Chapter 1159 Small questions related to you

“Ayan, how are Weiwei’s matters handled?”

Ye Zhiyan felt very comfortable by Gu Ciyan, and asked softly with blurred eyes.

“In today’s investigation, there were a lot of flaws, and the mother concubine’s worries were not unreasonable. Fortunately, Zhang Shilang and I resolved them one by one early in the discovery.”

After listening to Gu Ciyan’s words, Ye Zhiyan’s heart finally let go.

Gu Ciyan changed a place and continued to knead: “It’s just that there was a small problem today… it’s related to you.”

Hearing this, Ye Zhiyan opened his eyes and asked in surprise: “Is it related to me?”

“Yeah. The one who had chosen to take the princess into the sedan chair was Dr. Yu Shi’s eldest daughter-in-law, but Wei Wei insisted that you take her into the sedan chair, but Zhang Shilang and others did not dare to agree.”

Ye Zhiyan frowned and asked in confusion, “Why?”

Gu Ciyan asked softly in her ear: “Do you really want to know?”

Although Ye Zhiyan obviously felt that Gu Ciyan’s expression was a bit strange at this moment, curiosity prevailed.

Ye Zhiyan turned her head and looked up at Gu Ciyan: “Why can’t I pick her up into the sedan chair?”

“Shilang Zhang said that according to our big beam custom, it is a happy event to bring a woman into a sedan chair. The most important thing for a woman to marry is to open branches and leaves for her husband to raise children, so it is best to be married and pregnant. Duo Blessed Woman…”


Ye Zhiyan’s eyes slowly widened, and a bad premonition slowly surged up in his heart.

She covered her ears with her hands, and shook her head like a rattle: “Ah! I won’t listen… Shut up Gu Ciyan.”

But Gu Ciyan’s hands quietly slipped down and pressed the two restless little hands.

His voice is full of charm: “Look, because of the child, I almost messed up Wei Wei’s wedding.”

Ye Zhiyan gritted his teeth, struggling angrily: “Damn old man, I will kill him tomorrow!”

But in the next second, he was directly hugged by Gu Ciyan.

Ye Zhiyan beat Gu Ciyan on the shoulder with her pink fist, her face flushed: “Why is she marrying… I am here… here… suffer…”

In the past few days, Gu Ciyan was busy with official duties, and finally gave her a chance to breathe for a few days…

Thinking of tossing to the middle of the night and exhausted, the bones will be taken apart again, Ye Zhiyan’s mouth is slumped, and his cheeks are hot.

Putting down the window curtains, the sound of tearing clothes came faintly.

“Gu Ciyan, I am very tired today!”

“So… can you…”

“can not!”


Time flies, and one month passes in a blink of an eye.

Gu Ciwei was gradually entangled by the various pre-decorations at the wedding, unable to get away to help manage the cosmetics shop, Ye Zhiyan had to take Forsythia and Haitang into busy work every day.

Fortunately, the business is getting better and better. Although Ye Zhiyan’s legs are weak every day, the two maids look at the white silver, but they are full of enthusiasm.

Forsythia looked at Ye Zhiyan who was drowsy lying on the table, very puzzled.

“You said, the princess does less than we do, so why does it seem to be more tired than the two of us combined?”

Haitang glanced at Ye Zhiyan, then glanced at Forsythia, and whispered: “Fool! Because the prince is not busy anymore, the princess is busy, understand?”

Forsythia was confused and looked at Haitang’s weird smile thoughtfully.

In a blink of an eye, I caught a glimpse of the princess’s two faint dark circles under her eyes, and she realized that she blushed.

“Begonia, you talk nonsense again, this month’s bonus has been deducted!”