Chapter 1158 Brother Huang is reliable

Gu Ciyan picked out seven or eight unreasonable procedures, and changed the gate of the princess’s marriage to the palace from Yuzi Gate to the newly renovated Chaoge Gate.

The route out of the palace can also go far, bypassing the place where Gu Ciwen was held hostage by the civil war in the palace.

There were corpses all over there at the beginning, and it was somewhat unlucky.

Secondly, the wedding day was already nervous, and Gu Ciyan was also afraid that Gu Ci would look at things and think about people, and then recalled the horrible scene of being kidnapped by Gu Ciwen, which disturbed his mind.

In the same way, he checked again and made sure that there was nothing wrong. Gu Ciyan was busy until late at night before he got up and returned to the palace.

After the ceremony was completed, they were sent to the palace immediately.

The little princess had already greeted the superintendent, so the first copy of the code-making rushed to Gu Ciwei’s bedroom in a hurry.

“Princess, the ceremony is here!”

The palace lady ran quickly, holding the ceremony sent by the Ministry of Rites, and ran into Gu Ciwei’s room.

Gu Ciwei was talking on the phone with Ye Jianchen using the contact device. Hearing that the wedding ceremony had been delivered after the remake, he hung up the contact device quickly, for fear that Ye Jianchen would hear it.

“Come here and show me.”

Gu Ciwei only wore a thin nightdress, and ran out of the bed barefoot.

A long hair, slowly hanging down under the orange candlelight.

With big eyes, he looked at the thick ceremony carefully verbatim.

“Well… after all, the emperor’s brother is reliable. Those old scholars only know how to show off Daoism…”

Seeing Gu Ciyan’s newly revised system, Gu Ci nodded with satisfaction, a sweet smile appeared on his handsome face.

Soon, she will marry Ye Jianchen, and she will be his wife.


When I got home, it was late at night.

Seeing the bright candlelight in the bedroom, a warm feeling rose in Gu Ciyan’s heart.


Gu Ciyan pushed the door in, but found that Forsythia and Haitang were also there.

The two maids were busy with stacks of books around Ye Zhiyan, the calculators in their hands ticked ticking.

Forsythia arranged a stack of ledgers and placed them in front of Ye Zhiyan: “Wang Hao, it is clear that the income of these seven days is eight thousand three hundred and forty taels.”

The three women who were so busy that their heads got together, none of them noticed that Gu Ciyan opened the door.

It wasn’t until Haitang got up to pour tea and was surprised that he called the princess: “The prince is back!”

Making a look at Forsythia, the two maids cleaned up the messy desk and went out holding the account books.

“It looks like business is good.”

Ye Zhiyan stretched lazily: “Fortunately, it’s just tired…”

Gu Ciyan looked at her delicate wife’s tired look, feeling distressed for a while, got up and lifted her prone on the table, embraced her, and gently kneaded her shoulders.

“This account book, just let Zhi Nao do the calculation, why bother to do it himself?”

Ye Zhiyan glanced at the calculator on the desk and sighed helplessly.

“Zhi Brain is fast to calculate, but who can understand the exported bills here? I have discussed with Weiwei. After her wedding ceremony is completed, I will open up franchise stores. At that time, I can’t get them. Show a bunch of English numbers to those wealthy gentry and big businessmen.”

“Yan’er, thank you for your hard work.”

Gu Ciyan frowned slightly, and carefully squeezed Ye Zhiyan’s neck.


After being massaged and pressed by him in this way, the soreness accumulated for many days slowly dissipated, and with Gu Ciyan’s even and rhythmic beating, Ye Zhiyan involuntarily let out a soft moan in his throat.