Chapter 1223 Reveal identity

Chapter 1223

Revealing Your Identity “You, Xin’er, even if you are the Sixth Princess, you are still the eldest of the Prime Minister’s Mansion, but don’t forget your identity! You are talking to your father now, if you let the Sixth Prince see When you have such a lack of respect and inferiority, do you think that you, the princess, can still be a good one?”

Su Changqing feels that Su Xin’er today is too wrong, and when she said such things, she panicked but still tried to calm down. .

“There is no respect and inferiority? Do you think I am not following you in the way I am now? Dad has always been like this. You can treat people who are useful to you in good health, but if they are of no use to you, you don’t even look at them. It’s like Xia Lanying is the same as Su Yaoer.

I have seen your nature clearly. As your daughter, I really feel very embarrassed! I also want you to have a taste of how to treat your own body. Feelings, you treat others like this, but you didn’t expect that one day you would be treated like this too. I just said a few words at random and it made you unbearable?”

While talking, Xiao Su’er took out a bracelet from her wide sleeves, which she found in the second lady’s boudoir, the second lady cherished it and put it in the cabinet.

She didn’t have a few jewelry at first, but this bracelet was wrapped in a handkerchief, and the handkerchief was also written with a birthday gift from Daddy.

But that bracelet is clearly a jade bracelet with a poor quality and looks very cheap. The second lady of the prime minister’s house cherishes such a bracelet so much, but because it was given by her father, she loves her father so much. , But her father never loved her.

“Daddy, do you remember this bracelet?” Xiao Su’er held the bracelet and handed it to him.

Su Changqing looked at the bracelet with a look of confusion and strangeness. It seemed that he didn’t remember at all. What was precious to Miss Su Er was worthless in his eyes.


“This is the birthday gift you gave to your daughter Su Xin’er. Maybe you just took a worthless thing to send her away, but she cherished it in the cabinet. Are you worthy of her? I am here to teach me to distinguish between superior and inferior, but what about yourself?

Your own daughter doesn’t love you! How can you be qualified to let others respect you? I tell you! Don’t expect me to support you after becoming the Sixth Queen Your Su family is shining, unless you remarry a little wife now, have a child to raise again, and hope that he will remember your good when he grows up, otherwise you will have no hope in this life.”

Xiao Suer put the bracelet on I looked at Su Changqing on the table, with a look of incurable, she was going to pick out everything today.

Su Changqing also looked inexplicable when she heard what she said. After savoring for a long time, she didn’t understand what she wanted to express. She picked up the bracelet and said, “Is this Dad given you? How could Dad give you such a bad bracelet? , Did you remember it wrong? If it’s your father’s fault, it’s your father’s fault. It’s okay if your father sends you again?

Did you see those dowries when you got married yesterday? It’s all your dowry given by your dad. You can afford to raise your head in the Six Princes’ Mansion in the future. Those are rare treasures. Daddy gave you all the treasures he has collected over the years as a dowry. “

He wanted to eliminate the previous estrangement with Su Xin’er, and now he did his best to express his paternal love, and emphasized yesterday’s dowry. After all, he has never treated Su Xin’er well these years.

The best thing is that he gave her a generous dowry after watching her marry to the Sixth Prince’s Mansion. This is also for him to support the scene, and he does not want others to say that he is not in the Prime Minister’s Mansion. In the end, everything is for himself.

“Do you want to make up? It’s a pity that you can’t make up anymore. Did you know that your daughter Su Xin’er was killed by your beloved eldest daughter half a month ago! I have been with you for half a month? , Everything you see is not Miss Su Er.

Do you feel that your scalp is numb and wonder who I am? There is no chance!”

Xiao Su’er saw Su Changqing’s face unpredictable, from surprise, doubt to fear When he calmed down, his face changed a lot in just a quarter of an hour. The Prime Minister, who had always been through the storm, quickly calmed down and looked at her.

“Xin’er, do you want to sever the relationship with your father? You didn’t want to recognize your own father until you got married in the Sixth Prince’s Mansion? How did I teach a daughter like you, bastard!”

“If your daughter is really a jerk, will you live to this day? Besides, even if your daughter is really a jerk, it’s really because of you. You don’t care about her. Why don’t you say you are a jerk when she fends for herself? , When others call her trash, you don’t justify her, but when you add fuel to the fire, why don’t you say you are a bastard!”


Xiao Suer slapped him fiercely. On his face, this slap gathered spiritual power in his hand, slapped him dizzy, and fell directly to the ground.

He looked at Xiao Su’er incredulously, “You dare to hit me? You a rebellious woman!”

Xiao Su’er ate the antidote of a Yi Rong pill in front of him, and her face changed in an instant. Su Changqing didn’t believe him anymore. After he saw Xiao Su’er’s face change, he was so surprised that he tremblingly pointed at her, “You, you…”

“I told you, you His biological daughter died half a month ago. I have lived in the residence for the past half a month. But now I am married to the Sixth Prince’s Mansion, and your eldest wife and eldest daughter have also been killed by me. , I successfully avenged Miss Su, so I will show you my true identity now. Even if you want to expose me in front of the Six Princes, there is no way, because he knows who I am.

You can only take everything The grievances and panic are all swallowed into the stomach, wait for it! You will slowly feel your retribution.”

Xiao Suer gave him a few slaps again and walked out mercilessly, Su Changqing grabbing behind him Staying in her skirt corner, “Wait! You said that my daughter was killed by you when she died? What did you think you wanted to do when you came to our prime minister’s house pretending to be her? Are you trying to get my money?

” Incorrigible! Even now, you still keep talking about your money, how do people like you deserve to be a father, you’re not even a person!” Xiao Su’er pulled her skirt over and left the prime minister’s house in stride.

Bo Qingang waited at the door and immediately greeted her when she came out, “Su’er, is it solved?”

“Well, now one thing has been resolved, let’s wait for the ghost doctor exam in half a month! Let’s go, I will go home first and give you the antidote to suppress the ice poison.” Xiao Su’er took his hand, two The people walked side by side towards the Six Palaces.