Chapter 003 The least offended person in the Liang Dynasty

The light of the torch illuminates the entire cave in an instant, and the big stone perfectly protects Gu Ciyan. Ye Zhiyan covered his sight with his robe sleeves in the flames.

“Hey, who are you and what are you doing here?”

The headed man in black put a long sword across Ye Zhiyan’s neck and asked coldly.

Ye Zhiyan tremblingly held the tip of the sword: “The official is forgiving. The little woman was abducted by the trafficker and her legs were discounted. Please take the little woman out.”

Ye Zhiyan didn’t dare to say that he was Wu Nanhou’s daughter. After all, he was not sure about the other party’s power. If it was Wu Nanhou’s enemy, wouldn’t he die faster?

The man in black frowned slightly: “Have you ever seen a man in black?”

Ye Zhiyan’s heart was about to jump out of her chest, but she still pretended to be calm: “The trafficker who abducts the little girl is just a man in black clothes. Please beg the official, beg the official to take the little girl away.”

Facing Ye Zhiyan’s crying, the man in black kicked her chest impatiently: “I tell you, don’t play tricks with me, if I find out Gu Ciyan will be here, I will kill. you!”

Ye Zhiyan’s hands and feet were cold, if it weren’t for the night to be too dark, the person in black would be able to see the sweat on her forehead at the moment, just a few questions, absolutely revealing.

“Official master, the slave family has never seen it.” Ye Zhiyan lay on the ground, praying in his heart that Gu Ciyan would never wake up at this time.

Then they both have to confess here.

The man in black was still hesitating. Someone behind him said, “Lord, according to the subordinates, this little girl dare not lie to us. Gu Ciyan knows that we are chasing him and it is impossible to hide here. This is not waiting for us to find him. Come here?”

Ye Zhiyan almost knelt down for this big brother.

It’s so clear and convincing!

The man in black thought for a while and waved: “Go!”

Ye Zhiyan’s heart finally fell back to her chest, but she didn’t dare to be careless, staring at the cave for a long time, making sure that the group of people would not come back again after they had gone far, and then looked back to the big stone.

But he met a black eye that was as deep as a pool of water.

Ye Zhiyan was so scared that she raised her hand and was about to hit her, her wrist was caught.

Gu Ciyan woke up when the man in black came in, but didn’t say anything, wanting to see how Ye Zhiyan reacted.

But she didn’t expect that she was desperately defending her just because of the fate.

Not chaos in the face of danger, and conscience.

Unexpectedly, Wu Nanhou could give birth to such a good daughter.

Unfortunately, it was ruined.

“You, are you all right?”

Ye Zhiyan stared at the man in front of him with wide eyes, with a clear expression, his face was as usual, where is the painful appearance just now?

Gu Ciyan nodded, he also felt incredible. He had seen all the famous doctors in Daliang, and they all said that the strange poison in his body had no medicine.

He has been tortured for so many years and has already given up.

Unexpectedly, this little girl actually solved most of the small bottle of medicine.

Ye Zhiyan held Gu Ciyan’s face and suddenly opened his eyes. The offended man reflexively grabbed her hand with a bad expression: “What are you doing?”

Ye Zhiyan didn’t mind Gu Ciyan’s rudeness at all, and was extremely excited: “Let me see if there are any complications. You are a strange person. It’s terrible. Your rejection reaction is less than half. Hours.”

Gu Ciyan listened to Ye Zhiyan saying a long list of words he didn’t understand, and only felt that the girl in front of him was not easy.

But he put his hand down obediently, and let Ye Zhiyan check.

She opened his eyes for a while, looked at his lips and tongue, and checked the needle hole of the syringe.

After some frivolous checks, Ye Zhiyan blinked at Gu Ciyan, “Can I ask you something?”

Because of excitement, her little face was blushing, and her eyes were shining, making her dirty face beautiful.

Gu Ciyan was stunned for a moment, “What are you doing?”

“Can I draw you a tube of blood?”

