Chapter 1224 Took the exam

Chapter 1224 Exam

After half a month.

Tomorrow is Guiyigu’s exam, Xiao Su’er is sitting in the Six Kings Mansion preparing for the exam.

If she remembers correctly, the Guiyigu exam will first test whether the person is a cultivator, and it depends on their spiritual roots.

Only after passing this level can you be considered qualified for the exam. After that, you will be tested for pharmacology and alchemy. If you have a very good score, you will go directly to the ghost doctor’s school and become his disciple. If you have a poor score, you will be a ghost. The doctor’s disciples accept apprentices, that is, her former brothers and sisters.

These brothers and sisters have also disappeared for ten years. I wonder how they are now?

Xiao Suer puts the medicinal materials for alchemy into the bag. These medicinal materials are the best medicinal materials that Bo Qingang found on the market. They can help her make alchemy. Only by successfully worshipping the ghost doctor can she be able to do so. She would have to work hard if she came into contact with an elixir like Ice Cold Grass, if it were the older brothers and sisters.

“Su’er, I heard that even if you are not a cultivator, you can watch the exam tomorrow. I will accompany you. Don’t worry, you will definitely be able to pass it.” Bo Qingang walked behind her and hugged her.

“I don’t think it’s a problem. Even if there are many hidden masters in this continent, they won’t be worthless. It’s okay to get into the top three. The master will only accept the top three as apprentices. I’m still very good. Confident!” Xiao Su’er turned her head and thought about it or took off the mask on his face. After seeing the familiar face, she felt relieved a lot.

“Tomorrow if I can successfully enter Guiyi Valley, not a few days I will try to find the freezing cold grass, if we went back to find, if you can not find should be psychologically prepared.”

“Can not find it or As it is now, it has no effect, hiss…” Bo Qingang said halfway, suddenly squatted down with a painful expression, his facial features were twisted.

“What’s the matter with you? How could this happen?” Xiao Su’er was a little scared and helped him up, with a guess in his heart, but still couldn’t believe it. After supporting Bo Qingang on the bed, immediately held down his pulse. After a few seconds, Xiao Su’er’s hand began to tremble, as she expected.

This ice poison has been in Bo Qingang’s body for a long time. Although it has been completely detoxified for five years, the ice poison has been with him for nearly 30 years, and it has reached the late stage. After the poison reaches its advanced stage, it will be as uncontrollable and drugless as cancer, and only death will greet him at that time.

In the past few days, Xiao Suer gave Bo Qingang all the leaves produced by Xiaoyi Caojing, only to find that Bo Qingang’s poison had reached an uncontrollable level. For her, it was possible to restrain the grass for half a month from staying with him. Can only control for three days.

Xiao Su’er fell silent after taking her pulse, but Bo Qingang was a little unsure. He waited for the piercing pain to pass before slowly looking at her, “What’s wrong with Su’er, is there any problem?”

“No, that’s it.” It’s just a normal ice poison attack. Don’t be afraid. When I enter the ghost doctor and get the ice cold grass, I will eat it for you immediately. There will be

nothing wrong .” Xiao Su’er didn’t dare to tell him the truth, let alone face it. There is a terminal illness that is helpless to himself. What’s more, this terminal illness is still on the person he loves most.

If Bo Qingang died in front of her at that time and she could not save him at all, how would she endure this feeling of gain and loss? The two of them have experienced enough that they have come to this point. It shouldn’t be. Let two people grow old together?

Why are they still like this? How far is this God trying to tease them?

Bo Qingang believed her 100%. Since she said so, he didn’t ask any more, but smiled softly at her, “I will take the exam tomorrow. No need to think about it, it’s just a little bit of pain. I can bear it. of. ” “

I know, I do not think I will only think about how to get freezing cold grass. “Xiao Su children clenched his hands, eyes a lot of perseverance.

Early the next morning.

Xiao Su’er came to Ghost Doctor Valley in a sedan chair under the escort of Bo Qing’ang. Today she still can’t use her true face to appear in Ghost Doctor Valley. Otherwise, she would reveal herself when she was investigating her identity.

There are two tables in front of Ghost Doctor Valley, and Xiao Su’er actually sees familiar people, and the seniors are sitting in front of them to register the information of the players who want to take the exam.

Xiao Su’er lined up. When it was her turn, the senior brother looked up at her and bowed his head. The people in Ghost Doctor Valley devoted themselves to studying and ignored world affairs. They didn’t know that the second lady of the Prime Minister’s Mansion, who had been a sensation in the city this month, was just as usual. Asked, “Name, where do you live?”

“Su Xin’er, the second lady of the prime minister’s house, now married to the Sixth Prince as the Sixth Princess, and her family lives in the Sixth Prince’s Mansion in the city.” Xiao Suer answered one by one.

As soon as the words fell, the Guiyigu disciple in front of him raised his head, “You are the Sixth Princess? Since you are a member of the royal family, why do you come to take the Guiyigu exam?”

“Because I want to learn medical skills, everyone in the entire Ten Thousand Saints Continent Knowing that Ghost Doctor Valley’s medical skills are the most exquisite, it is naturally the best to come here to study medicine, and there is no rule in the court that the royal family members should not come to take the exam!” Xiao Su’er looked at the person in front of her eyes full of miss, this is her Brother of ah!

Brother He, he took care of her the most when he was in the Ghost Doctor Valley. He taught many things by hand. He had to enter the Ghost Doctor Valley to study before Xiao Su’er. If Xiao Su’er didn’t understand many things, he would talk about it again. Twice.

This senior has always treated outsiders cruelly and ruthlessly, but he treated his family with gentleness and warmth like a spring breeze.

“There is indeed no rule. In this case, even if you have successfully registered, go in and wait! Remind you that people with fire or wood spirit roots can come and take the exam in Ghost Doctor Valley. If not, leave first. , Otherwise, we will increase our work if we wait a while.” Senior Brother He didn’t look up, but he was struggling to record Xiao Su’er’s identity information.

“I see, don’t worry, Brother He won’t add work to you.” Xiao Su’er looked at him and couldn’t help laughing.

Brother He paused with the brush in his hand and looked up at her, “How do you know my surname? It seems that the two of us haven’t seen each other?”

“Of course I haven’t seen it, but I heard that there is a face in this ghost doctor valley. Peach Blossom’s Doctor He is very good at medical skills. I just saw you look so handsome, thinking that you must be Doctor He. I didn’t expect that I guessed it.”

Xiao Su’er started to flatter, and as expected , he saw the face of Senior Brother He flushed quickly in front of him. It’s still as easy to be shy as it was ten years ago. Why haven’t you made any progress in the past few years?