Chapter 1155 Trial marriage before marriage

The business of Feiyanlou became more and more prosperous, and its reputation gradually spread to the palace.

The emperor heard that it was the rouge shop opened by Ye Zhiyan and Gu Ciwei. He was amused and summoned Gu Ciwei into the palace to ask.

It’s okay if you don’t ask. With this question, Gu Ci, who is already obsessed with money, begged for a signboard exclusively provided by the court.

In the future, the rouge of Sancheng Harem will be purchased by Nekus personally from Feiyanlou.

The fame of Feiyanlou became even stronger with the golden signboard exclusively provided by the court.

In addition, the behind-the-scenes owners of the rouge shop are the famous eight princesses and the emperor’s favorite little princess. It is logical that in people’s minds, Feiyanlou and the royal family are equated.

For a while, Shangjingzhong took the rouge that can be used in Feiyanlou as a great honor, and some people even bought it as a gift.

In a slightly remote place, several mobile scalpers have actually emerged.

I bought rouge from Feiyanlou and sold it to other counties at high prices.

After Gu Ciwei heard about it, he wanted to find the government to take a hard hit on these imposters to replace the hoarding profiteers, but he was stopped by Ye Zhiyan.

It will not be long before franchise stores will be opened in prefectures and counties outside of Shangjing. These Erdao dealers are currently the cheapest brand promoters.

When the authentic shop is over, the high-priced goods that they stock up will naturally disappear from the market.

For half a month, the silver was paid in like water, and the speed of making money shocked Forsythia and Haitang.

At the same time, with the help of Gu Ciyan, the project of the Changqinghe Reservoir gradually got on the right track, and Gu Cifeng tacitly advised the court.

After watching Gu Ciyan put the victims in the vicinity of the Changqing River in place, the emperor finally relaxed and planned the water conservancy projects in Linyuan, Heixia, Sanjiang Canal, and Chishui.

Once the construction of the four major reservoirs begins, the hundreds of thousands of victims entrenched in the vicinity of Shangjing will have a place to stay and live.

An undercurrent surging rogue chaos was finally held down before it broke out.

In the middle of the night, Gu Ci banquet that had been busy all day long on the river bank finally returned home.

Ye Zhiyan helped Gu Ciyan change into casual clothes, and asked with concern: “Ayan, how is the Changqinghe side?”

Gu Ciyan said: “It’s much smoother than before, and it will be completed in two months.”

Ye Zhiyan nodded: “You were busy with water conservancy matters, and you almost forgot about the slightest events.”

Hearing this, Gu Ciyan was taken aback, and asked somewhat puzzledly: “What’s wrong with Wei Wei?”

“Today, my mother and concubine called me into the palace, and in another month, it will be the day of Weiwei’s wedding. There are still many things that have not been done, and the mother and concubine are very anxious.”

Gu Ciyan smiled faintly, and patted Ye Zhiyan’s little hand: “Don’t worry, these things are handled by the old scholars in the Ministry of Courtesy, and nothing can go wrong.”

“This is the case. The Ministry of Rituals sent a wedding ceremony seal today, and your majesty handed it over to the mother concubine. The mother concubine discussed with me and asked me to go back to the house to talk to you, although I feel sorry for you worrying about the riverbank all day. But you have to follow the matter of Weiwei’s wedding, otherwise, the mother and concubine are really worried.”

Hearing this, Gu Ciyan finally understood his mother’s worries.

The group of people in the Ritual Department are outsiders after all, and they only act according to rigid and rigid rules.

If they follow their approach, although there will be no etiquette, it is difficult to guarantee that Wei Wei will not be dissatisfied.

“Today, Shilang Zhang mentioned in the courtesy chapter of the trial marriage palace, and the eunuch Sili selected three handsome court ladies, who actually wanted to send them to his brother for a trial marriage before marriage… After being heard by Wei Wei, she was almost out of breath. You have to pull off Zhang Shilang’s beard. Zhang Shilang is still red with an old face and argues slightly, saying that he should try on a court lady first and check whether the horses have hidden diseases. This is the requirement of the royal canon…”