Chapter 1220 Congratulations

Chapter 1220

Come to congratulate “Okay, now you have got rid of the prime minister’s mansion and become my wife. The spring night is worth a lot of money, and the two of us can’t waste it.” Bo Qingang said as he turned over and pressed Xiao Su’er under him.

Xiao Su’er looked up at him and couldn’t help but want to laugh, “Six princes, have you forgotten? Both of us already have a ten-year-old son. I am your wife long ago!”

“No, not today !” Same.” After Bo Qingang said this, his lips pressed against Xiao Su’er’s.

The figure is fascinating, and the red happy character is more and more bright under the candlelight.

the next day.

Xiao Su’er was still lying in Bo Qingang’s arms before waking up when she heard the maid’s announcement from outside the door, “Prince, Princess, someone is asking for a meeting.”

“Who?” Xiao Su’er got up from the bed.

“Yes, Miss Prime Minister’s Mansion, today’s official prostitute Su Yaoer.” The maid’s voice sounded a little strange, especially when she said the words Miss Prime Minister’s Mansion, her voice was extremely low. If it weren’t for her practice now With good hearing, Xiao Suer almost couldn’t hear.

“Oh, she’s here? Then you invite her to sit down in the front hall, and I will see her immediately.” Xiao Su’er was a little curious about what Su Yao’er was doing? Now that she is the Sixth Princess, she is just a brothel prostitute. I don’t know how much higher her rank is. She actually came to visit her on the first day after her wedding. Isn’t she afraid of being humiliated? Could it be that she still felt that she was the Xiao Su’er who let her knead. ?

She rolled over and got out of the bed and looked at her face in the bronze mirror. Now she has become Xiao Su’er’s real appearance, but if she wants to see Su Yaoer, she has to change back to Su Xin’er’s appearance. She eats a disguise Maru, his appearance changed in an instant.

Xiao Su’er touched her face, “Miss Su, don’t worry! I will also help you deal with your sister. Her mother has died of her own fruit, and her end will not be much better.”

“It will be your turn soon . Xia Lanying and Su Yaoer strictly speaking have little blood relationship with you, they just say to you that they satisfy their own inner evil. But Su Changqing does not care about it. They, on the contrary, still allow them to treat you this way, so that you will die miserably.”

“He is your own father, and his blood is flowing in your body. How can you treat you like this just because you are not a cultivator? He is not qualified to be a man’s father and will definitely be punished!”

Xiao Su’er gritted his teeth and remembered. She hates this kind of person who is not worthy of being a father. She met such a person twice in her life, and she vowed that she would not make them better. Thinking of her own experience, she felt sorry for Miss Su Er even more.

She turned her head to look, and finally put on the clothes from yesterday’s wedding, washed her face casually, and walked to the front hall.

Su Yaoer was sitting in the front hall, her shoulders half exposed, and her body was full of powdered air. It seemed that she would no longer have the dignity of the eldest lady as soon as she entered the brothel.

Xiao Su’er chuckled and walked to her side, “Sister, don’t you need to pick up guests today? Why did I rush to our Sixth Prince’s Mansion early in the morning? I’m still asleep, and I came out to see you before I had time to freshen up. Don’t you think I’m impolite.”

Xiao Su’er deliberately fiddled with her clothes when she spoke, and the hand-embroidered phoenix gleamed with gold, exuding an air of grace and luxury.

Su Yaoer was so angry that her face turned green when she saw her appearance, and she tightly pulled her clothes to cover her half-exposed shoulders, but her clothes were originally worn by prostitutes, and no matter how they were covered, her body was faintly revealed. The meat comes.

“Taste it! This tea from the Six Princes Mansion can be regarded as an invitation for you to attend the wedding banquet between me and the Six Princes. I don’t know how my sister has been in the brothel now? No one should bully you! If someone bullies you, you can report it. My name is the last thing I did for my sister.”

Xiao Suer personally poured a cup of tea for her and pushed it to Su Yaoer. Everywhere in the words she revealed the meaning of humiliation. She used to be a high-ranking lady in the Prime Minister’s Mansion. Everyone mentioned Su Yaoer’s name. Words of praise.

A genius girl, the number one beauty in the Hallowe’s Continent, any name can push her up to the clouds, but now she really feels the feeling of falling from the clouds into the dust. The once genius girl has become an official prostitute. Anyone who has money can spend a spring evening with her. What about this first beauty? Has become worthless!

Su Yao’er herself has a deep experience. Now as long as anyone in the brothel recognizes her, they will humiliate her severely. She can understand how Su Xin’er felt when she was insulted by them. , But even if she could empathize with her, she still hadn’t thought about being a good person. All she wanted was how to repay Xin’er for recovery.

She took a deep breath, still putting on the smile she thought was the best.

“My sister is very saying that nowadays, my sister is the Sixth Princess. As long as I report your name, no one will dare to bully me. My sister is here today to congratulate my sister on her wedding and give her a gift. Now, my sister is just a prostitute. Without so much money, I can’t buy many such expensive things. With a little care, I ask my sister not to dislike it.”

Su Yaoer took the things she had been holding beside her and put them on the table. He took out a box of rouge from his wide sleeves and placed it in front of Xiao Su’er, reaching out and unpacking the thing.

Presented in front of my eyes were a few pieces of very delicate looking pastries. I hadn’t eaten them in my mouth. I thought they tasted good just by looking at them, but Xiao Suer felt that she would not be so kind. Maybe it was a repeat of the old tricks. Unbelievable guy!

Su Yaoer picked up a piece of pastry and handed it to Xiao Su’er, “Sister, try a piece. This is what my sister personally made in the kitchen for several hours yesterday. I don’t know how much it was scrapped to produce these good-looking pastries. Don’t dislike it, now I can only afford such a gift.”

“Naturally, I won’t dislike it.” Xiao Su’er reached out and took the cake and sniffed it gently. She was able to judge that there was no poison in the cake.

Is this Su Yao’er really so kind, why is she a little bit unbelievable?

Xiao Su’er chuckled lightly, and ate all of the pastry in front of her. She wanted to see what Su Yao’er was doing!

“This cake tastes really good. My sister also eats it. As long as I eat it, it will be congratulated by my sister. Don’t just watch me eating here. If my father knows about it, he will say that I don’t take good care of my sister. Today, my elder sister is in the Sixth Prince’s Mansion, so let’s go back to the Prime Minister’s Mansion to see my father! We both left home. He must be very lonely alone.”