Chapter 1161 The finale

“play music!”

Overwhelming joy resounded in the palace, and the mighty welcoming procession, under countless lights, set off toward the Taimiao, facing the sky full of stars and fireworks that soared into the sky.

“Memorial to the ancestors!”

Led by the eunuch and two old maids, Gu Ciwei burned incense to the royal temple and bowed his head.

The eunuch read a prayer from the temple, and there was another deafening cannon outside.

“Farewell to my emperor!”


The team drove mightily to Weiyang Palace, and the hundred officials were already respectfully lined up in two rows at the gate of the palace, welcoming the princess into the palace.

“Erchen…Erchen… to see the emperor!”

Gu Ciwei was crying so hard that Concubine Xiang, who was sitting next to the emperor, looked at her trembling daughter who was kneeling on the ground. Two lines of tears also rolled down, and she couldn’t speak.

Gu Ci shook his hands slightly, served tea to the emperor and Concubine Xiang, and in accordance with etiquette, gave his childhood golden lock to his parents.

The emperor’s eyes were reddish, and he drank a cup of tea. After a long time, he spit out four words.

“Weiwei, go!”

“Let’s make nine big bows!”

All of them knelt down, kowtow at the emperor who was sitting on the dragon chair.

Gu Ci got up slightly, grabbed the hand of the maid, and slowly turned and walked outside.

Seeing that figure drifting away, the emperor’s body trembled violently.

With a sound of “Dang Cang”, the long ten thousand words that had been prepared fell from his arms.

Ye Zhiyan was already outside the palace gate early, waiting to send Gu Ciwei onto the sedan chair.

Surrounded by a group of court ladies, Ye Zhiyan, dressed in Xia Guan and a beautiful dress, slowly greeted the past.

“The princess gets on the sedan chair!”

Ye Zhiyan was a little nervous when he was called by the eunuch.

Gu Ciwei, wearing a red hijab, stopped beside Ye Zhiyan.

Under the guidance of the court lady, Gu Ci slowly sat on the big red sedan chair carried by eighteen people.

“Get up!”

Hearing the eunuch’s yelling, Ye Zhiyan hurriedly bent over, holding the soles of Gu Ciwei’s feet with both hands.

“Sister-in-law, doesn’t it hurt?”

Fortunately, Gu Ci was slightly petite, and Ye Zhiyan took a little effort to finally put her on the sedan chair, but she was already sweating.

“Weiwei, stop crying, get on the sedan chair, brother is waiting for you at the gate of the palace, only a few hundred steps away!”

“Sister-in-law, I’m going.”


Ye Zhiyan got up, suddenly dizzy before speaking, and then her legs became weak, and she fell on a group of court ladies.

“The princess! The princess!”


Seeing Ye Zhiyan fainted, Gu Ciyan’s heart was shaken and rushed out.

“Quick! Call the Imperial Physician!”

The solemn wedding at the original lively manor suddenly panicked.

Two days later, Ye Zhiyan, with a heavy head, finally woke up Shen Shen.

In sight, it is a familiar bedroom.

“woke up?”

Hearing Gu Ciyan’s voice, Ye Zhiyan suddenly sat up in a spirited spirit.

“A Yan! Wei Wei’s wedding!”

Gu Ciyan got up, sat next to her, rubbed her head gently, and said softly: “It’s very smooth. After you passed out, Shi Lang ordered the wedding to continue. Yesterday, the ceremony was completed. Since then, there will be no more children. Princess, there is only Mrs. Ye.”

Ye Zhiyan finally breathed a sigh of relief: “Ayan, I’m sorry…”

Gu Ciyan interrupted her: “I want to tell you good news, do you want to listen?”

Ye Zhiyan looked a little curious at Gu Ciyan’s mysterious appearance: “What news?”

“We have a baby! After you passed out, the imperial doctor has already seen it!”

Ye Zhiyan was shocked, as if she had been hit by a thunderbolt from the blue sky.


She and Gu Ciyan’s child?

Before Ye Zhiyan could react, there was a sound of footsteps outside the door.

Gu Ciwei still looked like that quirky little daughter, poked out a head, and asked with a grin, “Sister-in-law! You’re awake!”

“Weiwei, why are you…”

“No! I’m not Weiwei!”

Gu Ci frowned slightly, and ran to Ye Zhiyan in small steps, with an arrogant expression on his face.

Little finger poked Ye Zhiyan’s forehead, and said triumphantly: “You want to call me sister-in-law!”

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