Chapter 1153 Supreme Member

In the palace for a long time, it is indispensable to come and go with these officials.

Gradually, Gu Ciwei also figured out the nature of these noble ladies, and after a few taels of silver, it was not attractive to them.

As a result, Gu Ciwei lifted their appetites, telling them literally that they were limited to two purchases per person.

But it can be a group of six, and each group has the opportunity to buy two more.

After hearing this, these ladies were overjoyed, and they didn’t even return home. They were busy visiting the daughters who are usually close to them, and hurrying to form a team to fight.

Ye Zhiyan instructed Haitang to serve Gu Ciwei’s maidservant with a plate of desserts, and packed some other styles of lipstick for Gu Ciwei to take back.

Ye Zhiyan didn’t expect Gu Ciwei to be so calculating, secretly regretting being lazy before and not preparing enough goods.

If you knew it, you should let Zhi Brain make a list.

Just do it, and give orders to Zhi Brain.

In a short while, the room was full of bottles and cans, as well as all kinds of colorful packaging boxes.

Facial cleanser, foundation, mask, sunscreen…everything.

In the next few days, Ye Zhiyan was nervously pulling Forsythia and Begonia, and with other servants, he intensively removed the original package and put it back into the ancient gift box of his own design.

The packaging design drawings brought back by the maidservant Gu Ci from the palace, with beautiful eyes, showed a look of surprise.

While consulting the design drawings, Gu Ciwei said to himself: “It’s really a god, the emperor’s wife still has this skill.”

In fact, these drawings are no stranger to Ye Zhiyan. Due to the nature of a girl, when she was in the research institute, she often went to the laboratory responsible for the development of cosmetics in her spare time.

Take the opportunity to help, research all kinds of fancy cosmetics inside and out.

In the busy schedule, time flies, and in a blink of an eye it is the opening day.

Amidst the sound of firecrackers, Feiyanlou opened its doors.

Because Gu Ciwei had made enough marketing preparations, when he went to Beijing, from the princesses and concubines of the royal noblemen, the daughters of the Baiguan’s family, and down to the poor girls, they all lined up early in front of the Feiyan Tower.

The Feiyan Building has two floors. The first floor is divided into various display cabinets, which contain various cosmetics.

The second floor was finely decorated into less than twenty private rooms, which can only be entered by the Supreme Members.

In addition to unlimited supply of various cosmetics on the spot, you can also do some facial treatments and massage.

Had it not been for Gu Ciyan’s persuasion to act low-key, Ye Zhiyan would have liked to let Zhi Nao hand over the full set of SPA massage equipment for later generations.

Because of the small space on the second floor, Ye Zhiyan only distributed less than 30 Supreme Membership quotas in a restrained manner.

The threshold for supreme members is quite high, and membership fee of five hundred taels of gold must be paid for membership.

In addition, the amount spent in Feiyanlou in a year must be at least 10,000 silver, otherwise it will automatically lose the qualification of the Supreme Member according to the contract of membership.

After discussing with Gu Ci, Ye Zhiyan studied the spending power of all classes in Beijing.

Based on this, different levels of membership have been established.

In addition to the most senior member on the second floor, there is also a public member.

After applying to become a public member, there will be a dedicated waiter who will record it on the ledger after entering the store on weekdays and exchange points for points.

Points can be used to deduct discounts, and can also be used to redeem some specific cosmetics.