Chapter 1225 Successfully passed

Chapter 1225 Successfully passed the level

“What are you talking about nonsense? Go in, wait at the door, someone will come to check whether you are a practitioner of the fire system spiritual root.” Brother He was a little embarrassed, and finished quickly. These words drove Xiao Su’er into the gate of Ghost Doctor Valley.

Xiao Su’er smiled at him slightly, and stepped into this place ten years away. She heard that many senior brothers and sisters have left the Ghost Doctor Valley to stand on their own. Some opened a drugstore, and some married and stopped studying medicine after leaving the valley. There are still a few people like Brother He who have stayed here for ten years!

The plants and trees in the Ghost Doctor Valley look like ten years ago, and even the Guzhongren sign at the door is exactly the same, with the names of the current Ghost Doctor Valley disciples engraved on it.

Xiao Su’er walked to the sign and found that there were only ten people she knew from the count. Fortunately, Master Guiyi’s body is still strong. She has heard the voice of his disciples teaching pharmacology in the side hall. Surely not bad, the voice sounds so loud!

“What are you doing standing there? Come over and we can check to see if your spiritual roots are in line with you before you can put you in to take the exam. There are a lot of people taking the exam this year, so don’t delay our time.”

Suddenly someone next to Xiao Su’er turned towards Xiao Su’er. Shouting, she immediately turned around and left the sign, and followed them into the inspection room.

Xiao Suer passed the inspection and entered the exam site smoothly. The first level was a written test. The teacher Gui doctor himself made questions to test the pharmacology. Gui Yi Gu never accepts people without any medical foundation.

These questions can be said to be a piece of cake for Xiao Su’er. She can finish it easily. She turned in the first paper and left the examination room. When Brother He went to collect the papers, he still mumbled, “Why do you write so much like my Sister Xiao? Alas…”

Xiao Su’er turned her head and looked at him with a surprise. It turned out that it has been ten years, brother still remembers her!

At the end of the day’s exam, Xiao Suer returned to the Sixth Prince’s Mansion, and the list of admissions would not be announced until the next day, but she felt that she had already made her mind and there would be no problem.

Today, because the medicinal materials she prepared were very good, and no one was bothering me, the pill she made was high-grade, with a purity of ninth level. It could be said to be a perfect pill. She believed that no one could compare it. Pass her.

“Master, I’m about to bloom soon, and this flower of mine can make people wit.” Cao Jing Xiaoyi shook the branch next to it.

“Kaizhi? Do you mean that you can make fools smarter? Or do you mean that children can instantly become adults’ IQ?” Xiao Suer looked at it.

“Both are okay, and the owner can also eat, then you can become smarter and have a higher IQ.”

“I won’t eat it. I think my IQ is just good enough now. I don’t need to be too smart. If you can produce a cold grass, it will be fine.” Xiao Su’er touched its leaves and looked depressed.

“Master, do you dislike me? I really can’t produce ice cold grass, but you have successfully entered the Ghost Doctor Valley. You can get the ice cold grass just around the corner. Don’t worry about it anymore.”

Xiao Yi’s voice has become a lot sadder, Xiao Su’er is sometimes in a trance, can it be that she also has human emotions? If she is refined and can speak, will she be able to cultivate as an adult one day?


“Wang Hao, someone outside the door is looking for you. The people from Guiyigu said they want to discuss something with you, shall we invite him in?”

Xiao Su’er was about to speak when she heard the story of Yao Lingyu Space. When the maid’s announcement came, she immediately opened her eyes and went out of the Yaolingyu Space to open the door, “Are you from Ghost Doctor Valley? Please invite them in immediately.”

“Yes.” The maid agreed to go out, and soon Welcoming Senior Brother He and the other two senior sisters in.

Xiao Su’er had some surprises, isn’t it tomorrow that she will release the list? Why are all three senior brothers and sisters here today? She welcomed the three people into the front hall and gave a warm reception, but the three of them looked at her with guard.

After Xiao Su’er poured tea for them, she couldn’t help but ask, “Is there anything important for the three of you here? Why did you come here but didn’t speak?”

Senior Brother He took out a box from her arms and put it in hers. In front of him, there was a pill inside, which was exactly the pill Xiao Suer refined when he took the exam today. She took the box and put it next to her nose and smelled it, “There is no problem, what’s the matter?”

“It is strange because there is no problem. Do you know how pure your medicine is?” Senior Brother He said. Looking at her very vigilantly.

Xiao Su’er replied frankly, “It should be 90% pure, and it should be a high-level pill, right?”

“Exactly! And I was by your side at the time, seeing the whole process of refining the pill, whether it was you The method of handling the medicine is like the way we teach the students in Guiyigu. Where did you learn it?”

Brother He asked, they were all worried that the secrets of Guiyigu had leaked. After going out, Xiao Su’er only reacted after hearing what they were saying, all the things that Ghost Doctor Gu taught over the years had been integrated into her bones.

She accidentally used their alchemy method. It seems that she was negligent, but this is unavoidable.

“This, I once met an expert who taught me when I was out traveling. As for the others, I don’t know. I don’t know that this is the alchemy method of your Ghost Doctor Valley.

Don’t worry! I definitely don’t. It will leak out, and I’m about to become a disciple of Ghost Doctor Valley. I’ve learned your method in advance, isn’t it easier when you teach me in the future?” Xiao Su’er randomly fabricated a reason, and the three of them stared at each other and didn’t know what he said. Is it true or false.

Ghost Doctor Valley has taught many disciples through the dynasties, and indeed many have traveled around the world after leaving. What she encountered is not surprising.

“Who did you meet? Tell me about his characteristics and name!” Senior Brother He asked very vigilantly.

“The man I met was a man who likes to wear a blue shirt. He has very good medical skills. There is a mole here called Xie Yi.” Xiao Su’er said about the senior brother who left Ghost Doctor Valley ten years ago. That senior brother was always willing to help others. Will be stingy to teach others.

After hearing her words, the three people gradually let go of their vigilance. Senior Brother He looked at the pill and said, “Since this is the case, you can report to our Ghost Doctor Valley tomorrow. The people taught by Senior Brother will definitely not be bad, we Also teach his apprentice for him.”

“Okay.” Xiao Suer nodded her head hurriedly, as long as she can enter the Ghost Doctor Valley, senior brother, if you borrow your name, you shouldn’t blame me, right?

Before leaving, Brother He glanced at her very suspiciously, always feeling that he felt familiar since he saw her.