Chapter 004 Holding her and swaggering across the market

Gu Ciyan sneered at the corner of his mouth: “Will Lord Hou invite this king in? This king is escorting Ling Qianjin, and his hands are sore.”

Ye Huaijin’s face turned greener, and she stretched out her hand: “Please, Lord.”

Ye Zhiyan rolled her eyes, is she that heavy?

Gu Ciyan straightly put Ye Zhiyan on the Grand Master’s chair in the main hall. That was Ye Huaijin’s position. Gu Ciyan was really unruly at this time.

Ye Zhiyan angrily pinched Gu Ciyan, if she wasn’t crippled, she would definitely kick Gu Ciyan in the face.

“I don’t know why the little girl is in the hands of the prince?” Ye Huaijin dared to be angry but didn’t dare to speak, even if he asked questions, he was polite.

Gu Ciyan glanced at Ye Zhiyan who didn’t say a word, and said: “This king is out hunting, and just meets Ling Qianjin being made difficult by two women, and can’t stand it for a while, so he helps.

Gu Ciyan sat next to Ye Zhiyan, playing with the tea cup on the table: “I don’t know that Princess Shuli’s daughter lived so miserably in the Hou Mansion. Didn’t Hou Ye forget…”

Gu Ciyan suddenly raised his head, his eyes looked like sharp blades: “Your Majesty told you to treat the princess’s child kindly! Are you acting like this, are you trying to resist the decree?”

The familiar breath returned, Ye Zhiyan couldn’t help looking at Gu Ciyan’s profile.

This man is a natural king, and if he is not one day, he must be converging his edge.

In short, extraordinary.

Ye Huaijin knelt directly on the ground: “Wang Ye Mingjian, how dare you be an official!”


Gu Ciyan threw out Ye Huaijin’s favorite tea cup, which happened to be broken in front of Ye Huaijin’s eyes: “This king sees you dare to be!”

Ye Huaijin’s body shook: “The prince did not know that the little girl was stubborn, so she was placed in a manor outside the city. I wanted her to cultivate her body and have a better memory. I didn’t expect her to…”

No wonder.

It is estimated that the original owner’s life in the manor is also not easy, otherwise he would not be dragged to the edge of the cliff by the two vicious women.

Ye Zhiyan remembered that they said they wanted to go back for business, and it was obvious that someone had instructed them.

If you want to come to Wu Nanhou as your biological father, you should not be so vicious.

“Ye Huaijin! Du Jiayue! If there is an afterlife, I will tell you not to die!”

Suddenly such a sentence echoed in his ear, and Ye Zhiyan’s head felt dull, and she couldn’t help frowning.

It seems that the residual consciousness of the original owner played a role.

“Father, I haven’t found out what happened, it’s really chilling to blame my daughter in this way.” Ye Zhiyan said coldly while holding his temple.

Ye Huaijin was taken aback, and looked up at Ye Zhiyan.

The face was still the same, but there was a different energy from the past.

Ye Huaijin frowned, her eyes could not hide the disgust: “Are you saying that your father wronged you?”

Ye Zhi said: “Are you wronged? You will know when you call Du Jiayue to ask!”

Ye Zhiyan is purely blind, but it is not surprising that Du Jiayue can poison the original owner once. This time, even if she did not do it personally, she would never escape the relationship.

Ye Huaijin’s face was extremely ugly: “Bold! How dare you call the mistress’s name directly!”


It turns out that Du Jiayue is the mistress, what about her mother-in-law Shuli?

Thinking of Princess Shuli, Ye Zhiyan’s head hurts more and more, and the hatred spreading from her heart instantly took over her brain. Ye Zhiyan almost uncontrollably shouted: “She is not worthy to be a mistress! My mother should be. It’s the mistress!”

As soon as they spoke, Gu Ciyan and Ye Huaijin both looked at her. Ye Zhiyan knew it was broken, and the original owner’s consciousness was out of control at this time.