Gu Ciyan stood up “Huo”, and the long sword that didn’t know where it came from pointed directly at Ye Zhiyan’s eyebrows: “What did you say?”

Ye Zhiyan paled with fright, and the success of the antidote made her completely forget that she was in ancient times now.

“I’m just kidding, are you doing this to your savior?”

Gu Ciyan received the sword, his expression grim: “Even.”

That’s what I said, but Ye Zhiyan dragged such a crippled body, she couldn’t live in this ancient time. Although she occupied this body, she had no original memory, and she didn’t know if it was a side effect of “mind reading”.

And now there is a problem that we have to face is the deviation of memory.

She had clearly seen Ye Zhiyan commit suicide with a hairpin at the time, but her current direction was different from her memory. Obviously, this timeline was earlier than the original one. In other words, she is simply reborn through the increase.

But no matter what the situation is, only one thing remains the same-she is disabled.

If you want to go back to modern times, you have to find the hosta first.

This is the end of the matter, even if Wu Nanhou doesn’t wait to see her, she will have to go back before making plans.

Ye Zhiyan looked at Gu Ciyan and could only use him.

“Your remaining poison has not been cleaned up. I don’t have an antidote now in my hand. You have to send me back, and I will give it to you when I get it.”

Gu Ciyan thought without hesitation: “Okay.”

After daybreak, Gu Ciyan put his robe on her, holding her all the way back to Wunan Houfu.

Along the way, they almost attracted all the attention. Gu Ciyan didn’t intend to keep a low profile at all.

Ye Zhiyan heard the identity of Gu Ciyan from the discussion of the people next to him.

Eight princes.

He turned out to be the Eighth Prince.

Ye Zhiyan knew that there were differences between men and women in ancient times. Women value fame most, otherwise Ye Zhiyan would not be beaten to death by her father.

But she was disabled again. She couldn’t walk at all without holding her. She could only hold Gu Ciyan’s neck and bury her head in her arms so that others could not see her face.

The hateful Gu Ciyan, was still being hunted and killed yesterday, and today held her to swagger through the market.

It’s just looking for death.

Gu Ciyan stopped at Wunan Houfu, Jiading entered the report, and Gu Ciyan looked down at the person in his arms: “You can raise your head.”

Ye Zhiyan narrowed her neck: “Go in and talk, go in and talk.”

Wu Nan Hou Ye Huaijin came out to greet him quickly, and when he saw the person in Gu Ciyan’s arms, his face suddenly turned green.

The daughter who was not out of the pavilion, dressed in men’s clothes, was carried back in public. This is simply a misfortune for the family and a shameful shame!

But the other party was Gu Ciyan, and Ye Huaijin couldn’t say a word.

The last thing the beam dynasty can’t provoke is not the emperor, but this arrogant eight princes.

The mother and queen were sent from Xiliang to be a married princess, and the emperor was extremely pampered with him and his son.

All the privileges that were not in the concubine were given to Concubine Xiang, Gu Ciyan’s mother, but Concubine Xiang was not upbeat. Gu Ciyan was born with an ugly appearance and had to wear a mask to show others.

Because of this, the emperor gave Gu Ciyan the unprincipled favor.

When he was a child, Gu Ciyan almost pierced the emperor’s eyes. The emperor didn’t blame a word, and even gave Gu Ciyan and Concubine Xiang a banquet to be shocked.

Older, Gu Ciyan and the prince broke into the new concubine’s room for fun, and happened to run into the new concubine taking a bath. The unlucky new concubine was given to death on the spot, and the prince was fined and confined for six months.

Only Gu Ciyan was given a warning not to run around.

Gu Ciyan ran sideways in the palace since he was a child, and hundreds of civil and military officials were bullied by him all the time.

Later, when he grew up, once the young man in his house was caught by the five princes and died.

Just as a small servant, Gu Ciyan broke into the inner hall of the five princes with a sword and chopped off his brother’s lifeblood. The emperor also fined him only three years of salary.

In short, in the beam dynasty, no one can compare to Gu Ciyan’s grace.

To provoke him is to seek a dead end.