Chapter 005 Fetch from the air

Ye Zhiyan was washed and washed clean by several women. After he was dressed neatly, he was thrown on the bed like garbage.

Du Jiayue stood at the door and warned with a bad face: “Don’t think that with the support of the Eighth Prince, you can stir up trouble in this mansion! I want to kill you, it is easier than trampling on an ant!”

Ye Zhiyan straightened her body and met her gaze coldly: “For example, give me medicine, and then plant me to run away with others, and be abused to death?”

Du Jiayue’s eyes changed obviously.

Ye Zhiyan’s guess was correct, and it really had something to do with her.

Du Jiayue quickly returned to normal and sneered: “I don’t know what you are talking about, but is this your attitude toward your elders?”

Ye Zhiyan stroked the cloud satin brocade on the side, and looked at the surrounding environment, and found that it was the same room as the one he had seen in the hosta.

It seems that the original owner was framed in this room and finally committed suicide in despair.

In other words, Du Jiayue will make a move next.

Ye Zhiyan shrugged: “Elder? You are worthy of being an elder too?”

Du Jiayue was choked by Ye Zhiyan for a while, this was not the same Ye Zhiyan who had cringed before!

It’s strange, what kind of medicine did this little bitch take today, and he suddenly regained his resuscitation?

“Ye Zhiyan, don’t forget that I am still the mistress in this house!”

Ye Zhiyan nodded: “But it won’t be anymore soon.”

Du Jiayue was stunned, and then filled her chest with anger: “What did you say?”

Ye Zhiyan stretched out: “Don’t say good things a second time. Mistress, I should rest. I can’t see the eighth princes after I haven’t slept for three days.”

Du Jiayue was itchy with anger, she only felt that Ye Zhiyan today was like a different person, like a hedgehog, covered in thorns and piercing.

With a “bang”, Du Jiayue took the door and walked away angrily.

Ye Zhiyan was sure that everyone had gone far, and then he looked at his legs.

My muscles were atrophied, and I didn’t feel anything after pinching my legs with all my strength. It is estimated that the blood vessels were all necrotic.

But as long as the legs are still there, she won’t be troubled by her PhD in bioengineering. In 2160, when science and technology were highly developed, even cancer was a small cold. Any incurable disease left over can be easily solved if it encounters genetic modification.

Ye Zhiyan closed her eyes and muttered “Cell Activator” silently in her heart. Sure enough, a glass bottle appeared in the palm of her hand again.

So far Ye Zhiyan can’t figure out what’s going on, why he can summon something from 2160.

She has a bold idea.


Ye Zhiyan opened his eyes, there was nothing.

It seems that the only way to get dead objects is from there, and it is impossible to send people a letter.

I just don’t know if there is an upper limit for taking things.

I still owe Gu Ciyan’s antidote, and I won’t be able to get it out at that time, maybe blood will be splashed on the spot.

Thinking about this, Ye Zhiyan quickly took out a few more bottles of antidote for emergencies.

After carefully hiding the antidote, he injected himself with the cell vitalizer.

This body is so poor that Ye Zhiyan didn’t dare to inject too much. Take your time, a disabled person suddenly stood up, it wouldn’t be good if he was burned to death as an evildoer.

The pain of Cell Booster was not something ordinary people could bear. Ye Zhiyan wrapped herself in a quilt, and her newly changed dress was completely soaked in sweat.

She bit the quilt tightly and pinched her hand into the flesh, but there was still no way to relieve the pain.

As if countless sharp knives were stirred in her calf, carving bones.

Every pain came directly to the bottom of my heart, and the big beads of sweat completely blurred my vision.

As her consciousness grew deeper and deeper, Ye Zhiyan almost lost her strength in pain, and fainted.


“Doctor Night, wake up soon.”

She saw herself being carried into the hospital, people in and out of the institute, the press conference had to be cancelled because of her coma, and the institute was crowded with reporters waiting to interview her.

Ye Zhiyan wanted to talk, but found that no one saw him at all.

She is like a ball of air, completely integrated into the world.

Suddenly, the picture went dark, and the sense of withdrawal struck again, and her whole person was placed in another space.

“Princess Shuli had an affair with others, and the royal family was ashamed and given death. Wu Nanhou took care of the subsequent affairs. After the funeral period is over, he can choose his wife and marry again.”

An imperial decree came down, and Princess Shuli, who was curled up in the corner of the demolished house, hit her head to death on the wall.



When Princess Shuli was out for funeral, there was a baby crying from the coffin.

Ye Zhiyan was born in a coffin.

Ye Huaijin looked at the crying milk doll in the coffin, full of disgust: “Come here, blood test!”

The servant brought a bowl of clear water over, and Ye Huaijin cut his finger and dripped blood in, and then asked someone to get the baby’s blood.

No matter how miserable the child was crying, even without washing, he pricked his finger to get blood.

Fortunately, the two drops of blood melted together.

Ye Huaijin paused, and walked away: “Although the child was born in my own coffin, it is unknown after all. It must be kept in the backyard. It is impossible to tell!”

In this way, Ye Zhiyan, who was just born, was locked in the backyard, and his biological father never looked at it again.

“Oh, you thought you were the eldest lady? What kind of sickness are you pretending to be? Roll me over and wash my clothes.”

She was just a maid, but threw her clothes to Ye Zhiyan, who was only a few years old.

The water was cold to the bones, and the little Ye Zhiyan’s hands were red with cold, but he had to wash piles of clothes.

The girl who was younger than her grabbed the clothes in her hand, and the milky voice asked grimly: “You are too much, why can the eldest help you wash your clothes!”

Several maids pushed the little girl to the ground, punching and kicking mercilessly.

Ye Zhiyan hugged the little girl: “Don’t fight forsythia, don’t fight forsythia!”

Two girls who were less than ten years old together were beaten by a group of people and couldn’t stand.


At the age of fourteen, Ye Zhiyan intended to hurt the new mistress and was interrupted by her legs and was thrown on the farm in the country.

At the age of sixteen, Ye Huaqing’s sweetheart, Bai Xunsheng, strayed into the farm after hunting and missed Ye Zhiyan. Ye Huaqing’s mother and daughter designed Ye Zhiyan to work with women, but they were beaten to death by Ye Huaijin.


When Ye Zhiyan woke up again, it was already the next day, and the cell activator made her fall asleep for a whole day.

Fortunately, everything is clear.

She accidentally received all the memories of the original owner.

His mother was framed to death, and she was tortured since she was a child, and her legs were broken alive.

All this is given by the mother and daughter of Du Jiayue.

Ye Zhiyan wiped a tear from the corner of her eyes and said to herself: “I know your hatred, but I also have my own mission.”

It seemed to say to myself, but also to the original owner who had been miserable in his life.

She doesn’t want to get involved in the life-and-death battle in this backyard. She just wants to go back to modern times, back to the research institute, and continue to study “mind reading”.

However, since it has taken up your identity…

Ye Zhiyan raised his head, as if looking through the air at someone who didn’t exist at all. There was determination in her eyes, coldly: “I will avenge you, and will not let you be bullied again.”