Chapter 1157 Supervise carefully

Hearing this, Gu Ciyan had a look on his face and frowned slightly.

Seeing Gu Ciyan’s face turned cold, Zhang Shilang hurriedly ordered the eunuch: “Present to the prince for review first!”


The detailed information of the five palace ladies was handed over.

Gu Ciyan glanced briefly, then threw it aside and said coldly: “Don’t look at it, return to the eunuch, the princess is married, there is no need to have a noble daughter to marry, let them send more eunuchs and maids to serve the princess and her husband That’s it.”


The little eunuch kowtowed his head and promised, but his body hesitated to stand up.

Gu Ciyan looked unhappy, and asked in a cold voice, “What’s wrong? What else is going on with Father Sili?”

Seeing that the situation was wrong, Zhang Shilang hurriedly deported the eunuch, and stepped forward to explain: “Prince, since ancient times, when princesses marry, they have selected a few close court ladies as dowry ladies, so that when the princess is unwell, she can serve on her behalf. Consort…”

“No need!”

Gu Ciyan put the tea cup down again, and the tea splashed over half of the table.

“The little princess and Ye Da are in good agreement. You don’t need these vulgar gifts. Don’t you know the character of the princess? If you let Weiwei know that you arranged this way, wouldn’t it be asking for trouble!”

Hearing Gu Ciyan’s reprimand, Shi Lang frowned.

A few days ago, due to the trial marriage of the palace lady, the old bones were almost not taken down by the unruly princess.

Thinking of the arrogant look of the toothy grin, Shi Lang couldn’t help but fight a cold war.

However, the national event is the sacrifice to the army.

This big wedding is not only the wedding of the princess, but also a great ceremony for Liang Guo to boost his spirit after the war.

In order to be safe, Zhang Shilang could only do things step by step, breaking the words in the imperial code.

Thinking of this, Zhang Shilang spoke respectfully and explained: “The prince, the minister understands that this princess’s wedding is not a trivial matter, but it is the great gift of the country that has attracted the attention of the world. The minister does not dare to be negligent.”

Hearing this, Gu Ciyan relieved his frowning frown and waved his hand: “Master Zhang, you don’t have to worry, my father allows me to help you organize the wedding ceremony. I know it naturally.”

After that, he looked at the little eunuch who was standing aside timidly: “Go back and tell Father-in-law Sili that this is the arrangement made by this king.”

“Hurry up!”

Seeing that the Eighth Prince had confessed, Zhang Shilang no longer thought about it, and took all the orders of Gu’s banquet.

After these waves of dormant ladies, Gu Ciyan felt that Ye Zhiyan made him come.

Otherwise, I don’t know what troubles will cause.

Thinking of this, Gu Ciyan asked Zhang Shilang and other officials to take over some of the procedures and etiquette that had been formulated, and review them one by one.

It was getting late and helpless, Shi Lang had no choice but to let the little official go out to buy food and work overtime with Gu Ciyan.

“How is the repair of the horse mansion now?”

“Return to the prince, check once a day with the Ministry of Industry, the palace has been rebuilt, and now the Ministry of Industry is busy whitewashing the brick walls and placing furniture inside.”

Gu Ciyan nodded slowly, and then ordered: “Tomorrow you will send a few reliable and stimulating staff, and take a closer look. The Yuye Pond was originally the palace of the father, and the special things for the father must be required. Check out the books and send them back to the inner library in the palace to avoid missing them.”

After listening to Gu Ci’s banquet, Shilang Zhang let out a cold sweat.

Just busy with these red tapes, I actually neglected such an important thing.

If there is really something dedicated to the emperor in it, then the consort will be implicated in an overwhelming title…

Thinking of this, Shi Lang did not hesitate: “The minister understands, the minister will make arrangements!”