to the camera and said, “Hello everyone, audience friends. Just now, Shao Bo entrusted us to find this little brother. Mom, he has separated from his mother. Shao Bo picked him up downstairs in the company. Please also see the news ladies, come and take your child. “

Bo Qingang’s interviews are the most every time. People watched, this time after Xiao Wangyi left the country, he immediately caused a lot of discussion on the Internet.

“Wow, where is this little Zhengtai? He looks too handsome. If I have such a son, I must tie him to the waistband. How can I get him lost.”

“No way, I think This kid looks like a thin boy, look at the eyes, that outline! A vividly reduced version

of the thin boy !” “I also think, this child will not be a illegitimate child of Xiao Shao? Is it someone pregnant? A woman who is a young boy of Bo quietly gave birth to a child and threw it at the door of the Bo family?”

“I think it is very possible!” After

someone proposed this idea, everyone responded, and everyone began to discuss it online, thinking that Xiao Wang was Bo Shao’s illegitimate son, someone deliberately put him at Bo’s door, trying to make him recognize his father.

Xiao Su’er didn’t even bother to look at the phone. She didn’t know that her son had already reached Bo Qingang’s side. She only wanted to rush to the kindergarten, but received a call from the kindergarten teacher halfway through.

“Mother Xiao Wang, I know where Xiao Wang has gone. He is by Bo Shao’s side, and I’m going to that place! Don’t come to kindergarten, go to Bo’s family.”

“What Bo Shao? You said Is it Bo Qingang?” Xiao Su’er asked incredulously, completely unable to figure out why Xiao Wang would go there.

“Yes, yes, it’s him, the most powerful Bo Shao in China Mainland. He was being interviewed today, and Xiao Wang appeared in front of the camera where Bo Shao was interviewing. The reporter said that he and his mother were separated, so you should go soon. Bo leads the children.” The kindergarten teacher said decisively.

Xiao Su’er stepped on the brake as soon as she heard him, and the car stopped halfway. She hung up the phone in a daze, not knowing what to do.

How could his son go to Bo Qingang’s place? Who took her there? Or does Bo Qingang know that she has returned?

impossible! In the past few years, Bo Qingang has not investigated anything from the Ang’s family. How could he know that she has returned? And if he deliberately took Xiao Wang to the Bo family, how could he still ask the reporter to help him find his mother?

Is it possible…

Xiao Su’er immediately thought that it might be her son who came to him on his own. He saw Bo Qingang’s interview yesterday when he was at the airport. It is possible that after he went home, he found Bo’s address and ran away. Well, although he was only four years old, Lin Suer believed that he did this kind of thing.

Thinking about this, Xiao Suer directly sent a message to the kindergarten teacher, “Teacher, I know, I will pick up the child by myself. You should be very anxious after looking for him for an afternoon. Don’t be so anxious, the child will be fine. , I won’t blame you, and I won’t tell the school anything. Go back and rest first.”

After thinking about everything, Xiao Suer was embarrassed to blame the teacher in the kindergarten. After all, it was her child who ran out and the teacher was also tired. Seeing that she made so many calls to herself in the afternoon, she must have been anxious.

Xiao Su’er turned on the phone and looked at the familiar phone. These years Bo Qingang’s phone has been stored in her address book. It has never been deleted, but it has never been dialed through. This is the first time she has done this in the past five years. Take a look at this string of numbers carefully.

She always thought that the two people would never have any intersection again. Even if there is a child in the world who has the fusion of the two of them, but the two people are destined to never see each other in this life. She did not expect that she would take the initiative to find out today. he.

Xiao Su’er took a deep breath and started to build her heart. She did nothing wrong back then, but Bo Qingang was wrong. Why should she be embarrassed to face it? Even if it is guilty, it should be Bo Qingang guilty!

Thinking like this, Xiao Suer stepped on the accelerator, turned the steering wheel, turned one direction and drove towards Bo’s.


The reporters have left the office after the interview. There are only two people in the office, Bo Qingang and Xiao Wang. After Xiao Wang returned the tablet to Bo Qingang, he said obediently, “Thank you, uncle. Just wait for my mom to pick me up in the office. Thank you

very much today. I will let my mom repay my uncle. You can say anything you want.” “Is your mom great? He can get whatever I want. “Bo Qingang naturally pulled Xiao Wang over and let him sit next to him, and started chatting with him again.

“My mother is very good. She is very beautiful and smart. She is good at medical treatment. My medical skills are better than many TCM professors. I have a headache and my mother solved it for me.”

Xiao Wang deliberately said about Xiao Su’er’s medical skills. He reported the previous reports about when his mother was Lin Su’er. After reading all of them, I found that as long as her report mentioned the word Chinese medicine, he mentioned this now, and Bo Qingang would definitely miss it a little when he heard it.

Sure enough, after hearing this, Bo Qingang’s face changed slightly, and some people did not believe it again, and asked again, “Does your mother also know Chinese medicine?”

“Yes! My mother is very good at Chinese medicine, in the future. If your uncle is sick, call my mother and I will ask him to treat you. Thank you for taking me in today. Otherwise, I don’t know if I will meet a bad person.”

“Thank you then.” Bo Qingang I feel that this child is very interesting. At a young age, he can speak very sharply and think very well. He also knows that there is a reason to be rewarded. He is really smart.

“Thank you? It should be, my mother said, the dripping water should be reported by the spring. I am very obedient, and I remember everything my mother said.” Xiao Wang patted his chest with a mature expression, he said. The cute look made the corners of Bo Qing’ang’s mouth rise a little in an instant.

“You are very smart, shouldn’t your father be very proud?”