Chapter 1226 Jealous

Chapter 1226 Jealous and Finding Differences

Xiao Su’er successfully entered the Ghost Doctor Valley, because she was accepted as an apprentice by the ghost doctor for the reason that she developed a powerful pill, and even became the senior sister of many people who entered the Ghost Doctor Valley earlier than she, so she was Many people are unwilling to repel, but they are a little puzzled after seeing her telling many powerful pharmacology.

“Why did you come here to learn medical skills? You should enjoy yourself at home, and the sixth princes are willing to let you come out and show your face?”

Xiao Su’er stood beside the medicine furnace while refining medicine, and a woman walked up to her.

“Six princes will only support me to do what I want to do. You shouldn’t think so much a day. Learning medicine is the most important thing. If your family asks you to learn medicine, it shouldn’t take care of other people’s business.”

Xiao Su’er glanced at her. This girl was called He Xiaoyun. Since she came to the Ghost Doctor Valley, she seemed to look at herself unpleasantly everywhere, and she could often feel some resentful glances from her.

“You…” He Xiaoyun didn’t expect her to speak so straightforwardly. He glanced at her with a bit of resentment, and then asked with a smashed question, “Are you here to hook up with men, or to learn medical skills? It’s clear that your medical skills are already like this. Superb. Master Guiyi has said that you are already at the level of a teacher. Among the students he has taught for so many years, you are the best. He can no longer teach you anything.

But you are still the first to go to Guiyi Valley every day. Come to report, and often take over cleaning tasks, what do you think you are doing?”

Xiao Su’er put down the fan in his hand and turned to look at her.

“You should pay attention to what you say. The master teaches you medical skills, and I must have taught you to be polite to others! What makes me come here to hook up with men? Which eye did you see me hooking up with men? I am better than you in medical skills. Some, because I’ve learned it before, but the master hasn’t taught me everything. I want to stay and learn more. Is there any problem?”

“You are here to hook up with men. Brother He comes to me every day. In your situation, sometimes I still look at you quietly. I have seen you two whispering in private many times. Wouldn’t you be afraid of ruining Brother He by doing this? What if the Sixth Prince blames you on me? “

He Xiaoyun had already overturned the jealous jar, pointed at Xiao Su’er and began to scold her. She entered the Ghost Doctor Valley originally for Brother He, but in the past two days, she saw that Senior Brother He looked at Xiao Su’er everywhere. How could she not be jealous? Seeing Xiao Su’er is not right.

“Do you like Brother He? Then just go to him and explain your intentions. Don’t attack innocent people here. My affection for Brother He is the brother and sister, not as dirty as you think.”

Xiao Su’er started from alchemy. The pill that had been trained from the furnace was about to turn around and leave, but He Xiaoyun reluctantly stopped in front of her, “You must tell me what you mean to Brother He? If you don’t know what to say, Don’t leave, we two fight a good fight, when the time comes, whoever loses will go to the master to pick up the crime, and then leave the ghost doctor valley.”

She said that spiritual power has begun to gather in her hand, and there is fire around her. She is also a cultivator of the fire system spirit root.

Xiao Su’er looked at her and frowned, “You are only a cultivator of the second-star martial artist, do you think you can beat me? Don’t be okay to find things here, can you? Are you okay when you are idle? Then go and recite more pharmacology. Practice a few more pills and find out where your flaws are? Brother He doesn’t like people like you.”

Xiao Suer just wanted to persuade her, but he didn’t expect that these words would sound like He Xiaoyun’s ears. It was an insult. She yelled and rushed forward, “What do you mean? You mean Brother He likes you? You are a married woman, so shameless to say such things? I’ll be killed today. You, even if I can’t beat you, I will die with you.”

A fireball flew toward him, and Xiao Su’er dodged her body. This He Xiaoyun was just a twenty-eight-year-old child. Xiao Su’er didn’t want to do anything with her at all, so she could only dodge.

But the more she was like this, the more insulted in He Xiaoyun’s eyes, the more fierce the offensive, and the fight between the two quickly attracted other seniors from Ghost Doctor Valley, including Senior Brother He.

He watched the two of them yelled at the side like this, “You two stop me! What are you doing? Our disciples in Ghost Doctor Valley are all a family and never fight in a nest. If you two continue to do this, I will immediately report to the master.

Drive out of the Ghost Doctor Valley.” “Can you stop, right?” Xiao Suer retreated behind Senior Brother He, and He Xiaoyun immediately stopped.

“You two, let’s talk about it! What’s the matter?” Senior Brother He’s expression was serious, and he was always the most taboo against shouting in the teacher’s door.

“You have to ask her about this. She ran over for no reason and was going to fight me hard. I was also puzzled! Brother He, you should do psychological work for her.” Xiao Su’er smiled at him and took the exercise. The veritaserum medicine went into the pharmacy.

Over the past few days, she has finally gained trust and can walk into the pharmacy. There are many precious herbs in the pharmacy, and ordinary people can’t get in.

She is full of thoughts now that she wants to find Frozen Grass as soon as possible, so she doesn’t have the mind to fight with a little girl like He Xiaoyun.

Being able to enter the pharmacy is already the first step. The pharmacy in Houguyi Valley is divided into two levels. The first level has many rare herbs, but you can buy herbs with money; and the second level is not necessarily possible even if you have money. Buy it, even if it goes deep into the forest of another world, I’m afraid it will take a long time to find herbs that can only be obtained.

The ice cold grass should be placed on the second floor, but Xiao Su’er is not yet qualified to enter, but she does not have so much time and energy to wait for the ghost doctor to trust her enough before letting her go to the second floor. She has to Trying to climb up by yourself, no matter if it is stealing or whatever, you have to find Frozen Grass.

Bo Qingang’s recent attacks have become more frequent. If it becomes more serious, I am afraid that only death is waiting for him. Xiao Su’er cannot face such a situation. She must find the antidote as quickly as possible.

Xiao Su’er stood on the first floor of the pharmacy and looked at the situation on the second floor. There was a door that was locked all day long, and no one could enter except a few people.

The lock doesn’t seem to be very strong, it should be ok if it is forced into it! It’s just that if there is no guard in the place of the ghost doctor valley, it may be that the ghost doctor put the poison earlier, the poison is much more powerful than the human!

She took a deep breath and ran upstairs, but after only two steps, she heard someone scolding behind her, “What are you doing?”