Chapter 1222 retribution

Chapter 1222 Retribution

“Ah!” Su Yaoer screamed as she looked at her fingers that were beginning to fester. This turned out to be something she hadn’t expected. She almost spent all her hard work and even the money Xia Lanying had given her. After taking them out, I found a powerful pharmacist, and came up with such a method, saying that he would never reveal anything and would directly kill Su Xin’er.

But this method is of no use to her. When did she see it through? He actually prepared something that could solve the antidote in his body, and now he really wants to reap the consequences.

The ulcer spreading from the fingertips seemed to reach his heart directly, and his heart began to ache, and he twisted into a ball and rolled on the ground in pain.

Xiao Su’er looked at her coldly, “Your mother was exactly the same as you before she died, and she was suffering from bleeding and pain. Can you experience her pain now?

She didn’t teach you well, the magnificent prime minister’s mansion. The young lady was so cruel in teaching that she actually cheated her brothers and feet. Did you know that the second lady in Tianyouling must be very comforted to see you both go with her, and I can be regarded as repaying her kindness with her identity.”

Xiao Su’er was going to tell her the truth before Su Yao’er was about to die. Su Yao’er heard her words and stared at her with bloody eyes, “What do you mean? What is the second lady? You are not Su Xin. Er?”

“I am not! Haven’t you already said that, you sent someone to kill the second lady as early as half a month ago, and she really didn’t get through it. You killed him half a month ago. It’s me who fights you with wits these days, but I won’t tell you who I am. Just remember that I was sent by God to punish you. It’s enough for you to be punished now.”

Xiao Su’er squatted down. Looked at her, grabbed her hand, looked at her slowly festering fingers and sneered, “Do you know now? No matter what you do, there will be days watching, and the days will take you!

Half a month ago, you and your mother tried everything to kill the second lady, and now you both have been killed by me, and you have received retribution! Do you know who is next? The next one is your own father, he is the most vicious person, watching you and your mother cheating your own daughter but indifferent. “

You, puff…” Su Yaoer vomited blood, and red blood began to flow out of her ears. She looked at Xiao Suer and shook her head in disbelief, “You are Su Xiner, how did you do it?” Why did you become like this? “

I said, I won’t tell you who I am, you just think of me as the second lady, remember! Everything you have today is retribution. If there is an afterlife, then I hope that you will be a good person and the consequences will be much better. “

Xiao Su’er shook her hand away. This time Su Yao’er couldn’t say anything anymore. She left the world with hatred in her eyes. She didn’t close her eyes before leaving. There was disbelief and pain in her eyes.

Seeing her ulcerated to the wound on her arm, Xiao Su’er sneered, “The second young lady couldn’t close her eyes before she died. You should know how painful and reluctant she was at that time. This world is nothing for her. She didn’t want to leave any kindness, and you have endured a lot of love in this world!”

The news that Su Yaoer wanted to poison the Sixth Princess spread wildly and spread throughout the city within a day, and the people in the brothel also I didn’t dare to go to the Sixth Prince’s Mansion to ask for someone, and even worried that the Sixth Prince would seek justice with them. She specially sent someone to the Sixth Prince’s Mansion to explain that Su Yaoer was a disobedient person in the brothel. Now that he died, they are also Those who don’t recognize them, let the Six Princes handle it!

As for Su Changqing in the Prime Minister’s Mansion, he blew his beard and stared at the news, cursing that the two mothers and daughters had nothing good, and didn’t know how to stop.

He was thinking about going to Six Palaces to see how Su Xin’er was now? I didn’t expect Xiao Su’er to have already arrived at the prime minister’s house. It was the rule to return home the next day after the wedding.

“Xin’er, are you okay? Dad knew the news. Su Yaoer ran to your Sixth Prince’s Mansion and went crazy again. She didn’t hurt you. If she died, she died. She wrapped a mat and threw it to the mass grave to accompany you. Her mother will do.”

Su Changqing is now very flattering towards Xiao Su’er. As long as she is optimistic about this daughter, it is enough. Su Yao’er is dead or alive, he doesn’t care at all, he always only cares about his own interests.

In the past, Su Xin’er didn’t make him feel proud, so he can let others bully her and remain indifferent, and it is the same now! Su Yaoer is no longer of any use to him, so he doesn’t care about what she is now.

“Daddy does the same to the aunt who has slept with you for so many years? Just wrap a mat and throw it on the mass grave? You are not afraid that if you die in the future, I will treat you the same way!” Xiao Su’er sat in the front hall , Raised his teacup to taste tea, he didn’t even see his dad in his eyes.

Su Changqing heard her say that his heart missed a beat, and looked at the person in front of him strangely, feeling very strange. He could feel that the sentence just now came from the heart, but he still smiled and said, “How about Xin’er? Will it? Xin’er has always been the most filial, and she would never treat her

father like that .” “Listening to this sentence, I feel that as long as people with certain behaviors can’t do anything to throw their relatives in the mass grave, right?” Xiao Su’er put down the tea cup and looked at him quietly.

Su Changqing choked for a while and didn’t know how to answer her. If he said yes, then he himself was the person with no character, and if he said no, he seemed to have slapped himself in the face.

Xiao Su’er stared at his eyes calmly and calmly. The moment the two people looked at each other, he could feel Su Changqing’s eyes dodge. He didn’t know why his daughter who was only Weinuo had suddenly become so powerful. He was able to spot her a few days ago. However, the change hasn’t reached such a big level, how did it become so powerful after marrying into the Sixth Prince’s Mansion?

“Why is Xin’er so angry suddenly? Is Yao’er angry with you? Dad will make up for you in the future! Don’t worry, Dad will only have you as a daughter in the future, so he must teach you all his love.

” No need, can you find someone to give alms? Or are you worried that I will get rid of your relationship in the future and you will not find someone to take advantage of it? I now somewhat understand why you can be a prime minister, even if you treat yourself as a prime minister. Relatives of blood relationship, you have been weighing whether it can be used for you? That’s how you climbed up to this position step by step. Have you ever thought that one day you will be retributed?” Xiao Su’er flicked his sleeve and walked to him. In front of him, there was no temperature in his eyes.