Empress of the Ming (2019) 大明风华 Episode 64 End Recap

Zhu Qiyu said with a dull face that he had just dreamed that the queen was playing with his son. Zhu Qizhen said that he should regret not killing him. When Zhu Qizhen saw this, he was fine. Anyway, so many people have died. The door asked Yu Qian’s whereabouts. Xu Youzhen said that Qian Qian would be put into prison. All 37 officials promoted by Zhu Qiyu were released from prison. Xu Youzhen and Shi Heng persuaded Zhu Qizhen to kill Yu Qian. Zhu Qizhen was unwilling. Kill the heroes, but under the persuasion of Shi Heng and Xu Youzhen, Zhu Qizhen had to promise. Not long after, Zhu Qiyu swallowed the elixir and died in the room.

Yu Qian was thrown into the jail prison, Xu Youzhen looked at Yu Qian as a villain, and Xu Youzhen persuaded Yu Qian that if he could change his strings and serve Zhu Qizhen, Zhu Qizhen would give Yu Qian a way of life, Yu Qian would not be moved. Speaking of how Xu Youzhen might have a way of life, Yu Qian said that even if he wanted to die, he would not be an official like Xu Youzhen. Xu Youzhen is still trying to persuade Yu Qian. Yu Qian’s heart has decided that he is fighting for the name of eternity, and never lives. Xu Youzhen is still talking about his set of opportunities, saying that Zhu Qiyu hits no luck, but Yu Qian lets Xu Youzhen again. Well deduced some of his own life, said that he had broken the machine, and his life would soon die, Xu Youzhen fled into the desert. Jin Yiwei came to Yu Qian’s house and copied it. Yu Qian’s house was very impoverished. Except for the books and the official clothes of Yuci, he had no property at all. The Jin Yiwei who came to copy the house were all moved by Yu Qian’s incorruptibility, and they collected money to leave Yu Qian’s wife to buy cotton clothes for the children.

Sun Ruowei didn’t want to see Zhu Qizhen, let Shuangxi call Zhu Qizhen back, and also said that he died immediately, let Zhu Qizhen wait, Zhu Qizhen waited for a long time, Sun Ruowei finally agreed with Zhu Qizhen. Sun Ruowei asked Zhu Qizhen what he wanted her to do so that Zhu Qizhen could not kill Yu Qian and let go of the 37 officials. Zhu Qizhen told Sun Ruowei that according to Xu Youzhen, the death of Yu Qian was not the same as the restoration of Zhu Qizhen.

Zhu Qizhen was very miserable. He felt that at the time he was suffering in Watanabe and was down in Anletang, no one came to save him. Qi Zhen, if Zhu Qizhen blame himself for not helping him, Zhu Qizhen can do anything to her, but the thirty-seven officials are heroes, Yu Qian is a peerless scholar, only Zhu Qizhen is let off to be too modest, and Sun Ruo is bitter Begging, Zhu Qizhen was desperate to kill Yu Qian, and Sun Ruo slightly saw that Zhu Qizhen’s idea was very desperate. Sun Ruowei told Zhu Qizhen that his father was Jing Qing and the emperor Jianwen, and he sneaked into the palace. Zhu Xi wrote a will to kill himself before the last expedition.

It did n’t take long for Sun Ruowei to have Zhu Qizhen. At the time of the full moon, Zhu Zhanji also wanted to kill himself. Zhu Zanji put her name on the funeral list before dying, and repeatedly asked Sun Ruowei to swear seven times, that he would take care of Daming Jiangshan and give it to Zhu Qi. In the town, Sun Ruowei said that Zhu Zhanji saved himself twice and returned the tears of Zhu Qizhen I, but Zhu Qizhen broke Sun Ruowei’s belief. Sun Ruowei decided to sever the mother and child with Zhu Qizhen. Zhu’s family, and Zhu’s family did not owe her. Zhu Qizhen suddenly knew the truth was incredible. Sun Ruowei asked Zhu Qizhen to be his emperor, and he was about to die.

Xu Youzhen filed a complaint with Zhu Qizhen, saying that Xu Bin had collected Yu Qian’s body and returned to his home for burial. He asked Xu Bin to investigate and deal with it. Thirty-seven officials, if they did not collude with the internal officials, caused trouble in the administration, and let them reinstate their duties. Although Shi Heng didn’t quite understand, Xu Youzhen pulled him to his knees to say that the emperor’s grace would pardon the world.

Hu Shanxiang’s five pulses were cut off, and only one breath was left. Sun Ruowei learned the news. He came to Hu Shanxiang’s bed and undressed and lay beside Hu Shanxiang. Hu Shanxiang breathed and told Sun Ruowei not to disobey Zhu Qizhen. Zhu Qizhen has now become A train. Hu Shanxiang asked Sun Ruowei to buy a good coffin to find a good place for burial, and asked Zhu Qiyu’s nickname. Hu Shanxiang cried when he heard it. Sun Ruowei comforted Hu Shanxiang and played a childhood game with Hu Shanxiang. Sun Ruowei held her in his arms. Hu Shanxiang thought about dying early, but was afraid of death because of the wrong things he had done before. The two played the game. Hu Shanxiang remembered the days when he was a child and laughed out.

Before he died, Sun Ruowei talked about Hu Shangyi, and Hu Shanxiang felt very sorry. Hu Shangyi and Sun Ruowei said that Hu Shangyi no longer blame Hu Shanxiang. Hu Shanxiang finally shouted and closed her eyes and passed away.

After Hu Shanxiang left, Sun Ruowei couldn’t afford serious illness either. Xu Bin came to visit and said he was ordered to persuade Sun Ruowei to be generous. Xu Bin handed a poem written by Qian Qian to Sun Ruowei. On the day of Yu Qian’s death, the city of Beijing cried. Everyone knows that Yu Qian is a loyal minister, but Sun Ruowei said that after Yu Qian’s death, she knew that she would never become someone like Xu Bin. Sun Ruowei asked Shuangxi to change her jewelry into money and buy a block for Yu Qian’s shrine. Earth, let the descendants of Yu Qian sacrifice incense. Sun Ruowei asked Xu Bin to hang the portrait of Wen Tianxiang painted by Yu Qian in the temple.

After Sun Ruowei’s explanation, he wanted Xu Bin to leave, saying that he was dying. Xu Bin said that he died of a queen grandson, and then he asked the Sun Ruowei to come back and said that he would take Sun Ruowei away and take Sun Ruowei to the sea. Zhu Qizhen was so annoyed that Xu Bin was going to kill Xu Bin after knowing it. Zhu Qizhen also regretted killing Yu Qian. Xu Bin told Zhu Qizhen that Sun Ruowei’s heart had become cold. Xu Bin knelt down and begged Zhu Qizhen to let go and give Sun Ruowei a way of life. Although Zhu Qizhen was reluctant, but after all Still fulfilled Xu Bin and Sun Ruowei. Zhu Qizhen told Xu Bin that as long as Xu Bin left, he would order Xu Bin to seize the whole territory, and forbid Xu Bin to return to the Central Plains. Xu Bin took Sun Ruowei to travel abroad, and the two hugged each other tightly. After so many years, the two finally realized their aspirations when they were young.

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