Chapter 1230 Pretending

Chapter 1230 Pretending

Bo Qingang was practicing martial arts in the backyard, and saw Su Wanwan immediately greeted him, “Why did you come back so early today? Didn’t it mean that Ghost Doctor Valley has to learn late every day before letting you out?”

Su Wan When they heard his name, they raised their eyebrows, and they seemed to be right.

“Master said today that we can go home earlier, so I will come back. Let’s go and stay in the room.” I have something to tell you. Su Wanwan can’t wait to take him into the room, reaching out his hand. To untie his mask, Bo Qingang was a little surprised, and hid back, “So’er, what are you doing?”

“Nothing, we don’t need to wear a mask when we are together! I still want to see you truly Looks like, I don’t want to look at this cold mask.”

“Okay…” Bo Qingang didn’t think much, stretched out his hand to take off the mask, and his face appeared in front of Su Wanwan intact.

Su Wanwan was a little excited. She finally found him after searching for so long. This time, the people were helping her with the right time and place. As long as she cooked mature rice with Bo Qingang, she would not believe that Xiao Su’er was not angry. They were taken apart, as long as the two of them were taken apart, even if Bo Qingang was angry with her?

She has a lot of time to stop him from angering himself, and one day she can move Bo Qingang to be with her. Thinking about this, she sat directly on Bo Qing’ang’s lap and hooked his neck, “Aang…”

Her hand stroking Bo Qing’ang’s chest, her voice became softer, she was about to lean on Bo Qing’s shoulder, but Bo Qing’ang suddenly pushed her back a few steps, “Who are you? You are not a vegetarian? Son, Su’er has never been like this, and the temperature on your body is not right.”

Although Xiao Su’er now has the leaves of the grass essence Xiaoyi can often suppress the toxin of the ice on his body from attacking, but the body temperature will always be required. It was much lower than the normal person, but this Su Wanwan was different. She had a normal body temperature, and she might have been too nervous just now, close to him, her palms were still sweating slightly.

His Su’er would never look like this. Bo Qingang took a few steps back and looked at the person in front of him with a wary face. There was no problem on his face. He still looked like the second lady in the prime minister’s house. He pointed with his finger. She said, “Recover your original appearance, I want to see who is pretending to be Su’er.”

“Is it the way it is? Okay! Aang, what’s the matter with you? Let’s travel here together, I just want to have fun with you today. Why don’t you believe me?” Su Wanwan pulled from his sleeve When she swallowed the medicine, she instantly became her original face, the same face as Xiao Su’er.

Bo Qingang was a little skeptical when he saw him. Could it be that he felt wrong? Is the person in front of him really Xiao Su’er? After all, he never thought that Su Wan Party would travel with them. It’s impossible for anyone in this continent to know the secrets between him and Xiao Su’er, and they can become Miss Su Er’s appearance, and then become Xiao Su’er’s appearance.

Su Wanwan also believed that it was impossible for him to know who he was. Looking at Bo Qingang’s puzzled appearance, she took two steps forward, “I know you think I’m abnormal today, but I just became interested suddenly. Since you don’t If you like it, then I will stay away from you.”

She made a look of hurt, turned around and wanted to leave. Bo Qingang felt distressed in an instant, and took her two steps forward, “I don’t like it. Su’er, How did you go to the Ghost Doctor Valley to look for Frozen Grass? I suddenly forgot. If our family of three can be reunited, it would be fine.”

“I haven’t found it yet, it doesn’t matter, I can definitely find it. As for Xiao Wang, we will wear it back sooner or later, and we will definitely reunite with him. Don’t miss it every day, or it will only make myself more sad. “

Su Wanwan didn’t know what the ice cold grass was, let alone what the two of them would do for looking for it, but they could only follow his words, never show off.

“Yeah.” Bo Qing nodded. He always felt that Xiao Su’er today was very wrong, but he couldn’t tell what was wrong. In short, when she touched him, he had a feeling of wanting to get rid of her, which was very annoying! Subconsciously want to stay away from her.

the other side.

Xiao Su’er has already stated her identity in the Ghost Doctor Valley, so she no longer needs to walk like Miss Su Er. She has restored her original appearance and can enter and exit the pharmacy as before.

However, because what she said was too grotesque, the ghost doctor still couldn’t worry about letting her into the drugstore on the second floor.

Senior Brother He took her to the room where she lived in the past ten years. She looked at a room that was very different from the previous one. She looked at the added clothing and books again, and she was even more sure that the body was really soulless. The state is alive in this world, is it really as she thought, some people have crossed into her body? But where is that body now?

“Sister, there are only two of us now. Tell the truth to the brother, aren’t those words you just made up a story to deceive us?” Senior Brother He closed the door and questioned her with a serious face.

“I don’t have one, can I swear to you?” Xiao Suer vowed to raise three fingers, as if she was about to swear to heaven.

“Don’t! Don’t swear casually. It seems that you have not been by my side for the past ten years. That means I have been confessing to the wrong person?”

Brother He looked regretful. Did he admit the wrong person and pay the wrong love? He felt that Xiao Su’er was very clever since he was a child, and she was always the first to learn what other juniors and sisters could not learn when she was a child.

Even if it is too difficult sometimes, she may not remember when the master tells her once, but as long as she teaches her in private, she can learn it instantly, and she can learn by analogy, so she is already a ghost doctor at a young age. The person with the most powerful medical skills in the valley, even the master ghost doctor said that she is a manufacturable, a rare genius in a century.

Perhaps because he has been paying attention to her as a little genius since he was a child, he always looks at Xiao Su’er differently. Slowly, he doesn’t know when he will like this little junior sister. He learned about the severity of the explosion ten years ago and he was the first. She rushed into the fire and pulled her out in desperation. The master said that if he were to be slower, his junior sister would definitely not be able to keep this little life.

Later on, he had been taking care of her until she woke up. Even if she lost her mind after waking up and became like a baby who didn’t understand anything, he had been teaching her and everyone else in Ghost Doctor Valley was gone. Be patient, but he still walked to bring her to his side.

He even…

even private things like bathing, but at that time, he swore in front of the master that he would marry a younger sister in this life, and would not look at her in vain.