New World 新世界 Episode 28 Recap

Lian Hu attacked the prison guard like a wild animal, and Xu Tian took the opportunity to enter the prison. At this point, Yan San brought little ears and others into the prison from the sewer. Tian Dan had thrown the red scarf on the window to mark it. Yan San directed the small ear to pile the explosives brought under the window of Tian Dan’s cell to detonate.

Xu Tian used his body to protect Tian Dan. After the explosion, Xu Tian took Tian Dan out of the cave entrance. But Xu Tian mistaken the exit of the sewer, he led Tian Dan to the other sewer entrance. When Yansan found out that Xu Tian hadn’t found the exit and wanted to call him too late, Xu Tian had already taken Tian Dan and ran across the corner. Xiao Xiaoyao took a brother to rescue Lian Hu, and the brothers scrambled to snatch Lian Hu from the prison guard pile and fled to the sewer exit. Little ears stunned by prison guards to cover the brothers behind.

The prison was lumped like a fry pan, and Huazi led the prison guards to a sewer entrance and shot wildly inside. Not far away, Xu Tian took Tian Dan to hide in a pile of boxes and watched the scene of prisoners panic. Xu Tian looked at Tian Dan apologetically. Tian Dan smiled and said that they still did not escape from the prison after all. Xu Tian only halved the prison.

Xu Tianyu pulled Tian Dan into the prison warehouse on time. As soon as the two entered, prison guards came over. They saw that the storeroom door was unlocked and left quickly. Xu Tian and Tian Dan glanced helplessly. At this point, Huazi and the prison guard hurriedly ran towards the sewer exit. The brothers with small ears got out of the sewer as birds and beasts. Yan San still remembered Xu Tian, ​​so he had to flee first without following him. Huazi and others chased after frustration and annoyance.

Xi Jinhai gave Shen Shichang the precious ancient paintings he brought, and he kept saying what he meant. He wanted to ask Shen Shichang to help preside over justice. Shen Shichang said generously that he could give him forty-six gold bars. Jin Hai froze. He thanked Shen Shichang for his righteousness, but he stated that he was just not convinced by Liu Rusi and Feng Qingbo, and he could not ask for Shen Shichang’s gold bar. Shen Shijing smiled heartily.

Shen Shichang took Jinhai to drink tea, Shen Shichang said to Jinhai, under no circumstances can Tian Dan be left, unless he speaks himself, he hopes that Jin Hai can treat Tian Dan well and protect her. Gimhae tentatively asked Shen Shichang’s position. Shen Shichang, a kind and loyal elder, said that he didn’t want to be charismatic, so he advocated peace talks. Gimhae immediately said that he must ensure that Tian Dan was safe.

Xu Tian and Tian Dan are trapped in the prison warehouse. Xu Tian apologizes to Tian Dan that they can only wait until the guards come to open the door to go out. Tian Dan smiled arrogantly and said to Xu Tian that he helped himself escape half of the jailbreak and helped him find Xiao Hongyu half, and now the two do not owe each other. Xu Tian puzzled Tian Dan what he meant by what he said, and what it means to find Xiao Hongyu halfway.

Putian Dan analyzed that the killer who killed Jia Xiaoduo did not hurt her other organs, indicating that the killer knew the body structure well. The killer also has a hobby for collecting the victim’s belongings. Xu Tian should go to Boss Zhou’s apartment to find it. If he can’t find the victim’s belongings, it proves that Boss Zhou is not a little red bun.Xu Tian is unbelievable, he firmly believes that Boss Zhou is Xiao Hongxi. At this time, the barking of dogs came from outside the house, and Huazi led the wolf dog to look for Tian Dan. Tian Dan suddenly told Xu Tian that there was a letter under the cushion of No. 47 in their car dealership, and she asked Xu Tian to send the letter to the address she said.

Xi Huazi asked the prison guard Eryong to go to Gimhae again. At this point, Jin Hai returned from Shen Shichang’s house, and when she came to the door, she encountered Er Yong and 17 who had been squatting. Eryong reported to Jinhai about Xu Tian’s bombing of the prison and robbing Tiandan, and Jinhai hurried to the prison in a panic.

Wu Huazi finally found Tian Dan with her dog, and Jinhai also rushed to prison. Gimhae reprimanded the prison guard who was pulling Tian Dan and asked them to take good care of Tian Dan. Tian Dan hoped that Gimhae would not embarrass Xu Tian. Gimhae didn’t speak, he broke into the storeroom and hit Xu Tian with a shot. Xu Tian was taken away by the prison guard, and Jin Hai picked up from the ground the map of the prison that Xu Tian had fallen to the ground.

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