Chapter 001 Unexpected Soul Wear

In 2160, “Mind Reading” Institute.

“Mind Reading” is about to come out. Ye Zhiyan didn’t close his eyes for several days and nights, and was afraid that there would be some problems in these few bones, ruining the mentor’s efforts for more than ten years.

The assistant gently pushed Ye Zhiyan and reminded: “Dr. Ye, you should go take a rest, there will be a press conference later…”

Ye Zhiyan did not refuse, took off his gloves and returned to the lounge.

Xu was too sleepy, Ye Zhiyan didn’t even change his clothes, so he fell asleep on the table.

In confusion, Ye Zhiyan seemed to see herself.

In the dream, Ye Zhiyan curled up on a large bed of carved wooden beams, her long skirt torn to pieces. She was shaking tightly on the quilt, but she couldn’t cover the mottled red marks.

Standing under the bed was full of people, headed by a middle-aged man in an official uniform with distinct eyebrows. At this moment, he looked angry, and his eyes almost burst into flames: “Inverse girl! I am disabled and dare to have fornication with others. I have learned. Your scumbag is the same! Beat me to death with a stick!”

“Father, I don’t say anything, please believe me!” Ye Zhiyan struggled to grab the corner of the man’s clothes in a panic.

Seeing this scene, the man’s vitality surged, and his eyes were about to split: “Things that are vulgar and corrupt! Hurry up and drag them out!”

After the words were finished, the two young men walked out of the crowd, one left and the other set Ye Zhiyan up, and dragged them out mercilessly.

Ye Zhiyan was thrown into the courtyard by the young man. The ground was cold, and she subconsciously fought a cold war. When he was about to ask for help, the young man lifted up the wooden board and struck him down.

Xiao Si didn’t show mercy, every time he played a dead hand.

“Father, Yan’er really did not commit adultery! It was the mistress who asked Yan’er to come over and let me drink the medicine, father! Please believe me!”

Ye Zhiyan crawled forward with difficulty, pleading heartily for the so-called father, who had already been beaten with shocking red marks on his body, and his dress was stained with blood.

The man came out of the room with a group of female relatives, and the middle-aged woman dressed as the mistress on the side knelt down with a “puff”.

“Master Mingjian, the concubine has never done it!”

The man pulled the woman up with one hand and looked at Ye Zhiyan angrily. As a father, seeing his daughter be beaten like this, there is no distress on his face.

“Presumptuous! Just don’t know how to be ashamed, dare to frame the mistress! Quick! Kill me and throw it to the mass grave!”

After speaking, the man left his sleeves angrily.

Ye Zhiyan looked at the back of everyone leaving. The so-called blood relatives were simply a big joke.

The anticipation and pain in his eyes gradually passed away, occupied by resentment and indifference.

Ye Zhiyan suddenly pulled out the hosta from his head and aimed it at his throat.

She looked up to the sky and screamed: “Ye Huaijin! Du Jiayue! If there is an afterlife, I will tell you not to die!”


With blood-red eyes, the hosta pierced Ye Zhiyan’s neck alive.


Ye Zhiyan woke up abruptly, only to realize that she had burst into tears, and she did not know when she was holding a hosta in her hand.

This hosta was a gadget she bought from the night market a few days ago. She liked it at first glance and took it with her.

But I didn’t expect that this hosta would be the same as the one used in suicide in the dream!

What is the connection between the dream just now and the hosta?

Ye Zhiyan suddenly reacted, a fanatical light flashed in her eyes, and she grabbed the hosta and walked to the research platform.

The small chip is lying in the glass showcase. This is the result of countless days and nights of all the staff of the institute, and it has injected everyone’s hope.

Five hours later, it will face the world for the first time, becoming the greatest invention of 2160.

Prove to the world that Ye Zhiyan and her mentor have been insisting on the subject-that there will be a conscious residue after death, which is established!

Ye Zhiyan trembled all over, she carefully unlocked the showcase with her iris, and put the hosta and the chip together.


What she saw just now must be the human brainwave information remaining on the hosta. Although it is impossible to explain why the person in the dream has the same face as himself, it is absolutely true!

This discovery can almost completely prove her research! Ye Zhiyan trembled with excitement.

However, Ye Zhi said that the expected magnetic field reaction did not occur.

She unwillingly picked up the chip and the hosta, the cold touch made her tremble slightly.

Almost in an instant, the light curtain invisible to the naked eye slowly rises, and the space of the entire room is twisted, as if something is passing by in an instant.

“Dr. Ye fainted, come on!”



The fragmentation of the clothes and silk rang out, and Ye Zhiyan only felt a chill in the whole body, and slowly opened his eyes.

The whole world has undergone earth-shaking changes.

She is no longer in the research institute, but on the edge of a cliff in the suburbs.

A strange man was pressing on her body, and her rough hands were tearing her dress vigorously.

Ye Zhiyan’s consciousness was chaotic, but she still struggled instinctively.

“Let go of me! Who are you?”

The strange man was obviously startled when she saw her struggling, and he jumped away suddenly: “Didn’t it mean that I was taking the medicine? Why did you wake up at this hour? Old godly woman, are you kidding me?”

Ye Zhiyan tightly closed his shirt and looked at the man’s sight. Not far away, under the curtain of night, there were still two old women standing there.

What’s happening?

The old woman was full of flesh, and snorted: “What if you wake up! You are an adult man and can’t get a handicapped one? Go ahead, we are still waiting for business!”

Even if Ye Zhiyan can’t figure out the situation, she probably understands it, and it’s worrying that her life is innocent.

“Don’t come here!” Ye Zhiyan crawled backwards with difficulty. Maybe God saw her being pitiful, but she touched a stone with her hand.

Ye Zhiyan raised the stone: “Come here and I will kill you!”

When the strange man was pushed by the old woman, he seemed to be calm, his eyes gradually covered with passion/desire, and he approached Ye Zhiyan step by step: “Beauty, stop struggling, thinking you are from Wunan Houfu Where is the eldest lady?”

Miss Wunan Houfu?

Ye Zhiyan didn’t have time to think about it. He lifted the rock towards the man’s head and smashed it down. Unexpectedly, his arm didn’t have any strength, and he was caught by him, “Beauty, I…”

The rest of the words were not finished. The man suddenly dilated his pupils and stiffened all over his body. A few drops of blood slowly flowed down his forehead. In the blink of an eye, the man slammed down straight, and he died out.

Facing the sudden change, the two old women trembled with fright: “Who? Who is it?”

The answer to them was the sudden enlarged pupils of the other party, the same way as a man’s death.

Everything happened between the electric light and flint, Ye Zhiyan stared at the three corpses in front of him, as if dreaming.

“Wu Nanhou’s daughter?”

The magnetic male voice that was clear to his bones sounded, and his eyes were immediately obscured by a black shadow. She blinked, not knowing when, a man with a half mask stood in front of her.

The man added a black python robe, and even a pair of boots was embroidered with intricate patterns.

Jingui is unparalleled.