It seems that she must find a way to control it in the future.

Otherwise, the real disaster will come out of the mouth.

Ye Zhiyan coughed lightly, and bowed to her side: “Sorry, the daughter was arrogant, but the daughter is really wronged. Please my father for the lesson.”

What more Ye Huaijin had to say, Gu Ciyan got up and said, “It’s inconvenient for the king to intervene in your family affairs.”

Hearing this, Ye Huaijin breathed a sigh of relief: “Send the prince respectfully.”

Gu Ciyan walked to the door and suddenly turned around: “The king came to see the eldest lady in three days, hoping to see a good eldest lady, otherwise, Lord Hou knows the consequences.”

Ye Huaijin’s newly relaxed body straightened again and respectfully bowed: “Xiaguan got it.”

After leaving the Gu Ci banquet, Ye Huaijin’s wives and concubines Wuyang and Wuyang all surrounded the main hall.

Du Jiayue was shocked after hearing that Ye Zhiyan was hugged by Gu Ciyan just now. When did Ye Zhiyan hook up with Gu Ciyan?

“Master Hou!” Du Jiayue looked worried about her husband, “What happened? Why did you get into the Eighth Prince?”

Ye Huaijin glared at Ye Zhiyan who was sitting on the chair, her chest violently fluctuating: “Ni Nu! Don’t get me down!”

Ye Zhiyan looked at Ye Huaijin with an innocent look: “Isn’t my father aware that his daughter is disabled? If you fall down by yourself, how will you explain to the Eighth Prince three days later?”

Ye Huaijin is absolutely breathless.

“At a young age, there is an eighth prince who opened her mouth and closed her mouth. Do you still have a face?” Du Jiayue cursed, pointing to Ye Zhiyan, not knowing what happened.

Ye Zhiyan looked at Du Jiayue with a smile: “It’s about the reputation of the eighth princes. Please also ask the mistress to be careful. The anger of the eighth princes is not something you can bear.”

Thinking of Gu Ciyan’s face, Ye Huaijin stopped Du Jiayue angrily and frustratedly: “Okay, ask someone to take the eldest lady to take care of you! One less hair, I just ask you!”

Du Jiayue thought she had heard it wrong: “Master Hou?”

Obviously, after her own hard work, Ye Huaijin is tired of Ye Zhiyan. Otherwise, she would not let her live and die in the manor. Why has her attitude changed today?

Ye Huaijin was so angry that there was nowhere to spread it: “Do you need me to say it a second time? Get out of here!”

Seeing that Ye Huaijin was really angry, Du Jiayue had to summon a woman to take Ye Zhiyan back to the room.

Ye Zhiyan looked at Du Jiayue with a smile: “Thank you, mistress.”

Du Jiayue snorted and went back to the room. Others who watched the excitement also followed, only the concubine Liu Youqing stayed.

“Master Hou, don’t make yourself angry.”

Liu Youqing swayed her weak waist and walked forward and hugged Ye Huaijin’s arm.

Liu Youqing was his cousin, but when the family was in trouble, he turned to concubine.

Among his concubines, Ye Huaijin’s favorite is Liu Youqing. Never too much, Wenxiang Nephrite, the most able to appreciate emotions.

With Liu Youqing’s comfort, Ye Huaijin calmed down a lot.

He sighed, “What the hell is going on with that Niu? Don’t be afraid, just tell me.”

Liu Youqing looked down: “I think it should be a misunderstanding. How could Zhiyan elope with someone because of his illness? Let the concubine check it out.”

Ye Huaijin nodded: “Well, I’ll leave this to you.”

Liu Youqing held Ye Huaijin’s hand, winking like silk: “I know, Master Hou, don’t get angry, my concubine hurts physically and mentally.”

Ye Huaijin was stunned by this sight, and he hugged Liu Youqing and walked towards the sleeping hall.