Chapter 1156 Gu Ci Banquet Organizes the Wedding

Ye Zhiyan remembered the embarrassing and funny scene again, her face turned red, and she laughed.

Gu Ciyan was also amused by Gu Ciwei’s embarrassment. He shook his head and sighed: “It stands to reason that these rules were the necessary procedures for the royal princess to marry, but they were placed at the wedding of Weiwei and Ye Da, which is really absurd.”

“Yeah, Ayan, these things can’t be solved by Weiwei’s bride personally every time, right? I think you still have to go to the etiquette department to see. Otherwise, you might be tricked by those old scholars. Come.”

Gu Ciyan smiled and nodded, and agreed: “It is reasonable and reasonable, but I was negligent. The Changqinghe side is already on the right track, and I will go to the Ministry of Rites tomorrow.”

The next morning, Gu Ciyan got up early and changed into court clothes.

When he was in dynasty, he told the emperor about this.

The emperor didn’t ask much, he nodded in agreement, and let Gu Ciyan help the Ministry of Rites organize the little princess’s marriage.

Zhang Shilang led a group of officials and led Gu Ciyan to the Bilisi: “Master, please… this is the dowry prepared for the princess, and everything is in accordance with the rules of the imperial code.”

Gu Ciyan nodded slowly, and followed Zhang Shilang to check.

Every time a check is made, there are two officials who write records and register them in the register.

“Yuan Diao Dynasty crown, a pair of sea dragon jade robe, vermilion gold lacquer and silver thin 30 catties, gold silk hanging 50 catties, six tiger skins, six hundred palace silk and palace brocade…”

The same luxurious and luxurious gifts have been registered, and two books have been written.


When Gu Ciyan heard the official yelling, he slowly raised his hand.

“Lord, what’s wrong? Show the prince the book of creation.”

With that said, an official handed the pamphlet to Gu Ciyan respectfully.

After turning a few pages, Gu Ciyan put it on the table and pointed to Zhang Shilang.

“Master Zhang, replace these two dowries with something different.”

Zhang Shilang glanced, and the Eighth Prince pointed out that it was 20 armors and 30 bows and arrows.

According to the imperial code, there is no mandatory requirement that these weapons must be included in the dowry of the princess.

Now, Ye Jianchen has just reached a tacit agreement with the emperor, and the horse is released in Nanshan, and the swordsman is in the warehouse.

This pass, really shouldn’t use these as dowry.

Furthermore, Gu Ciyan also wondered whether the person who arranged these dowries had other intentions.

Zhang Shilang stroked his white beard, and said solemnly: “Return to the prince, the leader of the night is the general of the army and horse, and the battlefield is brave. These objects just highlight the courage and courage of the horse. And the minister has checked the imperial code, these things It’s not against the system.”

Listening to Zhang Shilang’s explanation, Gu Ciyan thought slightly, and shook his head: “Swordsmen are a murder weapon and should not be placed above the wedding ceremony. Let’s change another gift.”

Seeing Gu Ciyan’s insistence, Zhang Shilang no longer stubbornly nodded again and again, “Come here, the two dowries are changed to: ten red jade python belts, 16 imperial horses…”

Gu Ciyan nodded slowly, checked the other gifts, picked out a few more, and asked Zhang Shilang to change to others.

More than 700 pieces of dowry, it took a day, and finally the count is over.

Gu Ciyan was about to get up and go home.

Suddenly, an eunuch hurried to the Ministry of Rites with a stack of official documents.

Seeing the eunuch, Gu Ciyan sat down again slowly.

Shi Lang looked at him for a moment, and took a peek at Gu Ciyan.

“Master Zhang! These are the five ladies selected by the eunuch Sili to marry the princess. The birthplace, year of entering the palace, and physical condition are all here, please see them.”