Chapter 002 First encounter with Gu Ciyan

Ye Zhiyan looked up at the man, and the oppressive feeling of King’s Landing forced her to barely look at the man directly, and subconsciously held her breath.

The man knelt down and fished her out of the dead. The wolf-like gaze patrolled her body, stopping on the large white skin on her chest.

The man’s eyes were dull and unclear, Ye Zhiyan understood almost instantly.

The man was poisoned with a powerful emotion, and she came out of the wolf den and entered the fire pit again.

Just when Ye Zhiyan decided to burn the jade and the stone, the man let go and stood up straight.

“This king never uses things that others have used.”

After speaking, he turned around and left without hesitation.

Ye Zhiyan subconsciously grabbed the man’s ankle: “Please, save me!”

Ye Zhiyan realized that this body was crippled just now while she was struggling. She didn’t feel any sense in her legs. It was completely impossible for her to leave here on her own.

So even if the man in front of her is as dangerous as a beast, she can only turn to him for help.

The man turned around and glanced at her condescendingly: “Let go.”

Ye Zhiyan simply hugged his thighs with both hands: “I won’t let go, I can help you solve the poisonous and strange poison on your body!”

The man’s pupils shrunk slightly: “I don’t know Wu Nanhou’s daughter, who understands medical treatment?”

Wu Nanhou’s daughter is unreasonable, but the current Ye Zhiyan is from 2016.

She accidentally got the memory from the hosta. Originally, she just wanted to use the “mind reading” to check it, and she didn’t know which step she had gone wrong. Her consciousness was suddenly pulled away and she came to this strange dynasty.

I have seen my little assistant read some novels passed down in the 21st century, in which the heroine of Traverse is either a princess or a queen, but when she comes to herself, she becomes a lame.

Ye Zhiyan is not a sentimental person. The top priority is to accept reality and choose a way out.

At present, a man is her only way out.

“I didn’t lie to you. If I can’t cure you, I won’t be too late.” Ye Zhiyan looked at the man, the light in Xing’s eyes was brighter than the sky full of stars.

The man thought for a moment, then hugged Ye Zhiyan in his waist.

Ye Zhiyan raised her head slightly, only half of the face outside the man’s mask could be seen. Sword eyebrows flew obliquely into the temple, the narrow Danfeng eyes narrowed slightly, and there was a hidden stormy sea under the clear sky. It was not difficult to see how the man was undergoing the test at this moment.

Besides, she was holding a disheveled girl in her arms.

Ye Zhiyan had to admire the man’s heinous self-control.

Ye Zhiyan drew up the broken skirt to cover it a little.

There was a cave nearby, and the man put Ye Zhiyan in the cave and immediately turned his back to her. Thinking of it, it is already in the body, and is torturing him in dire straits.

Ye Zhiyan also studied bioengineering, researching some new drugs from the perspective of genes. Among them is an antidote, which can cure almost all kinds of toxins.

It’s just that the side effects are too great for the flesh and blood to bear, and it’s still under development.

Don’t say she didn’t bring it, even if she brought it, she wouldn’t dare to actually use it.

As soon as this idea sprouted, Ye Zhiyan suddenly felt a cold glass bottle in his hand.

Looking down, it turned out to be the bottle of antidote.

Ye Zhiyan was very scared, and subconsciously called out: “Ah.”

The man did not look back: “What happened?”

Ye Zhiyan shook his head hurriedly, realizing that the man couldn’t see it, and said: “My medicine has some side effects, but it can relieve your emotional poison and can also slow down the strange poison in your body. Do you dare to use it?”

The man hesitated for a moment: “No need to say more.”

Ye Zhiyan marveled at the man’s courage, and actually believed her, an unknown person. In case she was unpredictable, or she was just a liar to survive, the consequences would be beyond him.

“Aren’t you afraid that I might cheat you?” Ye Zhiyan looked at the man’s back, and asked without holding back.

“No doubt, no doubt about employing.”

It’s good that a suspicious person doesn’t need to use it.

Ye Zhiyan stopped talking, closed her eyes and said: “Syringe.”

Sure enough, there was an unopened brand new syringe in his hand.

Ye Zhiyan crawled to the opposite side of the man with difficulty, only to find that the man was sweating profusely, his veins were violent, and the clothes on his chest had been soaked. Without saying more, she slowly injected the antidote into the man’s body little by little, while observing the man’s reaction.

The man closed his eyes tightly, he could bear it at first, but after a few minutes his complexion suddenly turned red and his facial features were distorted.

The man fell to the ground with a grunt, covering his face in pain, the blue veins on his hands seemed to burst out.

Ye Zhiyan tore off a piece of clothing and stuffed it into the man’s mouth, grabbing his hand and softly comforting: “Forbearance, don’t bite your tongue or scratch your face. Just keep it there.”

The man suddenly got up, grabbed Ye Zhiyan’s neck, and pressed her to the ground. Her eyes were red, like a crazy beast, as if she would tear Ye Zhiyan to pieces in the next second.

All the air was sucked away, Ye Zhiyan was almost suffocated by the man, and there was already something invisible before her eyes.

When life and death were at stake, Ye Zhiyan picked up the cloth ball dropped by the man and stuffed it back into his mouth.

Ye Zhiyan broke his hand and reminded with difficulty: “Don’t… bite your tongue… hold on…”

I don’t know if it was the effect of the medicine, or the kindness of Ye Zhiyan’s doctors who influenced him, the man’s pupils shrank, his hands like iron hoops loosened a lot.

Ye Zhiyan held the man’s hand and looked at him steadily: “I know you are uncomfortable, but the poison can be cured only by holding on to it, trust me. I will definitely save you.”

This has been the case since childhood, Ye Zhiyan can always infect people around her, her stubbornness and determination are so full of magic.

The man completely let go of her and fell to the side. The whole person bowed into a shrimp shape, trembling all over, the cold sweat had completely soaked the thick python robe.

Ye Zhiyan sat up on his feet, dragged the man to his lap with all his strength, and held his hand tightly.

“You saved me, and I will definitely save you.”

Listening to Ye Zhiyan’s comfort, the man gradually stopped shaking and passed out into a coma in Ye Zhiyan’s arms.

Half an hour ago, a man who was still oppressive like a king did not dare to look directly at him, but at this moment he fell in her arms like a fragile child.

Because of the pain, the facial features are also distorted when unconscious.

Ye Zhiyan looked at the man’s silver mask curiously with the moonlight coming through the hole.

Only this half of the face is the upside-down beauty.

If the mask is taken off, what a seductive face would be.

Ye Zhiyan was about to move, and wanted to uncover the mask to see the truth, his hand almost touched the edge of the mask.

“Search it for me! Gu Ciyan was poisoned and he must not be far away!”

At this moment, there was a sudden mess of footsteps outside.

Ye Zhiyan glanced at the man in his arms. Could this group of people come to seek revenge?

Gu Ciyan saved her life, she couldn’t die.

Hearing sounds seemed not far away, she didn’t have much time.

Ye Zhiyan dragged Gu Ciyan, hid him behind a big rock, then found some hay to cover him, and then slowly crawled back.

As soon as they climbed to the original place, those people searched it.