Chapter 1229 Show up

Chapter 1229 Appears

“Through? According to you, there are two Xiao Su’er in this world, one is you who crossed to another continent, and the other is the body that stayed in this continent. Does that body have no soul? So who is she?”

“So the senior sister we knew disappeared ten years ago. We have been accompanied by a body during these ten years?” The

little junior sister thought it was ridiculous, but No matter what she asked about ten years ago, Xiao Suer was able to answer her questions fluently. They didn’t know whether she was joking or was serious.

“Maybe it’s not a body. I crossed to the Chinese mainland back then, and maybe someone from another continent accidentally suffered an accident and also crossed into my body. It’s possible that the person who accompanied you all these years has a soul, but it’s not me. “Xiao Suer said her conjecture.

“We can’t believe what you are saying for the time being, but I think you are the senior sister I know. Are you sure you didn’t hurt your brain outside when you ran away these days?” The

younger junior sister even felt that Xiao Su’er was an illusion caused by a brain injury. Xiao Su’er was a little helpless, but she could only calmly said: “I will stay in Ghost Doctor Valley during this time. You can see if I am lying. I can also wait with you. Maybe someday I will be with you. The Xiao Su’er of your ten years has returned.

If she comes back, can you prove that what I said is true?” The

three people looked at each other and felt that what she said did make sense, and they all nodded in agreement, “Okay, then senior sister.” You just stay here.”

At the same time, on the other side.

At the back door of Ghost Doctor Valley, a woman hurriedly left and met with a man at the corner. Chi Siang secretly removed the black cloth covering her face and looked at Su Wanwan in front of him, “How is it?”

“I just stepped in from the back door and saw Senior Brother He holding Xiao Su’er’s hand. That means she can’t be wrong. But looking at her dressing and dressing is the same as that of the six princesses two days ago, I think she

She must have entered the Ghost Doctor Valley pretending to be Princess Six after taking Yi Rong Pills.” “Princess Six? So is the second lady of the Prime Minister’s Mansion who has made such a sensation here this month?”

Chi Siang I was a little surprised. At that time, I took Su Wanwan and jumped into the gate of time and space. Fortunately, the two of them did not get separated during the crossing and arrived at the Continent of All Saints together.

But this month, two people stumbled and stumbled. They stayed overnight in a commoner’s house and were looking for Xiao Su’er and Bo Qingang.

But these two people seem to have evaporated. He thought they might not have crossed to the same place, and was about to leave the city to go to the south. Su Wanwan said that he wanted to go back to the Ghost Doctor Valley to take a look, and he didn’t go back today. When I arrived at the Ghost Doctor Valley, I found traces of Xiao Su’er.

“It’s really possible. Think about it. Everyone said that the second lady in the Prime Minister’s Mansion was a trash before, and she was not a cultivator without spiritual roots. But how many amazing things she has done in the past month.

I think it must be Xiao Su’er pretending to be. She used to be a disciple of Ghost Doctor Valley, and she would become a cultivator by making some decoctions and pills for herself to eat. Let’s go, let’s take a look at the Sixth Prince’s Mansion. Maybe the Sixth Prince is Bo Qingang, and we don’t know what he looks like when wearing a mask all day long. “

Su Wanwan said as he walked towards the Sixth Prince’s Mansion. In the past month, she and Chi Siang have basically visited all the people in the city, only to enter the palace. But they never thought about Liu. The prince and the six princesses will be the two of them. After all, everyone sees the appearance of the six princesses.

“The two of us can’t enter the Sixth Princes Mansion now . What use is there? Chi Siang followed her and walked towards the Sixth Prince’s Mansion.

“What are you afraid of?” I just went to Ghost Doctor Valley and ran into their pharmacy quietly and took out two Yi Rong pills. “Su Wanwan opened his hand, and two black pills lay in the palm of his hand.

Chi Siang took one away, “Then how are we going to use it?” “

How else can it be used, isn’t Xiao Su’er always like the second lady in the prime minister’s house?” I ate this Yi Rong pill and pretended to be her. Wouldn’t it be possible to find out if the Sixth Prince was Bo Qingang? If it is we can start our plan. “

Since Su Wanwan came to Wansheng Continent, she seemed to have become the dominant person. She had always arranged what to do next. Chi Siang could only listen. After all, in this continent he didn’t understand, Everything becomes passive.

He turned his head to look at Su Wanwan’s face and couldn’t help but wonder, “Why do I feel that everything about you is familiar since you crossed the Continent of All Saints. Have you lived here before?”

“I feel like I’m right. It’s very familiar here, but it doesn’t seem to be very familiar. I don’t know very well. I feel a little confused in my memory. In fact, I can’t remember many things anymore.” Su Wanwan rubbed his temples, as if it was not very clear.

“What does it mean that you don’t remember many things, who you are, should you always remember? Where did you live before, don’t you plan to know? Why then you are so clear about things on this continent, this continent and China mainland can say Many places are different, especially for cultivators. I have never heard of it before, but you are very able to adapt.”

Chi Siang asked the question he had been asking after crossing over, but Su Wanwan was one of them. Her face was confused, even she couldn’t figure it out.

The two of them struggled with this problem all the way, until they got outside of the Sixth Prince’s Mansion, Su Wanwan made a stop gesture, “Okay, don’t ask anymore. Asking so much what you are doing, I will tell you that I don’t remember. My memory is a bit confused. Isn’t the most important thing for us to find Bo Qingang? I want to take this Yi Rong pill, and after taking it, I will go in. You are waiting for me outside.”

Su Wanwan swallowed the pill directly , Her face slowly began to change, and finally changed to Su Xin’er’s appearance, but the clothes she wore were not so luxurious. She and Chi Siang finally stayed at a commoner’s house, and the clothes they wore were also brought. Patched.

The guards of the Sixth Palace saw her and stopped her immediately, but after seeing her face clearly, he retreated to the sides with some doubts, “Sixth Princess, who are you?”

“Don’t ask about things that shouldn’t you ask, where’s the Sixth Prince ? Where is he?”

“Sixth princes practice martial arts in the backyard.”

“Yeah.” Su Wanwan nodded slightly, and walked to the backyard of the Sixth Prince’s Mansion in a serious manner. After entering Xiao Su’er’s house, he immediately pulled out his clothes and changed them before looking Bo Qingang.