Chapter 1160 Princess out of the pavilion

As the days approached, various edicts from the Ministry of Rites and the imperial palace flew to the imperial palace like snow flakes.

Ye Zhiyan and Gu Ciyan had to put aside what they were doing and rushed to the palace one day in advance, busy doing the final preparations for the wedding.

“play music!”

The eunuch was directing a rehearsal of a group of mighty court bands. The marrying team member Ma Wuyang Wuyang blocked in the wide square in front of the Zhengyan Hall, put on brand-new red dresses, and rehearsed happily.

“The prince, the princess, please come here.”

The eunuch, Yushi doctor, Prime Minister Zuo, and a group of officials from the Ministry of Rites gathered early to check the final details.

“According to the code, we will set off tonight at midnight. Pay respects, worship the temple, inspect the lights…all the procedures add up to four hours, and the day will be bright when we leave the palace.”

While speaking, Shi Lang led Ye Zhiyan and Gu Ciyan to the back room of the Ministry of Rites and set up a table of food.

“When I get busy, I won’t have time to eat. The prince and the princess have to work all night, eat something first.”

Gu Ciyan and Ye Zhiyan smiled at each other and nodded slowly.

Halfway through the meal, I heard the emperor send a decree to let Gu Ciyan pass and report the situation.

Time passed by, and when Gu Ciyan came back, the road out of the palace was already covered with a bright red carpet.

It is guarded by more than a dozen teams of imperial guards and is strictly forbidden to be trampled by anyone.

Three salutes sounded, and the palace finally entered the night.

In the princess’s bedroom, Gu Ci could not eat anymore after eating a bowl of plain noodles.

The mother and maid were busy twisting the face of the bride, huddling in the beaming palace.

Looking at the high curled hair in the bronze mirror, the girl and the wife suddenly changed everything.

From now on, he will be his woman and his wife.

Gu Ci was not nervous, picked up a lipstick lightly, and slowly put it down.

Three hours later, with the court’s thirty-six sundials ending at the time, a row of fire guns and salutes pointed towards the starry night sky.

“It’s auspicious hour, fire the salute!”

The rumbling noise cut through the silent night sky of Shangjing.

After forty-nine salutes were fired, the whole Shangjing completely boiled.

The fireworks arranged in Shangjing soared into the sky, blooming in the sky.

Knowing that the princess was married, all the people in Beijing went to sleep. They snapped up the firecrackers and fireworks on the street two days in advance, and followed the royal salutes to set them off.

“Princess, look! It’s so beautiful!”

Gu Ciwei looked at the bright fireworks blooming outside the window with a calm expression.

She had imagined how she would feel on the eve of marrying Ye Jianchen countless times.

She thought she would be nervous, excited, unable to sleep, crying…

But at this moment, she found that her heart was indifferent like never before.

Because she didn’t understand until today.

Ye Jianchen and Gu Ciwei should have been together.

Just as the sun rises from the east and sets from the west every day, it will be the same in another hundred thousand years.

Gu Ci smiled slightly and said, “Let’s go.”

“The princess is out of the pavilion!”

Accompanied by a loud shout from the eunuch Si Li with all his strength, a bright red hijab slowly fell from Gu Ciwei’s head, covering the sky full of fireworks in his eyes.

It wasn’t until the whole sight was shrouded in red and stepped out of the palace where she had lived for eighteen years, that her calm heart suddenly twitched.

Two lines of tears flowed unscrupulously under the cover of the red hijab.