Chapter 1227 Shocked discovery

Chapter 1227 Shocked Discovery

Xiao Su’er turned around and saw Senior Brother He watching her vigilantly. She immediately explained, “Brother, what is upstairs, is it also a pharmacy? Why lock it up? I just want to go up and see.”

“The above is forbidden ground. No one else can go up except those allowed by the master, you come down!” Senior Brother He said with a calm face.

Xiao Su’er could only walk down step by step, and bowed to him and apologized, “I’m sorry, I don’t know! I won’t go up anymore. I just came in to put my practiced pill. It has already been put away.

I’m leaving.” She was about to step out of the pharmacy, but she didn’t want Senior Brother Chen to hold her hand, “Wait a minute, I have something to tell you.”

“What’s the matter?” Xiao Su’er stopped and turned to look. he.

“I want to ask you. You said that your medical skills were learned from our senior brothers. He has indeed left Guiyi Valley for more than ten years, and we have never seen him again. The letter he sent stated that he was wandering around. Quartet, I would like to ask where you met him and when did you meet him? How long did you two stay together?”

Xiao Suer’s palms were sweaty while listening to these aggressive questions, but she still started to make up, “Probably It was more than a year ago. I met it in the south and stayed together for a month. At that time, I was ill. He treated me and taught me a lot of medical skills. Is there any problem?”

“You lied! I went to investigate you. The second lady in the prime minister’s mansion has been called rubbish by people for so many years, so she has basically never left home. How could you meet him more than a year ago? And more than a year ago Our senior brother sent us a letter, and he said that he is in the west.

Who are you? You say! What did you want to do when you came to our ghost doctor valley?”

Senior Brother He ruthlessly exposed her lie, before he had I feel that there is something wrong with Su Xin’er. When I see him for the first time, I can call out his name, and I am very familiar with everything about Ghost Doctor Valley. The most important thing is her medical skills, which can be said to be her own master. The ghost doctors are comparable, and there are very few people in Wansheng Continent who can have such medical skills.

He went to investigate carefully, and he actually found that the second young lady of the Su family was a waste without spiritual roots in the past ten years, how can this be wrong!

“Are you going to investigate me? Brother, do you think I came here by plotting something from Ghost Doctor Valley?” Xiao Suer’s hand was tightly squeezed into a fist under his robe, and she was exposed so quickly. It seems that she shouldn’t have been for a while. Wang Xing called out the name of Brother He.

“I don’t know what you are trying to come here. I only know that you don’t need to come to our Ghost Doctor Valley to learn with your medical skills. What do you think you want to do when you come in? Do you want to steal our medicinal materials? Want to make money and kill?

You are now the Sixth Princess, and you can enjoy the glory and wealth, but you have to go to Guiyi Valley to help the master clean his room every day. You are rushing to do any hard work. What are you doing? “Senior Brother He stepped back two steps away from her, and gradually gathered spiritual power in his hands.

“Brother, I…” Xiao Suer felt like riding a tiger. Today, she would either admit that she was conspiring against her, or she would just kill everything. It’s good to say that she is Xiao Su’er!

“I’m giving you a chance now. If you don’t tell the truth, don’t blame my subordinates for being merciless. I want to see what the court’s six princesses treat us as a ghost doctor. What is Gu’s dissatisfaction. “As

soon as Brother He said, many wooden vines flew out beside him, and she was about to entangle Xiao Su’er. She immediately burned all the wooden vines with a fireball.

Xiao Su’er made a gesture of stopping with her hand, “Senior brother listened to my explanation. I tell you who I am. I came to Ghost Doctor Valley to find an antidote to save people, and I really am your junior sister, but…”

“Just what? Don’t say half your words! Senior Brother He continued to ask.

“I hope Senior Brother He will not be scared by me.” “Xiao Su’er took out a Yi Rong pill and took it in, and her face instantly changed to her original appearance.

The brother He in front of him saw her face slowly change without much surprise, but the final appearance appeared, but he Suddenly frowned, watching Xiao Su’er start to scold.

“Where did you go? I have been looking for you these days. Even if you ran away from home, you won’t use it up! Why did you disguise yourself as the Sixth Princess, and even went to the Sixth Prince’s Mansion, what did you do with the real Sixth Princess? You can’t do this kind of thing, our Ghost Doctor Valley has never taught you this. “

“What is it?” Xiao Su’er was at a loss when he heard what he said. How come the brother was not surprised to see the person who died ten years ago? Ten years ago, when she was refining alchemy, the pill furnace exploded, and the soul penetrated into the body that should have belonged to her in China Continent. The body in the Ghost Doctor Valley should have died.

But listening to the senior brother’s words, it seemed that she was not dead, and she said that she ran away from home. What does this mean?

“You have been away from home for a few months. Have you lost your memory again? Even if you have lost your memory, you won’t be going to pretend to be the Sixth Princess! I taught you Yi Rong Wan. I knew you would never do this. I will teach you how to practice this pill, and have you had any adventures during the time you were out, how did your medical skills improve so much?”

Senior Brother He took Xiao Su’er’s hand and started chattering endlessly, but the words were all concerned about her. Xiao Su’er had more and more doubts as he listened to these words, and could only follow his words.

“I am a little amnesia and can’t remember what happened before, but I remember the place of Ghost Doctor Valley, so I wanted to come back. When I came back more than a month ago, they stopped me and said that I could only take the exam, so I followed the exam and came in. Brother, can you tell me what happened to me before? Why do I feel that I am familiar with you and know who you are, but I can’t remember other things.

” Amnesia again? It seems that the explosion that happened ten years ago had a serious impact on you. You have always lost your memory in the past ten years. You forgot a lot of things I taught you in a blink of an eye. But fortunately, you got it back. Let’s go! Follow me to see the master. The master has been developing special medicines for the past two years, hoping to solve your problem once and for all. I heard that the research has been very effective this time.”

Senior Brother He took Xiao Su’er’s hand to the ghost doctor Xiao Su’er was shocked by what he said. The explosion ten years ago, the amnesia in the past ten years?

Hearing his words mean, is that the explosion ten years ago did not die? How could this be possible, that body would still live on this continent after its soul passed through to the mainland of China? Isn’t that a person without a soul?