Chapter 1154 The Explosive Feiyanlou

Although the membership fee of the premium membership card is frighteningly high, the products and services that cannot stand up are really fresh.

There is no shortage of wealthy people in Beijing. Even though Ye Zhiyan had been mentally prepared, she still did not expect that so many young ladies and ladies would blush to grab these 30 senior memberships.

If you know this, you can cover the next level, or charge a higher membership fee.

Looking at this hot scene, Ye Zhiyan secretly worried.

Forsythia and the waiter in the shop were busy greeting customers, sweating.

The dressing of the waiters in Feiyanlou was also shocking.

All-color high ponytail, white-collar shirt, tight skirt.

But considering the feudal thoughts of people in this era, Ye Zhiyan extended the work clothes skirts of those waiters indefinitely to cover their ankles, so as not to be labeled as indecent by the caring people.

But even so, the fancy dress of the lady at Feiyanlou became big news in Beijing.

Many people came to watch the excitement, and even some brave girls specially went to the tailor’s shop to let the tailor be the maid of the Feiyanlou.

A series of busy days make me dizzy every day, but fortunately, money is pouring in like flowing water.

This gave Ye Zhiyan and Gu Ci, two weak women, the motivation to get up and work.

Gu Ciwei teamed up with his mother and concubine to intercede with the emperor. After a lot of talk, the emperor reluctantly wanted Gu Ciwei to be out of the palace for seven days a month, and he must be accompanied by a court lady eunuch.

And the seven or eight maids hired urgently, after simple training, started early.

This gave Ye Zhiyan and Gu Ciwei some leisure time.

Sitting in the “office”, Gu Ci slightly calculated his calculations, with a smile on his face.

“Sister-in-law, it’s amazing! We have only been in business for four days, and our daily sales alone have reached more than ten thousand taels of silver, and the UCI ratio is getting higher day by day…”

Ye Zhiyan couldn’t help laughing as she listened to Gu Ci’s sip of business terms for later generations.

Ye Zhiyan brought her a cup of tea, sat next to her, and accompanied her to clean up the intricate accounts: “Weiwei, how is it, are you tired?”

Gu Ciwei put down the account book and took a sip of tea with his small mouth: “Not tired!”

In the lobby, a woman holding a handful of cosmetics is pointing at the waiter’s clothing and making gestures with Forsythia.

Gu Ci smiled slightly and scratched Ye Zhiyan’s sleeves: “Emperor’s wife, Forsythia told me something new. These days, many tailors have come to our shop, in the name of buying cosmetics, secretly Thinking about the clothes on the waiter.”

Ye Zhiyan didn’t expect that one of her hot styles was actually a waiter’s work clothes…

Just like later generations of young girls love uniforms and maid outfits.

“It’s too greedy to chew, and we still have to make a long-term plan for making clothes.”

In the next few days, the business of Feiyanlou became more and more popular.

Ye Zhiyan divided the waiters into two shifts and handed them to Forsythia and Haitang to manage them.

In addition to a fixed monthly bonus, commissions can also be issued based on personal sales.

Let forsythia and begonia be translated into ancient terms, and then taught to these maids.

These maids are from poor families, and being able to eat every month is the greatest luxury. I have never thought that one day I could earn such a generous monthly amount of money.

Encouraged by the advanced salary reward system, Feiyan Tower is full of enthusiasm and enthusiasm.

The fame of Feiyanlou is getting bigger and bigger, and everyone knows it in Shangjing.

Even in several cities near Beijing, there are noble ladies who sit in a carriage for half a day to purchase cosmetics.

So in order to maintain the safety of the Nine Gates of Shangjing, Baililie specially transferred Jiashi from the two towns from Shanpu Camp.

Even Cui Wan’er sent a maid to the Feiyanlou secretly and bought two boxes of cosmetics.