Chapter 1228 Speak out

Chapter 1228 Says Identity

“Brother, since I have forgotten so much, can you tell me from the beginning what happened in the past ten years? I feel as if I remember and forget.” Xiao Suer tried to follow With more information in his mouth, she was really curious about what was going on back then.

“You really don’t remember at all? Then why did you tell us what our senior brother looks like? Did you really meet him? What’s the matter with your medical skills?” Senior Brother He was excited when he saw her Gui was excited, but he hadn’t messed up his sanity yet, so remember to ask your doubts.

“It’s not that I don’t remember at all. I remember part of it. I feel like I am thinking of things from ten years ago, including the appearance of the senior brother, and the medical skills in my body. I think it will be ten years ago.”

“As for the six princesses, it is a very long story. Brother, please tell me something about me first. Let’s go to see Master, and I will tell you what happened during this period of time.”

Xiao Suer edited it with difficulty. After the lie, Brother He turned his head to look at her, eyes full of suspicion, but looked at her face and those eyes and relaxed again. There can be no two people who look exactly the same in the world, even if they look the same. How could the brilliance in this eye be exactly the same.

Thinking about this, he still explained what Xiao Su’er wanted to know, “Don’t you remember? Ten years ago, when you were refining medicine, there was a big explosion in the pill furnace. You were seriously injured and you were in a coma for a whole month. Inside, our senior brothers and sisters from Ghost Doctor Valley struggled to rescue you.”

“I thought you would be fine when you were better, but I didn’t expect that after you’re good, you will not only lose your memory but also become demented, just like a baby. We brought you by our side and started teaching slowly. You spent five years. It’s getting better, and IQ has become normal. We will spend another five years trying to teach you some medical skills, but you are not as smart as before.”

“No matter how we teach you, you will never reach what you used to be. Height. There is no way, we have to give up and let you learn as much as you can learn with your side every day. But a few months ago you suddenly disappeared strangely, and we didn’t know where we were looking for you for a long time. I didn’t expect to see you here.”

“I told you that, did you remember something? In the past ten years, you often lost your memory suddenly and forgot everything. Fortunately, the common sense of life that we taught you, you don’t have Forget. Every time I tell you something about the past, you can always remember something, now?”

Senior Brother He turned to look at Xiao Su’er who was behind him, only to find that she was stunned and stared. His big eyes looked incredulous, as if he had heard some shocking news.

Xiao Su’er felt that her worldview had been subverted, and that things like traveling through time and space were already considered a fantasy. It is incredible that there is no such thing as a body of a soul that can live in the world.

“What’s wrong with you? Don’t you believe what I said? Why are you having such a serious amnesia this time, and you have also learned medical skills. Tell me what you remember.”

Teacher He looked at Xiao Su’er with concern, and even took it. While holding her hand to get her pulse, Xiao Su’er took out his hand and watched him slowly smile.

“I remember that Brother He taught me in front of me when I was young. I have no parents. You cook me good food every Chinese New Year. You teach me the things that Master teaches me and you don’t know. Like a brother, and like a father.

Every time I see you, I feel very at ease. I can have my own medical skills relying on you, brother.”

Xiao Suer couldn’t help but said this, but he let the brother He in front of him show. The same expression as she just now.

“How do you think of the past? You don’t remember all the things from ten years ago and forget the things during this period? Then it makes sense. No wonder your medical skills have improved so quickly. That’s good news, let’s go! Let’s go and tell Master.”

Senior Brother He happily took her hand and rushed into the ghost doctor’s room. When Xiao Su’er saw the Master’s room which was furnished ten years ago, she had tears in her eyes and watched. To the little sister who was serving next to the master.

That was Master’s daughter, who was the youngest at the time, and now she has become a slim girl. She was surprised when she saw Xiao Su’er, and then ran up to hold her hand, “Sister, you’re finally back, don’t If I run around again, it seems that I am going to trap you with a chain and never let you run away. You don’t know if you are in a hurry with the brother these months.”

“She remembered Master, she spent ten years I remember everything before, and she has been in Ghost Doctor Valley these few days. She has trained all the powerful pills. She is the Sixth Princess.”

Senior Brother He ignored the others, looking at the ghost doctor in front of him happily and talking about his surprise discovery.

“Oh? It’s so amazing, can you really remember what happened ten years ago? Tell me about it.” The ghost doctor looked at Xiao Su’er curiously, with doubts in his eyes.

“Master!” Xiao Suer suddenly yelled, kneeling directly in front of the ghost doctor and kowtow three times. Everyone said that he was a teacher for a day and a father for life.

The ghost doctor gave her all her medical skills, but she crossed to the mainland of China before she came to fulfill her filial piety for her master. If it weren’t for the lives of her and Bo Qingang, she would not come back. She was simply too unfilial NS.

“What’s the matter with your child? Don’t be so excited even if you think of it. Get up quickly.” The ghost doctor helped her up, but the moment he touched her hand, he realized something was wrong and took a step back.” Who are you? You’re not Su’er.”

“What? She’s not Su’er?” Senior Brother He also watched vigilantly at her standing on the same line as the ghost doctor, including the ghost doctor’s daughter. The three people just confronted her like this.

Xiao Suer sighed deeply, “Oh… my body is indeed not the body you are familiar with. Master, brother, sister, next I want to tell you a story, a story about the past ten years. I think You may not believe it, but I want to tell you now.”

She then crossed her to the China Continent, her life experience, and everything and all, she saw the expressions of the three people from the beginning of doubt to Surprised and puzzled to calm, he looked at her blankly at the end.

She didn’t know if the three of them believed her. After all, if she had heard this story, she would feel that the person in front of him was daydreaming, which was simply impossible.