Chapter 842 Reunion

Chapter 842 Reunion

“I don’t know, I haven’t seen my father. Since I was born, only my mother has been by my side.” After Xiao Wang said this, he immediately showed an aggrieved expression.

Xiao Wang listened to him, and felt that this child really had a relationship with him, his mother would also be able to heal, and if his child was born, he would not be able to see him.

These kinds of coincidences made Bo Qing’ang feel weird. The child in front of him might be the child of himself and Su’er.

Thinking about this, he immediately took Xiao Wang’s hand and asked anxiously, “What is your mother’s name? What is her last name?”

“My mother’s name is Xiao, and her name is Xiao…”


Xiao Wang Before he finished speaking, the mobile phone in the backpack rang. He immediately put down the backpack and took out the mobile phone inside. The word “Mum” flashed on the screen.

Bo Qingang raised his eyebrows slightly when he saw that he had a cell phone. He remembered that the kid was downstairs just now, but he followed him on the grounds that he was separated from his mother and wanted to borrow the cell phone to call her mother. But now he is watching him. There is a phone, why not call your mother? Looks like another naughty kid!

Bo Qingang didn’t think too much. He always felt that it’s normal for children to be a little playful and naughty. Maybe they had a conflict with his mother and ran away deliberately. He just heard him say that his mother’s name is Xiao, look. It’s not Lin Su’er anymore.

“Mengbao, you are not behaved, are you running around by yourself?” Xiao Suer’s reproaching voice came from the receiver.

Xiao Wang knew that he could not hide from her, but in front of Bo Qingang, he did not answer directly, instead he yelled to the phone clearly, “Mom, I am here with an uncle now. He is fine. Let me take it. He stayed in his office for a whole day. He just ordered something for me to eat. Come and pick me up!”

“Be sure to thank people in person. Mom said that I should report to you. I’m here. Here is waiting for you, come on.” After

he said this quickly, he hung up the phone directly, and even pressed the mute button. After putting the phone in the bag, he would not care about it, but Smiling at Bo Qingang.

“Uncle, my mother will come to pick me up right away.”

“Well, then you just sit here and wait for your mother to pick you up. Do you want to continue watching cartoons.” Bo Qingang handed the tablet to him again, but Xiao Wangjing shook his head. He didn’t want to watch those cartoons that he felt helpless anymore. After listening to the voices all afternoon, he felt a little pain in his ears.

“Uncle, tell me something about you. I think you are so amazing. There are so many people interviewing you just now. It feels like you are like a movie star.”

Xiao Wang wanted to know what kind of person his father was. The information he found yesterday showed that Bo Qingang was indeed very powerful. He became the head of the Bo family at a young age and carried the Bo family forward, but I felt that he was cold without any temperature. After getting along today, he found that he was not quite similar to those reports. He would obviously smile, and his eyes would be smiling.

“I’m not good at all. I can’t even keep the people I like, and I can’t find them. So don’t be angry with your mother anymore, don’t run out by yourself. It’s wrong to make her worry, you know?”

When Bo Qingang was speaking, he stretched out his hand and gently rubbed Xiao Wang’s hair. He kept thinking, if one day he finds Lin Suer, Lin Suer brings their children back to him, then what will he do? Get along with children.

He had never thought of it. After all, he had no brothers or sisters since he was a child. He has always been alone, but today he saw this child and suddenly he could imagine.

For five years, he has been missing Lin Su’er crazily, but today he is caught in a more crazy whirlpool. He wants to find Lin Su’er immediately and lead her and his children to live a good life.

Xiao Suer parked the car in Bo’s parking lot. After taking a deep breath, she took a pill from her bag and swallowed it. Her facial features changed slowly in her imagination, and finally she became a stranger. people.

Don’t let Bo Qingang know that she is still alive. She has to take Yi Rong pills to pick up Xiao Wang. She doesn’t worry that her son will be frightened at all, because she found out about her son when he was one year old. The intelligence is not like a normal child. He has told him all the medicines he knows, and also told his mother that he can change his appearance.

So if there is an emergency in the future and your mother changes her appearance, you must recognize it and don’t be afraid.

She took a deep breath, took out the mirror in the bag, and took a closer look at the current face. It was completely different from the original one. The nose became much taller and the mouth turned into sexy pouting lips. , The eye sockets are also much deeper, completely turning into a net red face, Bo Qingang should not recognize it.

After making all preparations, Xiao Suer even took out a pair of 10 cm high heels that had been placed on the trunk of the car before. These high heels were given by grandpa when she went to a dinner party before, but she never liked it. Wearing high-heeled shoes, not to mention the high height, so they have always been placed in the trunk, and they have not been touched. Today it is considered to be in handy.

Now she is wearing a tight-fitting professional suit, with a net red face, and a pair of hateful feet on her feet, which is completely different from what she looked like five years ago, perfect! Bo Qingang would definitely not recognize her.

Xiao Su’er took the elevator to the Bo family confidently. Bo Qingang had long reminded the front desk that if Xiao Wang’s mother came to pick him up, she must let him go, so Bo Qingang went to the top floor of Bo Qingang smoothly. office.

Standing in front of the office door, Xiao Su’er could hear the voice coming from inside: Xiao Wang’s laugh, it sounded like he was very happy, did the two of them get along well?

Xiao Wang wouldn’t ask Bo Qingang directly if he was his father, would he? This can’t work! Xiao Su’er couldn’t help it anymore, and directly reached out and knocked on the door.

“It must be my mother. Xiao Wang heard the sound and immediately jumped off the sofa and ran to the door to open the door.

The moment he opened the door, he saw a mother who was completely different from the past, but he was not surprised at all. After all, Xiao Su’er had taught him, but seeing his mother changed, he was even more sure that this Xiao Shao was his father. There was no second possibility.

“Mom! Xiao Wang yelled and jumped into Xiao Su’er’s arms.

“Mengbao, how can you run around casually?” If you are so bad, mom will punish you. “Xiao Su’er held her son helplessly, and all the anger disappeared when she saw him.