Chapter 1221 Self-sufficient

Chapter 1221

Xiao Su’er also picked up a piece of cake and put it in front of Su Yaoer. Su Yaoer actually ate it without any hesitation. Is she really here to congratulate again today? I have sincerely regretted being a prostitute, and I want to live in harmony with myself. This is not justified!

When she was puzzled, she saw Su Yaoer opening the box of rouge. The pink rouge was placed in front of her eyes. The color looked really good, and it was sold in a particularly famous shop in the city. It was not worth it! Many official ladies are using it.

Su Yaoer used to be able to use it naturally, but now it is very difficult for her to buy this as a prostitute. Maybe it was given to her by the son of a high-ranking official and noble family when he went to play in the brothel.

“This box of rouge was given to me by someone else. You also know that now I am different from my sister. My sister wants to enjoy the blessings, but I lived a life that was not as good as a pig and a dog. Don’t dislike this thing from the brothel, Let me put some of this rouge on my sister and take a look! It must be very suitable for my sister, and now you are the beauty everyone praises.”

She stretched out her hand to open the rouge and smeared some of it with her fingers, and was about to rub it on Xiao Su’er’s face. Xiao Su’er grabbed her hand, her finger pointed at Xiao Su’er, and the red rouge was on her hand.

Xiao Su’er could clearly smell the odor from the inside. It was actually added with Chinese medicine. There was also Chinese medicine in the pastry just now, but it was to replenish the body, so she didn’t care.

But now looking at this rouge, these two Chinese medicines are both single and will not cause any problems, but as long as they are mixed together, they will become highly toxic. Whether it is applied externally or internally, as long as it touches people’s body, it won’t cause any problems. If you don’t need to solve it in time, people will fester and die within two hours. Is it true that Su Yaoer and Xia Lanying did not enter the house as a family, and they used the same method. Today, seeing Su Yaoer is too fateful.

Seeing that she must have taken the medicine early, and using this method so cautiously just to avoid investigation! At that time, she could say that she was only here to congratulate, and there was nothing wrong with the two things she sent to test.

Su Yaoer hesitated to see her staring at the rouge on her hand, her hand trembling slightly, “Why, my sister dislikes what I gave and doesn’t want to rub it on her face?”

“Of course not, how can I dislike what my sister gave me? What? But I just want to see my sister rub it on my face. After all, I haven’t cleaned it yet. Even if I rub it on my face for a while, I will definitely wash it off. Isn’t it a waste of such a good rouge!”

Xiao Su’er just looked at it. Su Yaoer suddenly laughed, “Hehe, listening to my sister is just to suspect that there is a problem with the rouge I gave you! The last time we did something on your mouth fat and wanted to harm you,” But I have already reaped the fruit. Will our two sisters get along well in the future?

Since my sister doesn’t believe me, I will rub it on my face and show you.”

She said, she wiped it directly on her face. Her complexion improved a lot in an instant, and she looked at Xiao Su’er calmly and asked, “Sister should believe it now, right?”

“Naturally believe it, sister has a cup of tea! The younger sister apologized to sister for the mistrust, and sister drank it. This cup of tea, I immediately rubbed the rouge on my face.”

Xiao Su’er poured another cup of tea for her and pushed it in front of her. Su Yaoer drank it without thinking about it, and began to urge her to wipe the rouge.

But Xiao Su’er stood up with a cold snort and looked at her condescendingly, “Su Yao’er, your plan doesn’t work with me. Didn’t your mother ask you in a dream to tell you how she died? Do you know you now? The trick she used was the trick she used when she died. You two are destined to die on your own ghost!”

“You, what do you mean?” Su Yaoer was a little frightened when she heard her words, could it be she Already know it? impossible! How could she have eaten that cake just now if she knew it.

“Don’t you understand what I mean? Didn’t you put medicine in this rouge? And the pastry just now, too, it took some thought for you to come up with such a strategy! It’s a pity that I can see it at a glance Now, do you know what’s in the tea I just drunk for you?”

Su Yao’er stared at the tea with horror when she heard what she said, “What’s in this tea? You drank it just now!”

“I did drank it just now, but there was nothing wrong with the tea I drank, but I added something to the tea you drank. Didn’t you see me holding your teacup just now? I have smeared something on the mouth of the cup. “

What did you wipe?” Su Yao’er immediately grabbed her throat, looked at her in disbelief, and her heart became a mess.

“Don’t worry, I’m not as ruthless as you. What I put on is not poison, but it will dissolve the antidote in your body. When the time comes to dissolve the antidote, you have just eaten cakes and touched rouge, what will be the consequences? I think you know best, my good sister!”

Xiao Suer looked at her coldly, and said these words word by word. Su Yaoer’s unbelievable facial features twisted into a ball when she heard her words, and then she went straight. Pounced towards her.

“Su Xin’er, do you want to kill me? Then the two of us will go to see the Lord Yan together today! You should have died half a month ago. If you die, there will be no such things afterwards, I I won’t be a lowly prostitute, and my mother won’t die! You made all of this and I will kill you today, and we will die together!”

Su Yaoer said, directly condensing a ball of fire in her hand. She is also a cultivator of the fire system spirit root.

“Why? Do you want to compare me with someone who is more cultivating? Are you confident that you can beat the prince today? Then I want to compare with you.” As

soon as Xiao Suer’s voice fell, the fireball in his hand had already flown out. Su Yao’er threw a fireball with difficulty to resist, but Xiao Su’er’s fireball was so powerful that it smashed her fireball with nothing left, and then flew straight towards her.

“Ah!” Su Yao’er was forced by her fireball to be helpless, and she fell directly to the ground. Seeing that the fireball was about to hit her face, she was so scared that she directly covered her face.

Xiao Su’er lifted her hands and retracted the fireball and walked to her, “How? Do you still want to compare with me? I tell you, if you were not excited just now, don’t make any movements, just sit in your body. The poison will also delay some onset, you can live for two more hours! But now you can’t live with at least one stick of incense, look at your hand.”

Su Yao’er’s hand, where the rouge has been touched just now It began to fester, and the poison began to explode.