Chapter 1231 signal

Chapter 1231 The secret code:

He has always regarded this junior as his wife, so he has been taking her with her all these years. No matter how many times she has lost her memory, he is willing to tell her about the things between the two again and again. .

This time Xiao Su’er came back and was able to make such a powerful pill. He thought she had remembered everything and thought that his true emotions moved God, but he didn’t expect to bring out such an explosive thing.

Then who did he love in the past ten years? Didn’t he love the younger sister in front of him? The younger sister seemed to have no affection for him, and listening to what the younger sister said, she is now married and has children.

So who is the person he loves? If what the younger sister said is true, has he always loved a soulless person? What he loves is just a body. This incident has hit Brother He too much. He doesn’t know how to describe his current feelings to Xiao Su’er, and he feels ashamed to speak out.

“Brother, you are not considered the wrong person, that’s me! It’s just that there is no memory of my past, no my soul, and maybe it’s really like what I said, he was someone else who passed through.

Anyway . No matter who it is, she has been with you for ten years, and you must have feelings between you. I don’t want to drive her away when I come back. We can live in harmony! There is a person in the world who looks exactly like me, said Maybe we two can get along like twins! She…”

The moment Xiao Su’er said these words, she suddenly reacted and she looked exactly like her! She has really seen someone exactly like her, isn’t Su Wanwan the only one?

Moreover, she still has scars on her body that she accidentally scalded when refining medicine. That body can be said to be exactly the same as her before. Is it possible that Su Wanwan is the body that was still alive in the past ten years? This is impossible! How did she travel from Ghost Doctor Valley to China Mainland?

“Sister, what’s the matter with you?” Senior Brother He looked at her in a daze, raised his hand and shook in front of her eyes.

“Brother, let me ask you, when did she disappear? Under what circumstances did she disappear? Is there another explosion like ten years ago? Or is there any dangerous situation encountered?”

Xiao Su’er this The idea was fermented in my mind, and more details came to mind. It seems that Su Wanwan really has a lot of the same things as her before, maybe it is really her, so now we have to figure out how she traveled to China mainland. of.

Did she think of something when she traveled through the past? After all, that body was the body that had lived with her for more than ten years before, maybe she remembered the memory that should belong to her, then there are two of her in the world.

When Su Wanwan communicated with them, she didn’t seem to be a demented person at all, nor was she a person who would lose her memory at any time. Instead, she felt that she was extremely smart.

“She disappeared almost half a year ago. Nothing special happened at that time because she had been stable for a long time and had no memory loss. She would also practice some ordinary medicine. She told me that she wanted to go to the street. Turn, I just happened to have something on my hands and I couldn’t accompany her. I

didn’t expect that she didn’t come back for a whole day. I went to the street to find her for a long time and couldn’t find her. As a result, she disappeared like this. I’ve been looking for her everywhere, thinking that if I can’t find it

anymore, I’m going to ask for leave from the master, and look for her a little farther away. Now she hasn’t come back, but you are back. I don’t know I should be happy. Should I still be lost?”

Brother He looked at Xiao Su’er with a much deeper gaze, and wanted to stretch out his hand to rub her head like he did when he was a child, just like in the past ten years, but his hand was hanging in the air and he dared not reach it. Now his younger sister is already married as a woman.

“Should be happy. Isn’t it good that our brothers and sisters meet again after ten years? As for the lost one, I will definitely help you find her. After all, she has been with you for ten years. In the past ten years, you have treated her The impression should be deeper, she has taken my place in your hearts, right?”

Xiao Su’er is now full of Su Wanwan. She is really curious whether things are what she thinks. If it is, then who gave her the name Su Wanwan?

“In my heart? I can’t tell who the younger sister in my heart is? Okay, today the master is going to teach you that has been taught, you can choose to stay in the room you used to miss for a while. , You can also go back to the Sixth Prince’s Mansion.”

Senior Brother He turned a little lonely and left the room. Xiao Su’er felt that his back seemed to become a lot heavier, and she said to herself a little strangely, “What’s wrong with this senior? How do you feel that she has become weird. Yes?”

Although she was strange, the thought did not last long in her mind and then disappeared. She left the Ghost Doctor Valley and walked in the market still thinking about Su Wanwan.

Slowly all the way back to the Six Princes Mansion, he found that there was a man in front of the Six Princes Mansion who stretched his head to look inside, but he didn’t dare to step forward. The royal mansion guards were also frowning at him.

Xiao Su’er walked to his side and asked, “Are you looking for our house? Who are you?” As

soon as she said her words, the man in front of him shook his body and ran away without turning his head. The back of him running away fell into Xiao Su’er’s eyes. He always felt that this person looked very familiar, and he couldn’t remember who it was.

“The princess.” The guards of the palace saluted her together.

“Who was that person just now? Why didn’t he stand at the door? Haven’t you asked him?”

“We asked, but he didn’t say anything, he just stayed at our door. Six princes said not to bully others. , We can’t drive him away. But he keeps looking inside, maybe it’s a tramp who has a problem! The

princess doesn’t care about him, if he comes back tomorrow, we will drag him elsewhere, as long as we don’t hurt him. The prince will not blame it either.”

“Okay, I know.” Xiao Su’er didn’t think much, and walked into the palace.

At the same time, there was a sound of dog barking in the backyard. In the room, Su Wanwan was hugging Bo Qingang and talking ambiguous love words. He stood up immediately after hearing the dog barking, “Oh, I suddenly felt a little bit Stomach hurts.”

“Su’er, did you have a bad stomach?” Bo Qingang followed her out of the house and was pushed back into the house.

“I guess so, I’ll go to the hut first, you just wait for me in the house, what are you doing with me?” Su Wanwan ran towards the back door anxiously.

The dog barking just now was the secret signal she had discussed with Chi Siang, something must have happened, she had to leave quickly.